Obama Convention Ticket Features Upsidedown Flag

This latest gafftastic embarrassment is brought to you by the Democratic National Convention Committee.

KUSA out of Denver says viewers have been questioning the design:

The viewers say with the stars and blue field in the lower left corner, it looks like an upside down American flag. Published flag etiquette states the stars should always be displayed in the upper left corner. An upside down flag represents an international symbol of extreme distress.

Matt Chandler with the Obama campaign says the flag is not upside down. He says it is a stylized flag designed to blend the stars on Senator Obama’s shirt with the flag blowing in the wind.

Oh please. You can’t spin this one, guys. Either the flag is upside down, or Obama’s head and the words are upside down.

Natalie Wyeth with the Democratic National Convention Committee sent 9NEWS the following statement Saturday night:

(“Think quick people..we need to come up with an good excuse for this latest gaffe!”)

“The DNCC community credentials incorporate patriotic design elements. They do not depict an actual American flag. The DNCC has full and complete respect for the flag and all rules of display.”

Got it. It’s not a flag; the fact that it has all of the features of a flag, (upside down) is purely coincidental.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

6 thoughts on “Obama Convention Ticket Features Upsidedown Flag

  1. Of COURSE we’ll be in extreme distress if this faker/communist/world government tool/puppet of the UN gets elected.

    I’m already planning on buying more guns…


  2. Hmmm, ok….so, now we are to believe that:
    1) Obama is proud to be an American, but wasn’t
    2) China is the new shining city on the hill……complete with smog, no EPA regs, forced child labor, and live abortions
    3) That isn’t even a flag in the photo, it was a ….uhhhm……ahhhhhmmmm…..design element…..WTF?

    LOL, you can’t make this up. Does that ticket actually say “Change we can believe in” or does it say “Change, Sergey, change that we can live with Komrade”?


  3. I can’t get over the symbolism, either….it’s perfect:

    “An upside down flag represents an international symbol of extreme distress”.

    I tell you what, I find it extremely distressing that Obama’s gotten as far as he has with his background.


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