Tony Melendez’s Great Feet

I had never heard of this guy, but maybe some of you guitar aficionados have. He once played the guitar for Pope John Paul II….with his toes.

Watch this video, if you love triumph of the spirit type stories:

Hat tip: My Hubby


4 thoughts on “Tony Melendez’s Great Feet

  1. My wife and some of my kids saw him last year and said he was AWESOME! They even got his autograph! – Yes with his foot. His story is pretty amazing too.


  2. Reminds me of what my Dad would say to us kids when we would whine about our lives. I didn’t understand it until I grew a few years but it was…..”I cried because I had no shoes, until I met the man who had no feet”…in this case “arms”. As a guitarist, I can full appreciate the accomplishment of Tony, but not just playing guitar…sheesh…everything he does. Great story Deb!


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