Could the Canada Bus Slayer And The Floating, Severed Feet Be Related?

I threw this theory out as an afterthought on my previous post about Vince Weiguang Li, the man who stabbed to death, and then decapitated 22-year-old Tim McClean on a greyhound bus. The thought occurred to me that the two cases might be connected.

It has already been speculated that the severed feet could be the work of a serial murderer:

According to police there were 2,371 people listed as missing in the (BC) province at the end of May, with gang-related crime, drugs and homelessness all contributing to the problem. The exploits of Vancouver area pig farmer and convicted murderer Robert Pickton loom large. Pickton was convicted last year of the murder of six women, and according to the prosecution at his trial confessed to the murder of 43 others.

The suggestion that there may be a criminal element connected with the appearance of so many feet is bolstered by the conclusion of Ebbesmeyer and other oceanographers that the feet have most probably been born down the Fraser River – which flows from the Rocky Mountains before reaching the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver – swelled by the spring snowmelt.

“This is such a highly improbable situation it begs the question of foul play,” said Ebbesmeyer.

The police are refusing to speculate.

Li was armed with a knife, and a pair of scissors. He was cutting off body parts…It may well be that young Tim McClean was not his first victim.

Edmonton, where Li is from, is not terribly far from the Fraser River:

Click on image to enlarge.


I’m not the only one thinking along these lines:

Sorry for such a morbid post.


A reporter from The Winnipeg Free Press interviewed Li’s apartment complex neighbors:

“It seemed like he was keeping real weird hours, sometimes I’d see or hear him coming and going in the middle of the night.”


3 thoughts on “Could the Canada Bus Slayer And The Floating, Severed Feet Be Related?

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  2. Well, it IS an interesting theory, yours- the only flaw is in the psychology of serial killers as correlates to the incident on the bus.
    A serial killer has NEVER, to my knowledge, been known to snap and attack someone in public like that.
    It seems to me that is highly likely that either LI is a Schizophrenic or was on some type of hallucinogenic drug, and somehow imagined his seatmate to be a threat to him.
    That particular incident seems to me to be mainly the act of a mentally ill person (whether through cerebral illness or drug-induced psychosis) rather than a calculating individual.
    Remember, serial killers almost ALWAYS find a way to catch their victims off guard, so that resistance will be minimal- they do this because inherently, they are cowards.
    I understand that the man that was killed was rather muscular and healthy, larger than LI- a serial killer will almost always chooses a victim that is smaller than they are due to cowardice and fear of overpowerment and physical reprisal.

    So truly, I honestly do not agree with you about any correlation between the cases.
    However, since you mentioned severed heads, (ah, the morbidity continues!) I would like to note that Ted Bundy use to collect the severed heads of his victims, and then go to the Mountains in Seattle and dump them all at once…. interesting that it would appear from the flow of the tide that the feet were dumped near a mountain.
    My only query is why, if this is, indeed, the work of a serial murderer, the killer would leave his victims fully clothed, knowing all about DNA techniques?

    I actually am leaning mostly toward the tree planter cases for the simple reason that the victims in this case do not seem to resemble much of a consistent ‘type’, (serial killers will kill all teenage girls, or ALL adult males, usually singular to one ethnic or physical trait) since they have discovered both male and female adult feet- although coincidentally, they were all wearing soft- soled shoes.

    Shoes perfect for hiking, and jogging, and hitchhiking and tree planting.

    I am not entirely against the idea of gang or mafia killings, though, if it is not a ‘loch ness monster’ that is the culprit (LOL) simply because the victims were clothed- I do not see how a serial killer would leave their victims clothed, nor do I see how or why the mafia or a gang would UNCLOTHE their victims if the motive for murder was not sexual or deviant- perhaps the victims were given a ‘burial at sea’ with something anchoring their feet down, and the pressure on the ankles caused the feet to bloat and waterlog and come undone.

    This is certainly a head-scratcher of a case.


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