A huge storm passed through my area last night, and our electricity went out right in the middle of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. I have to admit I wasn’t too broken up about missing the rest of his sour-noted CRAPfest; but I did want to read the blogs after it was over to see what other people thought. Oh well, I got to bed at a decent hour for a change.

I really expected that the electricity would be turned back on by the morning, but that wasn’t the case. Worse yet, my cell phone wasn’t charged, so I was totally unplugged, and I knew that McCain’s VP pick was imminent.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be Palin. She had seemed to have been counted out. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be Lieberman or Romney, nothing against either of those men, but neither were, in my opinion, what McCain needed on his ticket to win.

By 10:00 I was craving a caffeine fix, so I decided to make a run to the store with my five year old, pick up some groceries and hit the Starbucks bar. When I turned on the car radio, Laura Ingraham was talking about McCain’s exciting FEMALE VP pick, and still, I couldn’t believe it…Kay Bailey Hutchenson? Carly Fiorina? Within seconds, the news hit me, and I screamed so loud, my poor son asked me if something had frightened me.

Those bastards kept that secret well!

Here’s my original post about Sarah Palin from February 27, with lot’s of good Palin pix.

Sarah Palin VP Blog Roundup:

Political Ticker: Dems Say Palin Is ‘Risky’, Could Be A Disaster

The Politico: The McCain Camp Pushes Back:

It is pretty audacious for the Obama campaign to say that Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice President. She has a record of accomplishment that Senator Obama simply cannot match. Governor Palin has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska and actually achieving results — whether it’s taking on corruption, passing ethics reform or stopping wasteful spending and the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Senator Obama has spent his time in office running for president.

They are not going to win that argument.

Jim Geraghty makes A Crazy Prediction at The Campaign Spot.

VDH, The Corner: A Maverick Choice

Hot Air: What Palin Does For McCain And To Obama

NPR: Sarah Palin, A Fresh Face For The GOP

The Trail: Palin Selection Surprised Her Staff, Too

Hot Air: Ferraro: Palin A “Historic” Choice For McCain

MSNBC: Palin’s Relationship With Stevens (Hint: not good).

Michelle Malkin: Sarah Palin: A True Conservative: “She knows When To Stand Up, And She Doesn’t Let Anyone Tell Her To Sit Down”.

Sarah Palin For America: Congratulations, Sarah!

Draft Sarah Palin For President: We Did It!!!

Ace: Speech Thread (surprisingly awesome).

Ace: Giggle, Now Obama Wants To Talk About Experience

Ace: Unhinged Nutroots Reaction Thread

Ace: PUMAs For Palin (their link is overloaded at the moment)

Ace: Cool Facts About Sarah Palin

The Hostages: Governor Sarah Palin: Why I Dig Her Chili

S, Weasel: Okay, I’m In…

Trying To Be Thoughtful: Woot!

Presto Pundit: Sarah Palin Blog Round Up (He has some that I missed).

The Cotillion supports Palin:

Fausta’s Blog

Right Pundits
Conservative Belle
Jane, posting at Jawa
Blue Star Chronicles and Alabama Improper continue The Cotillion roundup. Check it out.

UPDATE (August 30):

You’ll want to check out Meghan McCain’s behind the scenes photo’s from the Sarah Palin Rally.

Definitely check out Red State’s comparison of Palin and Obama’s resumes.

That needs to be a commercial.

35 thoughts on “YES!!!!:McCain/Palin

  1. The Dems have already started the gender bashing….she’s not experienced enough crap. A liberal can say anything about anybody..females, blacks, hispanics, asians…because they can’t possibly be bias….they’re democrats. It’s gunna get very nasty, but I think the mask is coming off and Americans will truly see how ugly and narrow minded these libs are.


  2. Like Rush was saying today, they will destroy themselves in trying to destroy her.

    It also puts Obama in an awkward position on the “experience” issue.


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  4. Mr Obama, why do you think you have more expeience to be the POTUS over Ms. Palin? “I have hope…..I have hope that the citizens of this great country are stupid and ignorant and overlook my empty and pathetic resume”. Thank you Mr. Obama.


  5. The Dhims have nothing to play that won’t bury them in return, and on top of that, she is perfectly capable of fighting and winning her own battles. Obambi is bound for the dustbin of history, where perspective will lead later examiners to wonder what all his supporters were drinking when they enthusiastically rushed to his side.


  6. Oh My Goodness!!

    My prayers have been answered, and like my kids reminded me when I said I wouldn’t vote for McCain unless Palin were on the ticket… “Now you have to vote for him.”

    I am… In fact, I may finally contribute to a national campaign for the first time.

    So psyched about this AWESOME pick!!!


  7. I can’t believe it — in one swell foop, I’m suddenly energized about this election!

    I dislike McCain pretty intensely (and I have a feeling Palin is, deep down, a little Jesus-y for my taste)…but, gosh, she’s so refreshingly NORMAL. I mean, in an NRA lifetime-member, Alaska gun-totin’ mama kind of way.



  8. I knew you’d be doing handsprings. It was a very cool choice – a choice that I thought had been thrown out long ago.

    Election night should be a blast.


  9. Craig – ‘this broad’?

    You’re a dem aren’t you? I can’t think of who else would be that belittling to women.

    Plus, y’all give Biden WAY too much credit. Just because he snarls up his nose, doesn’t make him a tough guy. She’ll eviscerate him.

    He won’t be able to control his nasty streak and he’ll do something like call her … oh, I don’t know … a broad or something.


  10. Beth……have you met any republicans??? I had the misfortune to marry into a family of them and they all think women are a step below any man…..even the women.
    Furthermore, leave it to a republican to say that someone “snarls up his nose” in the same breath they accuse someone else of having a “nasty streak”


  11. Biden is a bully. His single crowning achievement before last week was getting elected to the Senate. Soon he’ll get to add “Failed VP Candidate” to his resume, but not before he lays his character-bereft soul out for all to see in the upcoming campaign. Much to his sorrow, he will learn that if you are going to bark at people, you had better be right. He isn’t, but his pride blinds him to it.


  12. …they all think women are a step below any man…..even the women.

    That only applies to liberal women. We revere intelligent women.


  13. …..That only applies to liberal women. We revere intelligent women…..

    Yet another example of good Christian repulican love…….or could it be a….a….”nasty streak” showing????


  14. a….”nasty streak” showing????

    Was I too subtle? After your mean-spirited, irrelevantly anecdotal and subjective comment, I certainly meant to be nasty. If you like, I can try to be more direct.

    BTW, did I leave out “pin-headed?” Yes, I guess I did. A major oversight on my part, given that you’re asking a conservative woman if she’s ever met a Republican.


  15. …another example of ill-founded assumptions.

    Interesting, YOU assumed I was a liberal and Beth a conservative although nothing was mentioned regarding either issue.

    ….another example of the republican philosophy of “it’s alright if I behave this way…but you better not even think about doing it or I will be right there to judge you straight into damnation!!!””

    BTW, I knew if I baited you long enough I would get you to call me a name…..actually didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Webster describes name calling as “a way of winning an argument without objective consideration of the facts.” But I’m sure you already know that being of such superior intellect.


  16. YOU assumed I was a liberal and Beth a conservative

    Since Beth runs a conservative blog, I’m pretty comfortable with that assumption. And since you said that you had the “misfortune” to marry into a family of Republicans, and your comments are moronic, I’m pretty comfortable with the assumption that you’re a liberal. And, of course, I was dead right. Unlike you.

    I knew if I baited you long enough I would get you to call me a name

    Didn’t take any baiting or any time at all. I’ll call you a name as quickly as I can – you don’t need to put any effort into it.

    …and let’s not forget this little gem of stupidity:

    Furthermore, leave it to a republican to say that someone “snarls up his nose” in the same breath they accuse someone else of having a “nasty streak”

    Since she was talking about Biden both times, this makes absolutely no sense. Which speaks to a marvelous consistency on your part.


  17. Well Deb – looks like you’ve made the BIG TIME! Yeppers – the trolls are hitting your blog now with the play book baiting.

    Be proud, hon! Woot-woot!


  18. YOU assumed I was a liberal

    Oh yeah – there was also your moniker. Your political leanings were never much of a mystery with a moniker like that.


  19. wow. the moonbats sound even more shrill (if thats possible) then usual.

    sounds like you’re jealous that the republicans were able to do something the party of hope and change were not. your answer of course is to belittle and downgrade the very thing you supposedly stand for. pfffft. hope and change = smoke and mirrors. and a bunch of phoneys.


  20. Interesting, YOU assumed I was a liberal and Beth a conservative although nothing was mentioned regarding either issue.

    Hmmm… you use “democrat” in your nom de blog (no link so you can be Mr. Nastyanonymous), you slander your family of “republicans” then are aghast someone would, on evidence, conclude you a “liberal.”

    actually, I think you a meshugganah schmuck.

    Go figure.


  21. .
    This is going to be fun. History will be made, one way or another, and it looks more likely now that it will be the right history.

    Even more Hillary supporters will go for McCain now. Obama is no longer a near certainty. Heaven forbid something happens to McCain, but I believe Palin would rise to the occasion. She has the right attitude. Everyone knows Obama is NOT ready for POTUS, Palin is only for the VP. Look at Dan Quayle.

    YEY SARAH PALIN! YEY John McCain! Great pick! The 1st woman for the GOP VP? SCORE!

    She’s conservative! SCORE! She’s a Governor! SCORE! She’s pro-drilling! She’s a hunter! SCORE! She’s a hockey Mom and played basketball in school! SCORE! She’s pro-life! And she respects women! SCORE! She fights corruption! SCORE! She’s high-energy! SCORE! She’s tough! SCORE! She’s got 5 kids! SCORE! Her son is going to Iraq in the Armed Forces! SCORE! She’s married to a Blue-collar professional! SCORE! She’s smart! SCORE! She’s young! SCORE!

    And she’s a Hotty to boot! SCORE! The Left is going to go nuts! SCORE!
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    never elect a woman

    who’s a conservative
    she’s just a gender traitor

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    just HOPE to pay more taxes

    DREAM about high fuel prices
    CHANGE PROGRESS to move backwards

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    Help Halt Terrorism Today!



  22. Nice Deb,

    Are you for real or are your views satire? Did something go wrong in your childhood, or is it true that Americans really do beleive this stuff? How old are you?


  23. Huh, Nichols…when you insult me, you insult millions of other Americans who were pumped when Governor Palin was announced as McCain’s V.P. pick. Conservatives like me had nothing to be excited about in a McCain candidacy, and she gave us someone to vote FOR, rather than against.

    What “stuff” is it that you’re referring to? I can’t answer your question without more specifics.

    Generally speaking, about a quarter of Americans (voting for Obama) are bat-shit crazy, the other quarter are easily lead, the remaining half are normal, hardworking people who have the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.


  24. Most of the people voting for Obama are desperate. They are desparate for someone to represent them, not fascist corporations and lobbyists. They are young. They want someone that tells the truth to be president. They want someone with the same values they have. They don’t want a president that represents corporations, the world bank, the WTO, etc. They want someone who represents them for a change. This isn’t about abortion or the NRA. This isn’t about hockey. This isn’t about gay marriage. This is about much more important issues. This is about democracy.


  25. Many evangelical conservatives seriously believe that Obama is the anti-christ. If that is true, doesn’t that mean if he gets elected that Christ will return finally and there will be a thousand years of peace?


  26. Just me, if the people who are voting for Obama are doing so for all those reasons, they’ve been lead terribly astray. They’re blaming the wrong people for what’s wrong:

    and would be putting in the White House someone who has very troubling fascist tendencies,

    Somebody needs to tell these people that Obama is a liar. They want to believe a fairytale that isn’t true. The fact of the matter, is, Obama’s taken more money from big corporations than anyone:

    He’s uses thoroughly corrupt methods to get elected:

    They’ll be putting someone in the White House who was part of a Marxist, racist church for 20 years:

    Has very troubling associations, and supporters:

    And he constantly lies through his teeth:

    He’ll say anything to get elected.

    Look, a fresh face, and a nice message doesn’t cut it. You and your friends need to have a bit more intellectual curiosity, and be willing to look into this man’s background more, to see what he is really all about.

    He is not at all who he presents himself to be. Please…do some more research on Obama, and understand…the MSM is totally in the tank for Obama, so you may have to go through alternative sources to find the truth. Those sources will lead you to legitimate news stories that the MSM and Obama don’t want you to see.

    McCain/Palin? What you see is what you get.

    McCain may piss conservatives off from time to time, (actually a lot), but we at least know what we’re getting with him.


  27. Please… can’t listen to an Obama speech, and say..”.neato, I like what I hear…I’m voting for this guy”…because he is just that full of shit.

    Tell your friends!


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