Video: Sarah Palin’s Interview With Charles Gibson

Part One:

“Doesn’t that take some hubris?” he asks????

Wow, Charlie, I hope you asked Obama about hubris, when you interviewed him, because if there’s anybody in this race who has an over inflated opinion of himself,it’s Barack Obama.

Part Two:

Regarding the “task from God” prayer question…I think Gibson was channeling the loony left, by leaving out the most important part of her remarks, and taking what’s left, out of context.

Ace says:

Write Charlie Gibson:Ask him what “exact words” means, especially when the words are deliberately Dowdified in order to make Sarah Palin’s explanation implausible.

With the censored words included, her explanation makes perfect sense– in fact, it’s pretty inarguable.


Well, hey…it turns out Gibson did ask Obama about hubris during their interview 10 months ago. At least the guy’s consistant:


Obama conceded that there “is an element of megalomania involved in thinking you can be President”, and  “There’s a slight madness to thinking that you should be the leader of the free world”. Whew! Speak for yourself, there, tiger.

Gibson was much much friendlier with Obama than he was with Palin in this interview. Granted,  this clip only dealt with Obama’s bio, but it was a virtual love-fest.  He did not question Obama’s experience.

I don’t know about you, but I noticed a degree of condescension in Gibson’s treatment of Palin. Did anybody else notice that?

Oh…I see I’m not the only one who noticed it.

Michelle Malkin thinks ABC blew it. it’s not worth watching the rest of this hatchet job.

Overall, I think Palin did a competent job, but she would have done better in a less hostile environment.


Okay, I did find this interview that Charles Gibson did with Obama during his visit to Israel, last July. His questions are more probing, this time, and he does question Obama hard on his flip flop on the divided Jerusalem issue:

No, this was not a love-fest, but there was no condescension that I picked up on, either.

Also, did you notice that he asked Governor Palin the question of what her position would be, in the event that Israelis had to take out Iranian nuclear facilities,  three times.

So she had repeat her answer, “I don’t think that we should second guess the measures that Israel should have to take to defend themselves for their security…” three times, which made her look like she was hedging.

He asked the same question to Obama only once, and got basically the same answer,”It is not my job, certainly as a candidate for President to tell the Israelis what their defense posture should be”…

“Thank you, Senator”.


Ace is Palin’s knight in shining armor on her “Bush Doctrine” gaffe. I definitely got the impression that she was not terribly familiar with the term, myself, but Ace is arguing that it’s more complicated than Gibson makes out:

A common misconception is that the Bush Doctrine states that America has the right to preventively attack any country that it believes in the future will be a threat to America, as Charlie Gibson seems to believe. This is simply not true. Rather it is part of the Bush Doctrine. The Bush Doctrine, which was laid out largely in the National Security Strategy of the United States in 2002.

Ace has such a cute crush on Palin. He says he would have made the same mistake…he forgot what it was, too. Hee!



Down the Memory Hole: ABC Edits Out Gibson’s “Exact Words” Insistence, and Palin’s Accurate Statement That She Was Being Misquoted, In Order to Spare Gibson Additional Embarrassment

Edited out of the West Coast feed — and yet they refused to actually issue a correction. Correction, See Below: Edited out of all 6:30 feeds.

I guess that’s the media’s offer of a “compromise correction” — “We won’t admit we were wrong, but how about if we hide the evidence we were wrong and even delete your statement that we were wrong? How’s that work for ya? You end up looking like you agree with our mischaracterization, and we look like we didn’t insist we were right even though we were wrong! You look worse, we look better! Everyone wins!”
Charlie Gibson didn’t really demonstrate the preparation, experience, and fluidity with the issues that I expect of a network anchor.

Are we sure he’s fit to step in and lead a nightly network newscast? He could stand a bit more coaching.

Un. believable.


Video: Newt Gingrich puts Palin’s prayer in proper historical context.


The coiner of the term, “Bush Doctrine” has some stern words for Charles Gibson.

30 thoughts on “Video: Sarah Palin’s Interview With Charles Gibson

  1. I’m watching this on your site while I write. First impression is, Gibson is literally and figuratively looking down his nose at Palin. And I hate this question about how many countries has one visited or foreign heads of state has one met. I don’t need to go to France to know they’re a bunch of pantywaists, or go to Iran to know that country is run by crazies. I don’t need to meet Putin to know he is trying to be a new Russian czar.

    Gibson’s ‘blizzard of words’ comment irks me. If he thinks that’s a blizzard, I wonder what he calls Obama’s speeches? A friggin’ glacier? An Ice Age of verbage? Agreed-he comes off as a bit condescending. Maybe ‘Charlie’ thinks the White House is no place for a dumb skirt from the sticks.

    And Gibson is definitely trying to twist Palin’s words about the war, making it look like she thinks we’re on a mission from God.

    I demand a transcript.


  2. Also- Palin did okay. I see her as a top round draft choice. Loads of potential, but she needs some playing time, and needs to learn how The Show is bigger, faster, and meaner at the national level.

    And FYI to ‘Charlie’- that’s ‘SENATOR’ McCain to you… got it?


  3. You can find the transcript to what she actually said in that prayer at my loony left link.

    It’s really amazing how they’re trying to twist her words on that whole deal. Every church going American knows exactly what she was doing there, and it’s not in the least but unprecedented for a national leader to pray for America in this way.

    The left does not understand Christianity, and it doesn’t remember our nation’s history.



  4. Nice work NiceDeb – ABC doesn’t even have the full clip up at their website! Thanks for the juxtaposition – CGibs does seem more relaxed and friendly with Obama.


  5. Thanks NiceDeb for posting the full clip here.

    Palin did a fine job. The whole deal about the “Bush Doctrine” definition and whether this was a “gotcha” is infuriating. She responded as best she could given that Gibson was clearly hostile toward her and was trying to trip her up. She sought clarification and he refused to oblige her. From what I’m reading from other sources the “Bush Doctrine” encompasses a wider definition than Charles Gibson described. It is even possible that she knew this and chose not to make an issue of it. She is a lady through and through, a very smart woman with heart, depth and substance. She appears to have a grasp on the current world issues in her short time as a candidate and knows how she would handle the crises that arise. She is doing great and anyone who was paying attention could see she had the upper hand on this one.


  6. I was very surprised that she didn’t seem to know what the Bush Doctrine was. That was not a strong moment for her.

    But I have full confidence in her ability to serve as VP, nonetheless, because as you say, she’s smart, with depth and substance. Also, she has good instincts, and will be a quick study.


  7. I understand the Bush Doctrine as

    you’re either with us, or against us
    if you harbor terrorists, you are terrorist as well
    we’ll hit you before you can hit us


  8. I sure wish Gibson would have been honest with us. He should have started the interview with “Ladies and Gentlemen I am a red hot liberal and my job is perform a real hatchet job on this stupid pig. Wish me luck!” Look at his face when he’s asking questions. You would think he is interviewing our worst enemy.


  9. I thought Governor Palin seemed more condescending, to be honest. If anything, Gibson seemed annoyed that he couldn’t get a straight answer from her. And I don’t think he was afraid of her…you can tell she’s getting mad, hoping he’ll back off, but it doesn’t faze him.


  10. “He had to concentrate really hard to make sure that she didn’t somehow trick him. These people FEAR her. Someone his isn’t cowed by their BS is someone they FEAR.”

    What! Charles didn’t look like he was SCARED?? He looked like he was annoyed by her answers, as you can see when he finally asked her for just a straight yes or no, instead or skirting around the issue she CLEARLY doesn’t have enough information on. You honestly think someone who has interviewed hundreds of people in hundreds of different situtations is going to be scared of Palin, that’s a joke. He asked her tough questions and she was not prepared to answer them with a straight answer. I’m glad he called her out!


  11. I thought Governor Palin seemed more condescending

    You would be wrong, there. She was tightly wound, a bit nervous, and a little robotic in some of her answers…she’s been cramming on foreign policy, which not her strength, or why McCain chose her.

    I think she should have been more upfront on the Bush Doctrine question, and just said, “hey, refresh my memory…” instead of trying to fake her way through that.

    It turns out there’s not a very clear answer to that one, and a lot of very savvy folks today are saying they weren’t sure what the Bush Doctrine was, either.

    What! Charles didn’t look like he was SCARED?? He looked like he was annoyed by her answers…

    I don’t think he was scared either, and would agree that he had an annoyed, condescending air which he never displayed during the Obama interview, even though there was some b.s. being slung, there.


  12. Pingback: See What ABC Took Out Of The Interview With Sarah Palin, Then Compare It To Past Interviews And Then Let’s Talk About The Bush Doctrine | Right Voices

  13. After everything that’s happened to this country under the Bush Administration the Republican party is Ideologically bankrupt. I work for a living and am keenly aware of how my own standard of living has been degraded in the past eight. The Republicans think this is some kind of football game where they faithfully root for their team regardless of the real world consequences. It doesn’t matter what Republican leaders say, their followers will go along and trip over themselves trying to justify it. Ordinary Republicans are always more impressed with style rather than substance.
    Obviously Palin is not ready to lead one of the most influential, wealthy and powerful countries in the world. This idea that a plucky little small town Christian hockey mom can literally take on the world is preposterous.


  14. Yeah, go ahead and blame everything that’s happened to the country in the last eight years on Bush.

    Go ahead and believe that the big spending, high taxing socialist will make everything better.

    Go ahead and keep up with the sexist, anti-Cristian bile.

    That’s why your party’s ship is sinking.


  15. Ordinary Republicans are always more impressed with style rather than substance.

    What? Are you smoking something? Or bit by the undead?

    I support our not-so-stylish Vietnam vet with years of experience in Washington AND our plucky hockey mom with executive experience as a successful business woman, mayor, and governor. They have substance and values in something and someone other than themselves.

    And OBTW — Palin is not running for POTUS. But she is known for her ability to assimilate information and situations very quickly and make the tough decisions. It’s not necessary for her to “literally take on the world.”

    Not. Just. Yet.


  16. I think it is incredibly important to go and visit another culture to truly understand their perspective; without understanding someone else’s point of view you can not understand how your words or actions will be taken.

    Palin’s answers are the standard shoot from the hip and then wait to see if you hit anything political mumbo-jumbo. Believe it or not, the US is not highly regarded (as it once was) throughout the world due to shoot from the hip type of actions . Our nation can not become great again without the help of other countries, in addition to thinking before we act. Don’t you think before rushing to nuclear war because Israel may want to, the US President should have the guts to clearly and rationally think through all of the options & consequences that would occur. War is supposed to be a last resort, not the only option.

    After all, the “Patriot” Act took away many freedoms from us while our children are sent over to a foreign land to help the Iraqi gain the very freedoms our government took away with their “Patriotism”.


  17. This woman is a complete moron.

    How can anyone in their right mind trust the fate of the entire world to someone who believes that war is the answer to extemism? The Bush Doctrine??- it’s apparent she didn’t even know what it is. Also notice that she did her best to aviod answering Gibson’s question…



  18. Well, “your side” isn’t playing too fairly, either:

    I think McCain’s political ads stink (as do Obama’s), but you can’t compare the content of a political ad to the content of a news interview. One is supposed to be biased, the other is supposed to be fair, accurate and objective.


  19. The McCain ad was fair, and Fact Check should have done a little more fact checking.

    According to Fact Check:

    The bill

    would have lowered the age at which students would begin what the bill termed “comprehensive sex education” to include kindergarten. But it mandated the instruction be “age-appropriate” for kindergarteners when addressing topics such as sexually transmitted diseases. The bill also would have granted parents the opportunity to remove their children from the class without question.

    So who was to decide what was “age appropriate for kindergarteners?

    According to this PDF file of the program under consideration,

    Click to access guidelines.pdf

    Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Kindergarten through 12th Grade, the level one curriculum (ages 5-8)) included all sorts of info I would have strongly objected to being taught to my kids at that age.

    Yes, there’s always that parents can opt out loophole, and who knows, if parents had a good idea of what was being taught to their kindergarteners, most probably *would* have opted out. But, luckily it didn’t ever come to that, because it died on the Senate floor, where apparently saner heads prevailed.


  20. I have been a huge fan of Charlie Gibson for 20 or 25 years. I went into mourning when he left GMA years ago. I am SOOO let down in his performence here, and the entire group at GMA, that I’ve given it up for “lent” and maybe a lifetime. I am going to commit to FOX news for my information. CHARLIE, DIANE, ROBIN, CHRIS you blew it for much of your audience. Depressed in Detroit about you, MAL


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