A Day That Will Live In Infamy

On May 24, 2007, I started this blog. Yes, today is my one year blogiverary, and I’m going to celebrate it by not being around to blog. The whole fam is heading for Memphis for the weekend. But before I leave I thought I’d do some reminiscing about the early days of this blog.

Day one: I try unsuccessfully  to log into The Hostages Blog to be a part time poster. Instead, I create my own blog, by mistake. My first five blog posts (not counting, “Hello World” *rolls eyes*) are, GASP!, Dammit!, I hate My Blog, This Is Dumb, and That Don’t Make No Sense. I am totally befuddled and out of my league. My friends from the Hostages and elsewhere come over (at my behest) and offer support and helpful tips. I figure I’ll play around with it for a few days…then delete the whole thing.

Day Two: I decide to try to post a picture. It ain’t much…but it beats the one I posted at the Hostages.

I’m literally starting from scratch. No clue what I’m doing.

Day Three and onward: I’m hopelessly addicted.

Incredibly, from that humble beginning, I managed to be a top 10 finalist for Best New Blog in the 2007 Blog Awards.

Some Nice Deb Stats:

My best day ever: January 3, 2008 For Kumari Fulbright’s mugshot.

Second to best was Soldier Does Mean Harry Caray Immitation video, that was a big hit on July 3rd.

Both due to massive AOSHQ links.

Third would be My Reds For Obama post from earlier this month.

My top three hit magnets:

#1 Man Claims He Was Molested By Bigfoot

#2 Did The Chuck Norris Endorsement Cause The Huckabee Surge?

#3 The United States Redneck Special Forces


See what my adorable husband had made up for me?

He presented this banner to me in Memphis, (along with a bottle of champagne, and box of chocolates). He really is too good to me.