Check Out “Hype”

“Hype”, from Citizens United Productions premiered at the DNC on August 24, and will run again at the RNC in Minneapolis on September 3. As you have no doubt guessed, the film is about the Obama candidacy.

Here’s the trailer:

A short snippet:

This snippet deals with the Obama/Ayers controversy:

Also, check out the Citizen’s United website for more great films, including The Blocking Of The Path To 9/11, Rediscovering God In America, and ACLU At War With America..

Hat tip: Hot Air

One thought on “Check Out “Hype”

  1. There was a time as a rookie NYC cop that I would have given anything to have Ayers, Dorhn, and the rest of their filthy ilk in my sights.

    I’m not sure I’m past that yet.

    Trackback coming, Deb.


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