Picture Of The Day

Some Denver pro-lifers are going for a world’s record for the largest protest sign, ever:

Local pro-life advocates in Denver have unfurled what they claim is the largest protest sign ever assembled and they are hoping to obtain a Guinness World Record as a result. The pro-life advocates made an official attempt to enter the record book with the pro-life sign showing the Democratic Party promotes abortion.

The pro-life activists spelled out the words “Destroys Unborn Children” in a 530-foot tall and 666-foot wide message using white and yellow bed sheets.

They initially spelled out the letters DNC, referring to the Democratic National Committee, in yellow sheet and then used white sheets to complete the three words pointing to its pro-abortion position ratified yesterday in its platform.

The sheets were placed on the side of a large hill that is part of the Rock Mountains west of Denver and, because of its massive size, can be seen from almost anywhere in Denver, which is hosing the Democratic convention.

The DNC prime time speakers are staying away from the subject of abortion, I’ve noticed. This sign is a nice little reminder of what the party really stands for.

2 thoughts on “Picture Of The Day

  1. That’s awesome! But, unless there are enough people to guard the whole thing around the clock the pro-abortionists will destroy it by sometime tomorrow.

    But don’t queston their support for “freedom of speech”!


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