9/11: Never Again

Seven years after 9/11, Islamic terrorists are the run. Their evil plots against the United States have been repeatedly stymied, and disrupted. Their war against the U.S. has been distracted by our offensive actions in the Middle East.

Seven years ago, we thought another terrorist attack was imminent. We would never have imagined that  the terrorists’  goals for jihad in America would never come to fruition. We assumed more attacks were on the way.

Not a single major attack has happened in seven years.

Who deserves the credit for this?

President Bush’s strategy has succeeded far beyond what the experts predicted would be the case in the weeks following the horrors at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the rural field where Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pa.

The cynics, though, shout that we lost our focus on terrorism by invading Iraq. They are dead wrong. If the war and reconstruction of Iraq was really a dangerous diversion from the war on terrorism, as so many liberal politicians and commentators say, then why have Americans been so safe in our homeland? Why haven’t any “dirty nukes” exploded? Could it be that the effort in Iraq, as messy as it has been, has undercut the terrorists by sucking a host of them to Iraq only to die there, as die they should?

As we reflect on that, let us never forget the horrors of that day. I was no where near the World Trade Center, like these people were, but I remember watching in horror (on the small black and white t.v. I had in my kitchen), from my mid-west home, as the events unfolded. I remember being glued to my spot in front of the t.v., shaking my head, hand to my mouth:

We are urged as we reflect on 9/11, to keep politics out of it. I think most of the people who say that, tend to be Democrats, because when you ponder the question of which party will keep us safer, Democrats tend to fall short. In an election year, when so much is on the line, I refuse to keep politics out of it.

I guess right about now would be a good time to ponder Barack Obama’s defense policy:

‘Nuff said.

Some more remembrances throughout the right wing blogosphere:

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