Well, Well, What Do You Know

Sarah Palin was pregnant, after all….

Or wearing a very convincing fat-suit, like Ace was saying the other day, the next round of conspiracy theories will involve fat suit comparisons.

Annnnd, I see from checking AoSHQ, this morning, the conspiracy theories have already begun…. Karl rove is behind the smear to deter the nutroots from the real scandal: Sarah Palin used poor judgement by flying in that plane after her water broke. Now the poor nutroots have egg on their faces and nobody will listen to them, but that doesn’t stop them from moving on to their next target: Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter.

These people are beyond despicable.

7 thoughts on “Well, Well, What Do You Know

  1. If only Sarah was a crackhead, uneducated mother on welfare…she would praised and loved by these disgusting liberal whack jobs.


  2. This story was stupid and immoral on so many levels. But the libs won’t miss a beat – they’ll be back with something else outrageous and similarly researched by tomorrow.

    They never acquired the capacity for embarrassment.


  3. An obvious photoshop, Deb. See how the dark brown doorframe is distorted? Some neocon made that up to make it LOOK like she was pregnant. And besides – she’s 40! I learned in sex ed class last year that when a woman is 40 she has this thing called a “change of life” and she can’t get pregnant! It’s all a lie to cover for her daughter. And now she’s prednant again, the little hussy!

    /sarc off


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