Abdul al-Khaiwani Sentence: Not Good

Six years of hard labor. For what? Offering an opinion the Yemeni government didn’t like?

Jane Novak reports:

This from the same court that finds it legal and even admirable when Yemenis murder Iraqis in Iraq. But writing about the Yemeni civilians suffering during Ali Mohsen’s personal jihad in Sa’ada is punishable by six years in jail. Every journalist in Yemen is much less free now. And so is the world.

“Among those sentenced to jail was Abdul Kareem al-Khaiwani, editor of al-Shura newspaper, who is accused of supporting al-Houthi rebellion in Sa’ada because photos of the fighting in Saada were found with him….

Also he interviewed some of the rebels, ergo he is trying to overthrow the state, as opposed to engaging in normal journalistic practices.”

The only positive thing you can say about this bleak outcome?

At least no one believes the Yemeni regime anymore. The government has been totally discredited on both the “partner in the war on Terror” and the “emerging democracy” fronts. Its pretty clear they are a mafia like tyranny that is more loyal to bin Laden than to the West with no respect for civil rights.

Anyway, as you can imagine, Jane says she’s not done. She may never be done. She will persevere in the face of tyranny as she has for many years, now, rocking the boat for the cause of freedom in a part of the world where freedom is an anathema.

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