AP Whitewashes the Frank Marshall Davis Story

Frank Marshall Davis,  documented to be a Stalinist, CPUSA member, and mentor to the young Barack Obama is now being described by the AP as merely a left leaning activist who fought for social justice. A man who “had his opinions”.

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media, who broke the story of “Obama’s Communist Mentor” back in Febuary, has tirelessly endeavored to get this story out, because as far as he’s concerned, it is the most important piece of information about Obama that we know…even more important than Reverend Wright because it explains why Obama gravitated towards Reverend Wright, (and William Ayers, et al):

The slanted AP story features quotes only from supporters or friends of Davis and Obama. But those picked to defend Davis are themselves interesting.

Ah Quon McElrath, identified as merely “a friend” of Davis’s and quoted by AP, was actually an organizer for the communist-controlled International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). The ILWU was led by Davis’s friend and associate, secret CPUSA member Harry Bridges. Davis wrote for a newspaper, the Honolulu Record, which was controlled by the CPUSA and subsidized by the ILWU.

McElrath is quoted by AP as saying, “You could get a lot of strength from a person like Frank who had suffered all the discrimination…that a black man goes through in America.”

Davis went to Hawaii in 1948 after consulting with Bridges and Paul Robeson, another secret CPUSA member. He was a mentor to Obama during the years 1975-1979 and died in 1987.

Obama supporter Dr. Kathryn Takara is quoted in the AP piece as saying that “Frank was part of a group of black vanguard intellectuals.” Takara was the associate producer of a program about Davis that, like the AP story, ignored his CPUSA affiliation. So while she knows a lot about Davis, she seems blind to the evidence of Davis’s service to the communist cause.

In fact, Davis was a hard-core but secret CPUSA member with a history of involvement in CPUSA fronts who was so much of a Stalinist that he opposed U.S. participation in World War II during the Hitler-Stalin Pact, but then supported U.S. involvement after Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Russia.

Read the whole thing to see the entire scope of the whitewash. This is an important story because it would give most Americans pause to know that a candidate for POTUS took advice as an impressionable teenager from this anti-American, Communist poet.

The Marxist Political Affairs.net mentioned the Obama/Davis relationship in, Rethinking the History of the Communist Party:

In any case, deploring these convictions in Hawaii was an African-American poet and journalist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, who was certainly in the orbit of the CP – if not a member – and who was born in Kansas and spent a good deal of his adult life in Chicago, before decamping to Honolulu in 1948 at the suggestion of his good friend Paul Robeson. Eventually, he befriended another family – a Euro-American family – that had migrated to Honolulu from Kansas and a young woman from this family eventually had a child with a young student from Kenya East Africa who goes by the name of Barack Obama, who retracing the steps of Davis eventually decamped to Chicago. In his best selling memoir ‘Dreams of my Father’, the author speaks warmly of an older black poet, he identifies simply as “Frank” as being a decisive influence in helping him to find his present identity as an African-American, a people who have been the least anticommunist and the most left-leaning of any constituency in this nation – though you would never know it from reading so-called left journals of opinion.

You might suspect as much from watching YouTube videos of their “black Liberation Theology” Pastors, however.

Kincaid asks:

Was the AP’s Thanawala performing a free service for the campaign? Whatever the case, the story is itself a scandal and another low point for journalism. It also provides an opportunity for the truth to come out―about Obama and his lapdog press corps.

*AP’s main number in New York is: 1-212-621-1500. AP is run by a board of directors and its managing director for U.S. news is Michael Oreskes, a former New York Times journalist. The AP executive editor is Kathleen Carroll.

Once Again: FBI May Have Focused On Wrong Suspect In Antrax Case

Richard Spertzel, who was head of the biological-weapons section of Unscom from 1994-99, and was a member of the Iraq Survey Group thinks they’ve got the wrong guy:

The latest line of speculation asserts that the anthrax’s DNA, obtained from some of the victims, initially led investigators to the laboratory where Ivins worked. But the FBI stated a few years ago that a complete DNA analysis was not helpful in identifying what laboratory might have made the product.

Furthermore, the anthrax in this case, the “Ames strain,” is one of the most common strains in the world. Early in the investigations, the FBI said it was similar to strains found in Haiti and Sri Lanka. The strain at the institute was isolated originally from an animal in west Texas and can be found from Texas to Montana following the old cattle trails. Samples of the strain were also supplied to at least eight laboratories including three foreign laboratories. Four French government laboratories reported on studies with the Ames strain, citing the Pasteur Institute in Paris as the source of the strain they used. Organism DNA is not a very reliable way to make a case against a scientist.

The FBI has not officially released information on why it focused on Ivins, and whether he was about to be charged or arrested. And when the FBI does release this information, we should all remember that the case needs to be firmly based on solid information that would conclusively prove that a lone scientist could make such a sophisticated product.

From what we know so far, Bruce Ivins, although potentially a brilliant scientist, was not that man. The multiple disciplines and technologies required to make the anthrax in this case do not exist at Army’s Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Inhalation studies are conducted at the institute, but they are done using liquid preparations, not powdered products.

Perhaps, Bruce Ivans was a more emotionally fragile man than Dr. Steven Hatfill, who fought back.

How, sad, if Spertzel is right.

Hat tip Lucianne

Over $29K In Donations Came from Gaza To Obama Campaign

Atlas Shrugs broke this story last week about the questionable donations by a Monir Edwan of Rafah, GA to Barack Obama’s campaign.

There is no Rafah, Georgia. It’s Rafah, GAZA. And the donations exceeded the allowed limits.

Pamala promised to file a complaint with the FEC “either alone or through an organization”.

Aaron Klein of WND picked up the story:

The Edwans’ donations are listed in both FEC filings and other election filing sites, such as CampaignMoney and donordata.org.

Monir made 20 donations ranging from $717 to $2017.50 from October through November 2007. His donations totaled $24321.41. Hosam made seven donations ranging from $508.63 to $1725.96, totaling $5,200.13, all in October 2007.

Mind you, donations of this kind violate election laws, including “prohibitions on receiving contributions from foreigners and guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election” according to a Federal Election Commission official contacted by Klein.

A WND investigation tracked down the Edwans, who are brothers living in the Tal Esaltan neighborhood of Rafah, a large refugee camp in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

The Edwans are a large clan that include top Hamas supporters.

Speaking to WND, the two brothers praised Obama and admitted giving the money online to his campaign. They said they are not U.S. citizens or green card holders but are citizens of “Palestine.”

The Edwans denied they are affiliated with Hamas. Palestinian sources in Gaza confirmed the Edwans in question are secular, but could not say whether they supported Hamas.

Monir and Hasam Edwan denied their financial transactions online – listed as donations in U.S. government election filings – were actual donations to Obama’s campaign. Instead they claimed they purchased about $30,000 in Obama T-shirts from the presidential candidate’s online store – a contention that did not hold up during a WND interview, when they changed their story several times.

“My brother Hosam and I knew that Obama will be a big hit even before he became a candidate. We knew the guy would be a celebrity in Gaza so we decided to invest the amount of $29,000 to buy Obama T-shirts from his website and sell them in Gaza,” Monir Edwan told WND, speaking by cell phone from Gaza.

“I know on the back of this story Obama rivals will present our business as a donation and they will try to use this story to let Obama fall, but I’m telling you, we bought T-shirts,” Edwan maintained.

Edwan said any profit made from purportedly selling the Obama T-shirts was not returned to the Obama campaign.

“We have nothing to do with the Obama campaign. We just like Obama and believe he will be the best for the Palestinians and for the world.”

At first Monir Edwan claimed he sold the T-shirts in Gaza for around $9 and that a profit was made.

“Some young men even bought the T-shirts for 60 shekel ($17.29), which is a lot to spend in Gaza on a T-shirt, but that is how much Gazans like Obama,” Edwan claimed.

But it was pointed out to Edwan the T-shirts for sale on Obama’s website are listed as $20.08 and that selling the merchandise for less would not yield a profit.

“Maybe we sold the shirts for a lot more. I can’t remember now,” said Edwan.

Asked why he would purchase T-shirts at such a high rate and pay the cost of shipping when he could pay a company to produce T-shirts for less, Edwan replied, “We wanted the shirts to come from the campaign.”

Ooooookay. That, ladies and gentleman, I believe, is an example of what they call taqiyya. And it is being used by the Edwan brothers to defend the candidate of their choice, Barack Obama.

What is it, do you suppose these Gazans like so much about Obama?

Stop the ACLU, and Weasel Zippers have also picked up this story.

Stay tuned.


Now the Wall Street Journal is covering it.