Republican Convention Activities Curtailed Due To Gustav, Unhinged Moonbat Protests Go On As Scheduled

Via The Politico:

John McCain told reporters via satellite Sunday that most opening day activities of the Republican National Convention will be suspended because of the threat from Hurricane Gustav.

Of course, this is a time when we have to do away with our party politics, and we have to act as Americans,” he told a convention news conference from St. Louis. “We’re going to suspend most of our activities tomorrow.”

Four days of festivities were to open Monday, but now a party business session is all that is scheduled.

President Bush, first lady Laura Bush, Vice President Cheney and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger all canceled Monday appearances. Bush is likely to address the nation, instead, if killer Gustav does not veer off its path toward the Gulf Coast.

Convention planners said McCain hopes to show up later in the week to accept his party’s nomination, but there was no guarantee of it, and he is not required to be in the hall for the nomination to be official.

The protesters, however, have no interest in ‘acting as Americans’. To heck with New Orleans when it doesn’t suit their political purposes.

The anarchists have better things to do, like:

Attack RNC buses,

Smash cars, puncturing tires and throw bottles in a confrontations with pepper-spray wielding police,

Start trash bin fire and block intersection,

Smash a window at a Macy’s store.

WND reported a couple of days ago:

Five people were arrested and more than 100 handcuffed, questioned and released when a Ramsey County police force – assisted by the FBI, Hennepin County, and Minneapolis law enforcement – executed a search warrant against a group considered a threat to launch violent protests during this week’s Republican National Convention.

Ramsey County Sherriff Bob Fletcher read from a statement this morning, describing the RNC Welcoming Committee as “a criminal enterprise made up of 35 self-described anarchists who are intent on committing criminal acts before and during the Republican National Convention.

“These acts include tactics to blockade and disable delegate buses, breaching venue security and injuring police officers,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher’s statement also included a list of items found in the searches, including PVC pipe, chicken wire and duct tape – believed by police to be intended for locking protesters together in human barricades called “sleeping dragons” – five-gallon buckets of urine, throwing knives, flammable liquids, homemade caltrops (devices used to puncture tires, presumably bus tires), bolt cutters, sledgehammers, protective padding, and plastic buckets cut into shields.

Here’s the RNC Welcoming Committee getting ready for the convention:


Weasel Zippers has more:

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Atlas Shrugs believes these moonbat protests are becoming increasingly violent.

Blog round-up at Right Voices.

Powerline calls it The Face Of Evil.

Raw video fron the protests.

4 thoughts on “Republican Convention Activities Curtailed Due To Gustav, Unhinged Moonbat Protests Go On As Scheduled

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  2. If any of my brother officers out in St. Paul need a well seasoned cocabolo riot stick … let me know = I’ll overnight FedEx it, plus a few other goodies from my past.


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