Another Democrat Has Trouble With Obama’s “Funny Name”

Wow, these awkward slips of the tongue just keep happening:

Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson — yes, that Charlie Wilson — was speaking at an anti-war rally when he, um, flubbed a line:

“We should be led by Osama bin Laden,” he said, then quickly corrected himself. “I mean Obama and Biden.”


Of course that’s just the latest of a long string of similar freudian slips flubs. Here are some more notable members of the Osama/Obama flub club.

Dean Singleton, Chairman of The AP:

Who can forget Ted Kennedy’s extensive faux pas:

An ABC News anchor:

Dan Rather said Jesse Jackson paved the way for Osama Bin Laden (huh?!) as the others on the panel stared blankly:

Chris Matthews got it wrong two days in a row,  saying Obama instead of Osama when speaking of the terrorist.

Here Chris Matthews gets his name right,….but that’s not the problem….

Even CNN isn’t immune:

Anyway, you get my point. Democrats really do seem to have a hard time with what Obama likes to call his “funny name”.

Republicans have a hard time, too. They keep pronouncing Obama’s middle name as “Hussein”, lol.

4 thoughts on “Another Democrat Has Trouble With Obama’s “Funny Name”

  1. I don’t understand that question.
    “Why do you call him B Hussein Obama?”

    “Because that’s his name.”

    Duh. Ann is, of course, correct, and why should she have to explain further? Why does the media make an issue out of it and – in essence – bring more attention to it?


  2. My favorite part of the Dan Rather clip is when asked if he would have released the tape of Jesse Jackson, he says that “everybody has their own code.”

    Quite obviously, Dan. Quite obviously indeed.


  3. Wow, I hadn’t noticed the eerie similarity to the names:

    Osama bin Laden

    That’s just more discomfort for me! I know, the Dems would just say it’s paranoia or something. But I happen to believe in such things as “signs”.


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