Another Obama Gaffe: “We Took Our Eyes Off The Ball”

Jim Geraghty caught this bit of Obama nonsense from an interview he did with CBS:

Logan: Because you do have a situation seven years on into this war where Osama bin Laden and all his lieutenants and all the leaders of the Taliban, they’re still there. And they’re inside Pakistan.

Obama: Right. It’s a huge problem. And first of all, if we hadn’t taken our eye off the ball, we might have caught them before they got into Pakistan and were able to reconstitute themselves.

Apparently Obama’s been using the old “eye off the ball” trope a lot lately. Unfortunately (for him), it’s complete caca. The invasion of Iraq began in March 2003. Geraghty notes:

We don’t know precisely when Osama bin Laden entered Pakistan, but it is generally believed that he escaped Tora Bora and crossed the border sometime in late November or the beginning of December 2001.

Somehow the U.S. took its collective eyes off the ball to prevent an event that occurred in December 2001 by sending troops to another country starting in March 2002 for an invasion that began in 2003.

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Gordon Brown Not Welcome At Obama’s Upcoming UK Press Conference

One thing you can say about Obama: He’s not afraid to break with tradition:

Lest there be any illusions about the desired target audience for Obama’s trip, the foreign media, including the BBC, have been left on the Tarmac. Only American reporters are on board “Obama One” as his plane heads from one country to the next.

He will have a 45-minute meeting on Saturday morning with Gordon Brown followed by a press conference, which Obama will conduct on his own outside Downing Street in a blatant departure from the usual protocol.

There will be no Brown at his side to spoil the No 10 backdrop for American voters, even though it would be unthinkable for a British prime minister to appear in the White House Rose Garden without the president.

Brown will say a few words later in the day, once Obama has gone.

You see, Obama doesn’t want the unpopular Prime Minister to spoil his moment.

Never-mind the fact that Obama’s merely a candidate for the Presidency, wouldn’t a true man of character publicly stand side by side with an important ally of the United States whether he’s popular in his home country or not?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


This is so Obama-esque. Via Aaron Klein at WND:

As part of a month-long aircraft makeover, a painted American flag was removed from the tail of Sen. Barack Obama’s official campaign airplane and was replaced with the presidential candidate’s trademark “O” symbol.

Out with the American flag, in with the ‘O’:

Courtesy Sun-Times

One Of The Severed Feet Found On Canadian Shore Identified

This was no boating accident.

One of the five feet that have mysteriously washed up on the shores of British Columbia over the past year has been linked to a depressed man who went missing a year ago, police said Saturday.

Police sergeant Pierre Lemaitre said DNA testing helped to identify the man. The man’s name is not being made public at the family’s request, said Lemaitre.

“We’re being very sensitive to the family’s demands,” he said, adding more information will be released on Monday. “They wanted the time to reach out to their immediate family and share the news among themselves.”

A team of investigators has been working on the bizarre case since the first foot washed up last August on Jedidiah Island in the Strait of Georgia.

Since last year, detached feet began appearing, floating within a few miles of each other along island shorelines in the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver. The bizarre findings baffled Canadian officials.

It had been theorized that the floating feet were remnants of decomposed bodies of people who were in boating accidents. Other theories are that they were from victims of the 2004 tsunami, victims of a serial killer who dumps his prey at sea, or cadaver parts that “bored or mischievous people” tampered with.

It looks like this one was either suicide, or serial killer.

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A sixth foot appears.

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