One Of The Severed Feet Found On Canadian Shore Identified

This was no boating accident.

One of the five feet that have mysteriously washed up on the shores of British Columbia over the past year has been linked to a depressed man who went missing a year ago, police said Saturday.

Police sergeant Pierre Lemaitre said DNA testing helped to identify the man. The man’s name is not being made public at the family’s request, said Lemaitre.

“We’re being very sensitive to the family’s demands,” he said, adding more information will be released on Monday. “They wanted the time to reach out to their immediate family and share the news among themselves.”

A team of investigators has been working on the bizarre case since the first foot washed up last August on Jedidiah Island in the Strait of Georgia.

Since last year, detached feet began appearing, floating within a few miles of each other along island shorelines in the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver. The bizarre findings baffled Canadian officials.

It had been theorized that the floating feet were remnants of decomposed bodies of people who were in boating accidents. Other theories are that they were from victims of the 2004 tsunami, victims of a serial killer who dumps his prey at sea, or cadaver parts that “bored or mischievous people” tampered with.

It looks like this one was either suicide, or serial killer.

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A sixth foot appears.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

5 thoughts on “One Of The Severed Feet Found On Canadian Shore Identified

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  3. “It looks like this one was either suicide.”

    Really? What, did he dive into a wood chipper?


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