A Patriotic Lapel Pin Even Obama Would Love

Check it out over at Suitably Flip.

The reason I haven’t said anything about this latest gaffe of Obama’s is because everybody knows these slips of the tongue on the campaign trail happen to all politicians at one time or another.

A couple of thoughts, though, first the most obvious one: If McCain had said this, it would have been covered exhaustively in newspapers all across the country; it would have been evidence of him being an old man “losing his bearings”, and it would haunt him relentlessly all the way to election day. Obama says it, and of course he receives howls and cat-calls from the right-wing blogosphere, but it doesn’t receive a great amount of attention from the MSM. Because it’s just evidence of a man fatigued from too many days on the campaign trail. Which is what it is….but wouldn’t be if McCain had said it.

Second…where did he even get the 57 number? What the heck? At first I thought, “Maybe he means 57 cities?” But surely he’s been to more cities than that. I mean….???


Possible answers:

1. Liberal commenters from all across the internets are saying “he was clearly joking”.

2. Hmmmmm.

3. (Most likely): He meant 47 states. He has one left + Alaska & Hawaii that he “wasn’t allowed to go to.” That’s all 50.

Not a joke, just a misstatement.

Thanks Geoff.


Weird Coincidence!

Guess how many FBI officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty, last year?

That’s right.

7 thoughts on “A Patriotic Lapel Pin Even Obama Would Love

  1. The MSM is closing ranks around obama now. They have his back. His shortcomings and gaffes and embarrassing past will not get reported any more. It’s John McCain vs the World.


  2. Seriously people… I know you don’t like the guy, but you really can’t see this was a joke? He’s poking fun of how long and drawn out the primary has been. It’s a tired, very dry-humored joke. Not senile. Not stupid. Not a gaffe.

    No one attacks it because they’re not stupid. The “MSM” played it and joked about it being a “junior” moment, but they don’t harp on it because they too know it was a joke. They’re not rallying. You know, sometimes the world is not all conspiring against you!

    I’m sorry you worked so hard to figure out what the literal meaning behind 57 is. There will be enough real issues to get riled up about later. For now just lighten up!

    BTW — you weren’t confused about Joe Lieberman personally checking out McCain’s bearings were you? I’ll let you in a little secret… that was a joke too. 😉

    Leave the keyboard alone and go outside and play for a while!


  3. He meant 47 states. He has one left + Alaska & Hawaii that he “wasn’t allowed to go to.” That’s all 50.

    Not a joke, just a misstatement.


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