Niiiice: The Diddy Retort

First, maybe I’d better present the P. Diddy video being responded to.  I’m sorry, but I must (NSFW):

How can I put this delicately? This Diddy person is …..a nincompoop….to say the least. One watches it, and  wonders what substance(s), controlled, or otherwise might be addling his brain.

Now compare and contrast to our pal from MachoSauceProduction, who cheerfully slices and dices Diddy’s arguments, points, nonsensical bluster:

It’s always a pleasure to watch this guy, isn’t it?

Hat tip: Beth of Yeah, Right, Whatever


8 thoughts on “Niiiice: The Diddy Retort

  1. I’m liking the retort. But Diddy (what does that mean anyway) doesn’t deserve all the publicity. Yet we here in America have made him wealthy, so I guess we deserve him, right?


  2. It shows how far our culture has degraded when a nitwit like Diddy is celebrated despite obvious ignorance. And what is the blather about South Korea? Does he mean that she isn’t equipped to deal with the threat of North Korea? Lessee, he lives in New York. As governor of Alaska, she is a lot closer to North Korea, and probably has a much greater understanding of that threat.

    The second guy? I like him. He makes sense.

    The Huffington Poo has decided to attack Palin because sheis Christian. Yeah, its pathetic.


  3. Did Diddy say theres no crackheads in Alaska ? Wow ! I quess you need to have taken care of crackheads to be Diddy’s canadate. Which makes sense because he obviously has a crack problem.


  4. “Diddy” really shows is ultra-low I.Q. in that clip! What a freaking Moron! Constantly repeats himself – Says things that don’t even make sense – Can’t form complete sentences. How did this jerk become an issue? Oh yeah… He can rap! Well, I guess that there is a part of our population that thinks he’s relevant, but he didn’t get a dime of his wealth from me. I remember watching him on Letterman or Conan once… He was talking his stupid crap behind his sunglasses – trying to keep a straight face. He even cracked himself up once! He must know how full of crap he is, but taking the money anyway. The second guy is brilliant – but too bad his wisdom is only on an internet blog instead of in prime time. His words would help people a lot more than Diddy’s ignorance.


  5. Hope Diddy sees this and wants to crawl into a hole of shame on how incredibly predudice he is. Can’t help think however that his blog was edited by a right winger. If not, he needs a new editor and a new way of thinking.
    The second guy , for the most part, had his historical facts straight. Tribe Chiefs did sell their ( most likely ) lazy members to slave traders so the rest could eat. There were slave traders who did trick hungry people onto their ships with the promise of food then took off with them.
    Don’t think Obama or Palin have the experience to run this great country. Don’t think Bush had the “right” experience either. His foreigh policies stink. My way or the highway style has made fools of Americans to the world. The gape between the rich and poor are the greatest since this country was founded. We do need to start moving towards wind and solar power if we’er going to get rid of some oil dependencies and create lot of jobs.


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