Obama Precinct Captain Maria Isabel Says Obama “Prohibited” Her From Talking About Her Che Flag

You remember this flap from earlier this year.  Houston Obama campaign volunteer, Maria Isabel was interviewed by a local t.v. station and seen hanging on the wall next to an American flag, and a a peace flag is a Cuban  Che Guevera flag. There was quite a buzz about it in the blogosphere, although the MSM largely ignored the story.

Well, Maria Isabel has resurfaced, and was recently interviewed on a morning radio show by hosts Enrique and Joe. Audio here.

Most of it’s in Spanish, although she does use the word “distractions” in clear English.

Babalu was kind enough to translate:

What’s interesting is how she tries to justify the flag by saying that her father gave it to her to remind her about the suffering of Cuba. She says “tearfully” that the “flag doesn’t support fidel castro or Che Guevara. This is some rather convoluted logic. It’s like hanging a Nazi flag at a synagogue to remember the holocaust. Note in the picture above that she has the flag right next to an American flag and a peace flag. For her to claim now that she is not an admirer of Che Guevara is incredible in the literal sense of the word.

But when asked why she didn’t explain that to the Fox TV reporter she turns the fake waterworks off and explains how the campaign decided to handle the incident. They advised her that she could continue to speak on behalf of the campaign but was “prohibited” from talking about the flag because “what happens, what happens is that is that there are a lot of groups that, well, some people like Che Guevara and other people don’t like Che Guevara and that if I appear on television talking about the flag it would cause a lot of distractions.” When asked who told her that, she answers flatly, “Barack Obama.”

I find this odd, because she’s not even a paid employee. She’s a volunteer. How can Obama “prohibit” her from saying anything?

Via: Newsbusters on a tip from Moonbattery Commenter, Oiao.


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