Where Does Obama Get His Abortion Statistics?

Abortion proponents like to say that the number of abortions went up under George W. Bush. Obama just said so during the Saddleback Faith Forum: (Correction: I heard that wrong the first time…Obama says they haven’t gone down – still wrong – they have – ed.)

This way, abortion proponents can claim to have some moral authority when they say that they would like to see fewer abortions, even though they have a record of supporting abortion, (in Obama’s case an uber-record of supporting abortions).

John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Hillary Clinton used that ploy during the 2004 election cycle, and it was debunked by Fact Check.Org in 2005:

Politicians from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to Howard Dean have recently contended that abortions have increased since George W. Bush took office in 2001. This claim is false. It’s based on an an opinion piece that used data from only 16 states. A study by the Alan Guttmacher Institute of 43 states found that abortions have actually decreased. Update, May 26: The author of the original claim now concedes that the Guttmacher study is “significantly better” than his own.

The abortion statistics found here show the downward trend continuing through 2007.

So which statistics is he using, I’d like to know?

9 thoughts on “Where Does Obama Get His Abortion Statistics?

  1. So which statistics is he using, I’d like to know?

    They’re from a popular text called “Numbers That I Really Really Really Wish Were True Cuz That Would So Help Me Out”.

    Just once before I die, I would like to see a Dem politician throw out one of these made up numbers and then immediately get confronted by the interviewer.

    Every single time those bullshit numbers are thrown out, they go unchallenged and I find that irritating.

    Anytime a politician (Rep or Dem) throws out a statistic to support their opinion, the next question needs to be “what is your specific source for that data?”.

    The failure of the MSM to do that is reason number 890,476 why I hate them.


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  4. That particular remark struck me as inaccurate too. To hear NARAL talk, they claim there aren’t as many, to make folks think they are really all about prevention.



  5. Here’s how I see it: as long as abortions continue to be performed, the number of abortions will increase.

    Also: I am not good at math.


  6. As bad as abortion counts to date are in the US (about 50 million), we are only about 5% of total abortions worldwide (about 961 million). So many babies who never had a chance to make their “choice” to live. These statistics were compiled by Wm. Robert Johnson as of 10/26/2008 from Secion VIII of “Global Abortion Summary.”


  7. ………I love life……and I have only a small time left on this earth. I’ve been sick along time. But life is so precious. In 1996 i read that china had over 8,800,000 abortions that year.In the United States we had 1,700,000. thats alot of souls. I love them all and I miss my brothers and sisters.
    How many M.L.KINGS, Mother Taresa, John Pauls have we killed. ..PLEASE OH LORD BRING THE CHAGE OF HEART FOR

    note. No wonder our social sercerity is no better off then my spelling….please your thoughts ..


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