Petition to Defrock Pfather Pfreaky

Otherwise known as Father Pfleger.

Here he is again at The Trinity United Church Of Christ:


The man is an embarrassment to the Catholic church, so I was pleasantly surprised to find (via Michelle Malkin) that a group of lay Catholic women who call themselves Catholic Women Against Politics And Hate Being Preached From The Pulpit have started a petition drive for the removal of Father Pfleger.

I know a lot of Catholics at the Ace Of Spades Father Pfleger thread were mortified, and embarrassed by this renegade priest being allowed to continue with his abuses against church teaching and tradition. If nothing else, signing the petition is cathartic.

11 thoughts on “Petition to Defrock Pfather Pfreaky

  1. Do you know that people like him is the reason why groups like Opus Dei are gaining support and popularity?

    People are getting sick of futile, useless, and self-serving social justice activism. Social justice used to be the watchword for ueber -Catholics until the new traditionalist wave.

    Now, it’s all about spirituality and spiritual formation, people seeking to perfect their souls rather than the world.

    Compare leaders like Pfleger and leaders like St. Josemaria Escriva. A world of a difference. And the latter sticks to the focus of the Church as it has been for millennia: the souls and spiritual formation of each and every son and daughter of God.

    Our Lord will not ask about our activism or whatnot. He will ask whether we had faith, hope, and charity; whether we followed Him; whether we honored Him.


  2. Also, I love Francis Cardinal George. Cardinal George has been a tireless defender of tradition and of what’s good and right. I take umbrage at anyone who tries to get all in Cardinal George’s face. I find that unacceptable.

    Frankly, such “priests” should be severely punished for such intransigence and insubordination. Pfleger seems to like being the underdog, the rebel. Feh. Rebel by preaching Christ. The world preaches about social justice and whatnot, while emphatically denying Christ.


  3. While I am surrounded by Catholics I am woefully ignorant of much about the church. Can someone tell me why this guy is allowed to operate in the manner he does? I don’t understand this at all. This guy is so far removed from my vision of a Catholic Priest it is mind numbing. Can’t the church put a stop to someone preaching outside the Catholic faith like this?


  4. Nick, you would think so.

    He shouldn’t have gotten away with it for as long as he has, but now that his antics have become so well known, I have feeling his days are numbered.


  5. I played the audio the other day for my father (he is blind) and he thought it was Rev Wright at his antics again. You should have seen how his face contoured and his lips curled when I told him that was a Catholic Priest. I got a feeling the collection plate is going to be a bit shy tomorrow.


  6. Remove Pfleger from the pulpit, How can he or anyone call him a priest after talking hate from the pulpit?


  7. Catholics should demand the removal of Cardinal george. He is directly responsiblee for Father Pfleger and has had an ongoing battle with him for years. Either the Cardinal is innept or not interested in following Catholic teaching. This priest has been backing abortion supportes for years. get rid of both of them.


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  9. The removal of Father Pfleger and Cardinal George are needed at once. Any Catholic priest that can stand in a church pulpit and say the things that Father Pfleger said need to be removed from anything pertaining to the Catholic faith. A person like Father Pfleger, Rev. Wright and Farrakham are haters of America and need to be removed from this free NATION. Also Cardinal George needs to be immediately removed from his position for tolerating this abuse from Father Pfleger along with many other abuses that have occured. The Cardinal reminds me of all the coverups that have gone on in the past with these pedifiles and nothing ever being done. Get rid of Father Pfleger and Cardinal George.


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