Mpls Activist/Paulbot Wants Bush Arrested At Republican Convention In August

Minneapolis activist/Paulbot/Gadfly, Ed Felien has filed a brief with a Hennepin County court charging Bush of crimes of murder, conspiracy to fix prices, and conspiracy to distribute heroin.

First, his pursuit of a war against the government of Iraq was not done in legitimate defense of national interest but rather in pursuit of personal wealth. His administration lied about the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and they lied about a connection between Iraq and international terrorists. They knew Iraq did not pose a threat to the United States. The only reasonable explanation for George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was that he stood to personally benefit from the war.


The price of a barrel of crude oil has almost doubled since the beginning of the Iraq War. That has implications for the price of gasoline at every service station in Hennepin County.


Finally, George W. Bush should be arrested and prosecuted for his collusion with the opium warlords in Afghanistan to distribute heroin in Hennepin County.

The National Drug Intelligence Center in its Minnesota Drug Threat Assessment report of August, 2001, said “Historically, heroin abuse has been low in Minnesota, but there are signs of increased use. There were 36 opiate-related deaths in Hennepin County through September 2000, compared with 27 in all of 1999.”

A reporter from the Mpls. StarTrib was at the court hearing this morning, and reported on it thus:

During Felien’s nearly 20 minutes of wide-ranging argument, Larson advised him several times to slow down so the court reporter could capture his words.

Felien touched on Bush family history, claiming that the family has influential ties to “Saudi princes” as well as Afghanistan drug lords and the Mafia. He introduced numerous news articles to the judge regarding the Bush family and oil prices.

– snip –

At the end of a 30-minute hearing, Judge Gary Larson said he would rule in the normal course of business, but he did not provide a time frame. Felien’s request certainly had the feel of a very long shot.

Naturally this guy is a Paulbot who is the publisher of a weekly alternative newspaper, and hangs out with people like this:

Here’s his ‘Arrest George Bush’ piece at Protest RNC (I guess he’s not a ‘real Republican’).


(Keep this on the down low, mmkay?) But you can register here to submit an event on the Protest RNC 2008 event calendar.

Kind of like the Olympia Peace and Justice Community shenanigans some wingnuts (not me!) engaged in, last fall, (if you remember).


Bummer. A “Dr. Frankenfurter”, veteran of the Olympia Peace Community Calendar, reports failure in his attempt at creativity with the Protest RNC 2008 calendar.

“These moonbats delay and verify community events”, he tells me.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC