Roadtrip!:The BDS Tour Bus

Dubbed, the “Bush Legacy Tour”, this expensive gas guzzling behemoth promises to criss cross the country with BDS-suffering moonbats on-board, regaling the citizenry with tales of BDS-inspired woe. Schedule here.

Charles Johnson describes it thus:

With gas headed toward $5 a gallon, a group of “progressive” moonbats have decided it’s a great time to hit the road and drive 50,000 miles in a 45-foot, 28-ton gas-guzzling monument to Bush Derangement Syndrome

If it passes through a location near me, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist the urge to launch some well aimed rotten eggs at the thing. But that’s just me. Some people may prefer rotten fruit.


Welcome AOSHQ morons!

See also Exurban League for more info on the bus, and its massive carbon footprint.

And as suspected, Americans United for Change is a Move On.Org affiliated organization.

Thanks to “Uniball” at Aces, for that.


My husband had a good idea….if anyone gets close enough: Plant some support the troops magnets on the back of that thing. Better yet, some Bush/Cheney bumperstickers would be great if you have ’em. I still have some Bush/Cheney stickers somewhere that I’m going to dig up. That would be hilarious.


14 thoughts on “Roadtrip!:The BDS Tour Bus

  1. Did anyone tell these retards that Bush isn’t running for anything? Maybe we should sponsor a “Jimmah Cartah” Prius to go around trumpeting Jimmah’s accomplishments – like gas lines, losing Iran, Angola, Nicauragua, Afghanistan, etc. Oh wait, a Prius wouldn’t be big enough to cover it all!


  2. What kind of gas mileage does a waste of resources like that get? What is its carbon footprint? Where are the solar panels and ethanol tanks?


  3. Noprisoners. Don’t forget giving away the Panama Canal and beating that swimming rabbit into submission.

    Tools. That’s the only way to describe these losers. Notice the schedule? They only go to deep blue territory. Such bravery!


  4. Even better: a Bush/Cheney sticker then a nice smear of quick drying epoxy resin to make sure it stays put.


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  6. What is this “photoshop” that you speak of? I do hope you liked the picture of my new bus, though! (wink, wink)

    Sorry about any comment problems. i should probably see if I can put Haloscan in place like I have at my old blog. Blogger’s new comment set-up does seem to have issues…

    Oh, and thanks!


  7. Update: Just fixed the perspective error on the rear of the bus. (Self taught, still learning the tricks.) It looks much better now, it was bugging me before.

    Goodnight and thanks for the compliments! It means a lot!


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