Heartache For Code Pink: “Elections Have sabotaged Our Peace Actions”

Poor Code Pink. Despite the outlandish outfits, they’re having trouble getting the attention they so crave:

These are hard times for peace activists. Despite CodePink’s flashy costumes and willingness to disrupt campaign events and congressional hearings — sometimes facing arrest for it — the women are finding it more difficult to maintain public attention on the Iraq war.

Americans are now focused more on the gasoline prices they’re paying, declining values of their homes and other economic issues. The ups and downs in a highly contested presidential election also have edged Iraq off the front page and evening newscasts most days.

Another fun fact that might have something to do with it: WE WON.

A Code Pinko bemoans the sad state of affairs:

“We do feel to some extent that these elections have sabotaged our peace actions and messaging because … the media is completely focused on the two candidates,” said CodePink activist Liz Hourican, who moved here from Arizona a year and a half ago to devote her time to ending the war. “It’s a lot more challenging.”

I can see how that would be. It’s an election season, victory has all but been officially declared in Iraq, and the Code Pinkos increasingly look like the unhinged moonbats they are, to average Americans.

Looks like the MSM has finally kicked them to the curb, where they always belonged.

5 thoughts on “Heartache For Code Pink: “Elections Have sabotaged Our Peace Actions”

  1. Maybe now that no one is paying any attention to them, they’ll have the time to do things they’ve been putting off like moving to France, protesting meat, having abortions and being unattractive, bitter lesbians.


  2. Hopefully they will go to the extremes their parents did when their nonsense wore off in the early 70’s and start setting themselves on fire.


  3. Pinko’s they call themselves, and Pinko’s they are.

    That music you’re hearing is the world’s smallest violin playing “Hearts and Flowers”.


  4. Does anyone notice that it’s common amongst leftards to don garish, ridiculous getups to bring attention to themselves and their alleged “issues”? If their ideas had merit – they would stand on their own, I would think.


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