Statement From McCain On Obama

Sen. John McCain issued the following statement, yesterday:

After Senator Obama’s own advisors and supporters backtracked from his stated desire to hold summit meetings with the leaders of the world’s worst regimes, Senator Obama himself has begun to reinterpret his stand. He now claims that some ‘fear’ to ‘negotiate’ with the likes of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who has called Israel a ‘stinking corpse’ or Ayatollah Khamenei, who called Israel a ‘cancerous tumor.’


I have news for Senator Obama: I have met some very bad people before in my life. It is not fear that drives my opposition to unconditional meetings with Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, Kim Jong Il, and Raul Castro; rather it is my clear understanding that such a course will fail to eliminate the threat posed by these rogue regimes. I don’t fear to negotiate. Instead I have the knowledge and experience to understand the dangerous consequences of a naive approach to Presidential summits based entirely on emotion.

“The question before the American people is which candidate is best able to secure the peace for the next generation of Americans, a peace that will keep our nation safe, prosperous and free. Senator Obama’s desire to meet unconditionally in his first year at the presidential level with Iranian leaders is reckless, and demonstrates poor judgment that will make the world more dangerous.

With respect to Cuba, it is not America that needs to make unilateral concessions to the Castros – a ‘gesture of good faith’ as Senator Obama said yesterday – it is the Castro brothers who must allow the freedom they have so long denied to the Cuban people. Free the political prisoners, open the media, allow people to worship, schedule free and fair elections, and the United States will be happy to meet and talk. Until then, we cannot compromise our principles.

“Senator Obama has consistently offered his judgment on Iraq, and he has been consistently wrong. He said that General Petraeus’ new strategy would not reduce sectarian violence, but would worsen it. He was wrong. He said the dynamics in Iraq would not change as a result of the ‘surge.’ He was wrong. One year ago, he voted to cut off all funds for our forces fighting extremists in Iraq. He was wrong. Sectarian violence has been dramatically reduced, Sunnis in Anbar province and throughout Iraq are cooperating in fighting al Qaeda in Iraq, and Shi’ite extremist militias no longer control Basra – the Maliki government and its forces do. British and Iraqi forces now move freely in areas that were controlled by Iranian-backed militias. The fight against al Qaeda in Mosul is succeeding in further weakening that deadly terrorist group, and many key leaders have been killed or captured.

Read the the rest of it at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS.

Good on ya, Johnny. Give him hell.


Free Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani Petition Update

Between the story in The New York Times, a piece in the Swiss paper NZZ and 50+ posts in the blogosphere, Armies of Liberation blogger, Jane Novak has managed to procure 1172 signatures for the petition to free Yemani journalist, al-Khaiwani.

1172 lousy signatures.

WTF? With all due respect…we can do better. How hard is it to spend 30 seconds to sign your name to a petition that has the power to save a person’s life?

A fired up Conservative Belle asks that question and a whole lot more at her website.

Bottom Line:

Go sign the damn petition!


Il State Senator:I have been advised to leave Barack alone…

Very Interesting. In 2002, the ‘Prince of Peace’, ‘Lamb of Chicago’ Barack Obama had to be physically restrained during an altercation in a room off the Il Senate floor where Senators Obama and Rickey Hendon had been shouting at one another.

Jim Geraghty reports:

For his part, the rarely reticent Hendon won’t discuss the altercation, except to confirm that it occurred. “I have been advised to leave Barack alone and that is what I am going to do,” Hendon said. “I am going to let things stay in the past. It happened. That’s all I can say. It happened.”

Some questions from Geraghty:

Lots of people get angry, and even the best of us have our tempers flare every now and then. But is this incident ignored because the image of a furious Obama, having to be physically restrained, so contrasts the nice guy/secular messiah image we’re seeing in the media?

Boy, that quote from Hendon sure sounds like clichéd dialogue from a mob witness from a cop movie, huh? Who “advised him to leave Barack alone”?

Any Democrat want to raise John McCain’s alleged “temper issues” after this?

I’ll answer that last one for him. Yeah. Of course they will.

They’re just that brazen.

Islamofascists In The News

My my…what busy little beavers they’ve been:

Convert To Christianity On Trial In Algeria:

The woman was accused of having “practised a non-Muslim prayer without authorisation”. In fact, the girl was not arrested while praying, but on a bus and because of some gospels that she had with her. “The charge however is not for proselytism, for the first time,” daily El Watan writes adding “the liberty to practice freely the Christian faith is really brought into question”. According to the daily, Habiba, under 30 and converted to Christianity for four years, would not renounce her religion just to avoid the court. “Either it is the mosque or the court,” Tiaret’s prosecutor intimidated her during the first conversation, as El Watan writes. “Did they make you drink from the water which will carry you straight to paradise?”,

I’d have shot back, “It’s better than blowing yourself up to get there, you asshole”. (Okay, I probably wouldn’t, but I’d be thinking it.)

Oh! Another one:

Christian Factory Worker Accused Of Blasphemy For Refusing To Convert To Islam:

The majority of the workers are Taliban, (not friendly to Christians). They accosted this man after days of unsuccessful proselytizing, and threatened to burn him alive and stone his family to death. (Now that’s a great way to win friends and influence people!)

He was briefly held in custody and encouraged to leave town.

What’s Important Is To Kill The Germans:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: One year ago, a suicide bomber killed three Germans and several Afghans at a market in Kunduz. Did you order the bombing?

Qabir Bashir Haqqani: That was the most successful strike of our mujahedeen in Kunduz since the collapse of the Taliban. Our intelligence passed on a message to the bomber, who had been waiting a week for such a golden opportunity to carry out an attack. The bomber was a resident of Kunduz.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: The three Germans killed weren’t even combat troops, they were army employees in charge of purchasing refrigerators for the troops’ kitchen.

Haqqani: It is not important what kind of soldiers they were. What’s important is to kill and hammer out the Germans in Kunduz. The Germans are the most important enemy in the north and because they are stationed in Kunduz, the city will soon become the Kandahar of the north.

Chechen Jihadis Decapitate Captured Solders….

Weasel Zippers: This is Islam. Note: I can’t post this video, way, way, way too graphic, consider yourself warned!….:

Lebanese Lesbians Arrested After UAE Beach Grind:

The passionate lesbians could not control their urges of hot burning love once they stripped down to their beach attire. After the lewd show they put on at the UAE beach, the horny girls found themselves…….

Whoa!!! Wait a minute! Whaa??? That doesn’t belong here. Please disregard that last snip!

Dirty Bomb Warning To Olympics

The International Atomic Energy Agency says a group might try to release radioactivity at an Olympic venue, possibly using a “dirty bomb”.

However, the IAEA says there is no specific information suggesting an imminent attack on the Beijing games.

The IAEA warning comes as it conducts a training exercise in China’s capital.

London threat

The agency says intelligence shows that terrorists are trying to obtain nuclear materials.

Its concern is that they might try to use a “dirty bomb” with conventional explosives in Beijing.

“There is a threat at some level that these [radioactive] materials could be used,” said Dr Anita Nilsson, the IAEA’s head of nuclear security.

“The awareness that these materials do exist in circulation is enough in itself to trigger the measures that we are now working together with the Chinese authorities to implement at the major venues of the Beijing Olympics,” she said.

Jihad Watch: We Know Too Much!

The Pakistan Daily has apparently removed the detailed exposition of jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism, explaining that jihad is not spiritual struggle, but war, and that it is offensive, not defensive, that I linked to this morning.

Could it be that this is the sort of thing that the dirty kuffar are not supposed to know about?

Good thing I copied the whole thing, eh?

Last but not least…the kicker:

Islamists Outraged Anime Japanese Cartoon Insulted Koran, Depicts Muslims As Terrorists

A Japanese cartoon depicting a character reading the Koran while ordering the execution of the animation’s hero and friends sparked protests on Islamic Web sites, Kyodo News reported today.

The scene from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, adapted from a comic strip published from 1987 to 2003, generated angry responses on more than 300 Arab and Islamic Internet forums,with many accusing Japan of insulting the Koran, Kyodo said.

The scene depicts Muslims as terrorists, Kyodo cited Sheikh Abdul Hamid Attrash, chairman of the Fatwa Committee at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University

Muslims terrorists?….nahhhhh. Shame on those Japanese cartoonists for suggesting such a thing!

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers for most of those.

Wednesday’s Heroes: Sgt. John F. Thomas And Sgt. Ronnie L. Shelley

Sgt. John F. Thomas(Right) & Sgt. Ronnie L. Shelley, Sr.(Left)
33 & 34 years old from Valdosta, Georgia
2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment, 48th Infantry Brigade, Georgia Army National Guard
July 24, 2005 & July 30, 2005

Sgt. Ronnie “Rod” Shelley and Sgt. John F. Thomas became best friends in the Georgia Army National Guard.

They both were ex-Marines, both about the same age, and both enjoyed searching for arrowheads and fishing together. As their friendship grew, Thomas often came over to Shelley’s house for steaks and ribs barbecued by his friend. And when their infantry unit was sent to Iraq in May of 2005, they went to war together.

When their unit was mobilized for combat duty in Iraq, Shelley promised to watch out for Thomas. “Ronnie said, ‘Don’t you worry, I’ll bring him back safely,”‘ said Thomas’ grandfather. But neither Sgt. Thomas or Sgt. Shelley made it back safely. Sgt. Thomas was killed July 24, 2005 by a roadside bomb near Baghdad. And Sgt. Shelley was killed six days later on July 30 by another roadside bomb, also near Baghdad.

Shelley was a family man, married with three children, who was obsessed with having a neat yard, his wife said. “The grass had to be two inches,” she said. “If the neighbor mowed the grass, Rod had to mow. He also wanted the biggest, baddest lawn mower.”

She said she fell in love with his “gorgeous blue … eyes,” and “he had a laid back attitude. I could not make him mad.”

Thomas was married but had no children. His grandparents said he dreamed of becoming a forest ranger. “John wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Now the only trail he can walk is the trail in heaven,” the grandfather said.

Mrs. Thomas, wiping back tears, said the soldier felt responsible for the others in his unit. “He cared for people,” she said. “That’s why he had so many friends. People cared for him.”

Killed alongside Sgt. Shelley were Staff Sgt. David R. Jones Sr., Sgt. 1st Class Victor A. Anderson and Sgt. Jonathon C. Haggin and killed alongside Sgt. Thomas were Army Spc. Jacques E. Brunson, Army Staff Sgt. Carl R. Fuller and Army Sgt. James O. Kinlow.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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By Indian Chris Right Wing & Right Minded

Flight 91 Memorial Blogburst #32

Mancow: “I’m gonna take a sledge-hammer to it” “You’ll go to jail for it?” “Absolutely”

Blogburst logo, petition

Radio talk show host Mancow Muller is asking his listeners to help SHUT DOWN the crescent memorial to Flight 93. (Audio 27 seconds.)

Mancow describes how the giant crescent points to Mecca, and how the four terrorists are consistently placed in the symbolic Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the design), while the 40 heroes are consistently depicted as symbolically damned (placed outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens). Good stuff (1 min, 21 sec).

“You have to see it to understand…” says the pro-war libertarian host, directing his listeners to where they can find pictures like this (a familiar sight for our blogburst readers):

40 tortured souls, 60%

The Tower of Voices. 40 symbolic souls, literally dangling down below an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky overhead.

Using Islamic symbol shapes invites an Islamic interpretation, and in Islam, if you don’t go to heaven, you go to hell (the fate of ALL unbelievers). Forty symbolic souls, never to rest in peace, gonging for eternity in their symbolic Islamic damnation.

Mancow on civil disobedience

Congressman Tancredo was scheduled to come on Tuesday’s show, but got stuck in a hearing. Near the end of the show, Mancow says Tancredo will be rescheduled, then he lays it on the line. He thinks his show and his listeners have the power stop this atrocity from being built, but if the crescent memorial does get built, he is going to take a sledgehammer to it. They can send him to jail. At that point it won’t matter. There are limits to what Americans should stand by for (1 min, 21 sec).

Last week’s show was good too, with segments from Tom Burnett Sr. (45 sec) and Alec Rawls (2 min, 49 sec). (Alec also did an hour long interview with Tracy at No Compromise blog radio last week. To listen, scroll down to May 15th.)

Robert Spencer

An unexpected extra came in the middle of Tuesday’s show when Robert Spencer was on to talk about Islam. Mancow asked what Spencer thought about this memorial controversy and Robert stepped up with another piece of the expose, pointing out that the 9/11 date is to be placed on the center line of the giant crescent, in exactly the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. (43 seconds.)

Exactly right. The date goes to the star on the Islamic flag. The date goes to the terrorists. Graphical proof here (“Terrorist memorializing feature #1”.)

With the difficulty of getting just the Mecca orientation across, the discussion almost never reaches these other explosive details. How does Mr. Spencer find the time to be so knowledgeable about so many things? You da MAN Robert!

Pilgrimage to Somerset

When Mancow is able to reschedule the two Tom’s, Tom Burnett says he is going to urge listeners who want to visit the memorial to plan for the weekend of August 2nd, when the Memorial Project is scheduled to have its next public meeting. Then they can help protest the crescent design, and anyone can sign up to speak during the public comment period.

Maybe we can even get Mancow to make the pilgrimage, and if Congressman Tancredo will call for a Congressional investigation, we just might be able to ram the food cart through the cockpit door. Just do it baby. Let’s roll.

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-Alec Rawls, Error Theory

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