“A Despicable Lie”: Obama’s Response To Gianna Jesson

A response so rapid, they didn’t even know who they were responding to.

John McCain had nothing to do with Gianna Jesson’s ad.


“Votes taken out of context accusing Obama of letting infants die?

Uhhhh…. yes. That is exactly what happened. But, It’s almost too vile for the average person to believe, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what you evil bastards are depending on, isn’t it?

The big lie: Obama’s modus operandi.

Nobody in their right mind would believe that the “lightworker” would take such a harsh, and despicable position.

Yet he did. THREE TIMES.

See Michelle Malkin for responses to Obama’s ad, from Jill Stanek and Gianna Jesson.

Jill Stanek does not pull any punches:

“It is despicable, repulsive and beneath contempt that Barack Obama would attack Gianna Jessen. She is a courageous abortion survivor and living miracle who would not be with us today if Obama’s policies had been in place when she was born.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Fox News Anchor Gets Grief For Looking Like Sarah Palin

Cindy Michaels, of the Bangor Maine Fox News affiliate has a story to tell:

As Kat-Mo noted this morning at AoSHQ:

*PDS: It’s What’s For Breakfast

More PDS here.

{*Palin Derangement Syndrome).

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

Sandra Bernhard’s Angst In Pictures

D-list comedian Sandra Bernhard is very very angry:

at Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin:

What has Governor Palin done to get D-list comedian Sandra Bernhard soooo upset?

What is it about Sarah Palin, a happily married woman,

proud new mom,

with a beautiful, supportive family,

and now Senator John McCain’s running mate on the 2008 Republican ticket:

that has this unfunny, unhinged, D-list comedian, Sandra Bernhard so exorcised that she would publicly fantasize about Sarah Palin getting gang raped by black men in Manhattan?

I have no idea.

It’s really quite the mystery.

But as Michelle Malkin says: “There are no meds to cure this hatred”.