Newt Gingrich On “God In America”

I saw this on H&C, last night, and have been waiting for it to appear on YouTube, so I can post it, because Gingrich does such a masterful job putting Sarah Palin’s “controversial” (to Libs) prayer in historical context. You can fast forward to 2:12, if you don’t wish to watch Sarah Palin defending her words to Gibson, again:


4 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich On “God In America”

  1. It’s part of THEIR plan for America.

    If you believe in God – that’s bad. If you believe in America – that’s bad. If you appreciate the service of Americans who have given their lives or limbs for America AND OUR FREEDOM – that’s bad.

    No morals, no scruples, no character – that’s DEMOCRATS.


  2. Ignorance, perhaps wilfull ignorance is to blame for this. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when these “scandals” pop up but I still am a bit. Why anyone would view this as being controversial is beyond me. Yes, we do pray that what we are doing in Iraq and everything each of us do each day of our lives is in accordance with God’s will. Does this mean we know for certain that it is? No. Does this mean that we get to act with hubris thinking we’re all that because oooh we know God’s will? Uh…no. That kind of arrogant presumption is in itself not in accordance with God’s will and I would argue is sinful.

    This ain’t rocket science and really isn’t a difficult concept to understand, nor do I believe this is limited to Christianity.


  3. Thanks Deb for posting this. I had missed this and caught your link on AOSHQ.

    Newt did a fantastic job as usual. I’m afraid that the public school system and universities are systematically indoctrinating our kids to think and react like Colmes.


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