Sixth Severed Foot Found On Washington Shore

A right foot, like most of the others:

A shoe containing bones and flesh has been discovered on a remote Strait of Juan de Fuca beach about 40 miles west of Port Angeles, 14 miles from the Canadian shoreline.

The grisly discovery comes nearly a year after the first of five sneakers containing human feet were found washed ashore in British Columbia, triggering one of the most bizarre cases in provincial history.

The latest shoe, described as a hiking boot, does not match any of those discovered earlier in Canada. But, like four of the five others already found, it is a right foot.

A camper found the large black, high-top shoe in seaweed while walking along the shore near the mouth of Jim Creek on Friday and relayed the discovery to the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

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Hat tip: Crime Scene KC


Could the severed feet be related to the Canada Bus Slayer?

Cool: McCain Supporters To Mock Obama At Energy Speech

I don’t know if the stupid party is getting smarter, but they’re definitely getting snarkier.

McCain supporters in Michigan are planning on distributing tire gauges at Obama’s energy speech in Lansing.

There are also stunts planned for Washington newsrooms, in which the gauges will be delivered during a reading of “Obama’s energy plan”.

Part of Obama’s energy plan, in case you forgot:


Lefties are complaining that Republicans are spending too much time dwelling on Obama’s remark. Heh, they’re probably right, but Obama gave us that one on a silver platter.


Via Hot Air, here is an Ohio Republican ad that continues the mock.

Captain Ed has a message for lefties who think Republicans are making a mountain out of a molehill:

Obama clearly stated that we could get just as much oil from tire inflation and tune-ups as we can get from drilling — a ludicrous statement well deserving of ridicule.

So there.