A New Twist In The Severed Feet Case

Two of the five feet found belong to the same person:

One also recently appeared on a Swedish shore. No link has yet been made to the ones that have been found in British Columbia.

Theories on the origin of the floating feet range from remnants of decomposed bodies of people who’ve fallen off ships to parts of victims of the 2004 tsunami borne on Pacific currents to Canada’s coasts, a serial killer or killers who dump their prey at sea and bored or mischievous people with access to cadaver parts running an elaborate hoax.

Previous posts here and here.

Interesting discussion on the case found at this Police Forum.


One of the feet identified.


A sixth severed foot appears on a Washington coast.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

6 thoughts on “A New Twist In The Severed Feet Case

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  3. Has anybody yet investigated the possibility that this could, in some way, be related to the disapearence of the ‘tree planters’?

    This is a singular, peculiar case, and I can think of only one other set of circumstances that is equivalent to this one in its’ peculiarities, which is the fact that at least three tree planters- a black man, two unrelated white women and a black woman.. all in their early to mid twenties, have gone missing.
    Out of the three missing ( only three that I am aware of) one of them was not even planting trees at the time, but did so for a living, which is certainly bizarre and eerie.
    Also strange was that the African-American man dissapeared 70 Kilometeres from White River, while one of the women, 26 year old caucasian Nicole Hoar, dissapeared from around highway 16 in BC , a densely wooded area( which may just coincidentally be a notorious road due to some prostitute slayings- the victim was in no way engaged in such a lifestyle)
    Also missing from a nature trail is Christina Calayca, 20 years old, a ‘normal’ African-American woman who went missing from Rainbow Falls provincial park after going out for a jog.

    The only link between all of these people is that they were in nature areas, and were tree planters- although some were not actively engaged in the activity.

    Ridiculous as this sounds, could their be a link between the tree planter dissapearences and the disjointed feet?
    Perhaps nothing more than the strangeness of it all?


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