Hippy Fight!

An Obama delegate mugs for the camera.

Five members of “the Rainbow family”, a band of hippies known for preaching love, tolerance and peace were arrested after a violent brawl broke out at their Boulder campsite:

When deputies arrived, witnesses reported that one man, a Nederland resident aged 34 or 35, was hit in the back of the head multiple times with a shovel and possibly stabbed in the neck during the fight, Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Lindsey said.

Some witnesses reported a second person being stabbed, although no other victims were located, Lindsey said.

“No one could tell us who was stabbed,” Lindsey said. “We still haven’t got much information.”

The group is known for its large gatherings every July.

(Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian) Lindsey said about 100 members of the larger gathering have so far made their way to the Nederland area. Authorities, he said, are keeping their eyes on them.

“They’re coming out still,” Lindsey said. “We always have patrols there. Every year, there have been problems (at the campsite).”

But how is that possible? The Rainbow people are all about peace and love, man.:

A man calling himself Papa Stone, 38, of Seattle, said he’d been camping in the area for three weeks, and news of the fight led about half of the group to leave the site overnight.

“It’s not what we represent,” he said. “We represent free love. We’re out here showing people you can live with a group of people and share life without the complication of money and bills.”

Ken, a 26-year-old Florida resident who would only give his first name, was maintaining a “trading blanket” along the access route Wednesday.

He said the fight should not reflect the group as a whole, and that the incident happened at a so-called “A camp,” where alcohol is prevalent. Alcohol is not allowed by the larger group, which has congregated deeper into the forest.

‘Smokes’ are okay, though.

“We’re about looking after each other,” Ken said. “It’s about finding ways to live in peace with each other.”

Bummer. The devil alcohol will do it every time.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC., where James Hart voices his suspicion that somebody ran out of weed. Hmmm… That could be, too.

Photos courtesy of The Daily Camera.


Welcome Conservative Grapevine readers. Thanks DPUD, awesome pix, huh?

Welcome Ace-o-lanchers. You can almost smell the patchouli, can’t you?

11 thoughts on “Hippy Fight!

  1. The same splinter group:

    Sheriff’s officials said everyone allegedly involved in the fight was part of a “splinter group” of Rainbow Family members who earlier this month were kicked out of a campsite in Pinedale, Wyo., after the group became “very violent” during a national assembly.


  2. That last guy looks like he’s on the new and improved Natural Rice and Patchouli Oil Diet. He’s really dropping the lbs!


  3. “It’s not what we represent,” he said. “We represent free love.

    So what would be more disgusting to stumble upon, a bunch of dirty hippies all in a pile and fighting, or a bunch of dirty hippies all in a pile having sex?


  4. It sure is easier to dole out some free love when you don’t have to go to work all day. I’m sure there are those that start fights inspired by sheer boredom, it’s not just alcohol to blame.


  5. peace and love my brothers.
    I’m an Italian student and i’m a hippy.
    now in italy i an my friend (200 person) organized a manifestation for peace in the world
    sorry for my englisch


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