Obama Campaign Sleeze Story About To Break; Media Likely To Ignore

This is the story Ace has been hinting at for the past couple of days.

The basics? Axelrod’s astroturfing. An attempt to get a blatantly dishonest anti-Palin ad to go “viral” on YouTube. Gross deception in pumping out fake “amateur grassroots” ads which are really cooked up by a big PR firm strongly connected to David Axelrod and Obama’s officially-acknowledged ads.

Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report will break the story late tonight.

Just one more piece of slime coming out of an already slime-ridden campaign for easily the slimiest candidate this country has ever seen.

Don’t know if it will have any impact after everything else that’s come out about Obama. As someone at Ace’s mentioned…he could be caught in flagrante with a dead girl or a live boy, and close to half the electorate would  vote for him, anyway.


Ace has a little more on the story, here.


And here’s the story.

(It’d better be good, boys).


A lot of good research by the Jawa crew with assists by Ace, Dan Riehl, Jane Novak, and Patterco We need to whittle the story down to just a few paragraphs, though.

Here’s Ace Of Spades with the Flaming Skull.

The Youtube videos of the Sarah Palin AIP Smear were removed (like clockwork), but Rusty made a copy, which can be seen at  The Jawa Report.

There are sinister forces at work, here. Do what you can to pass this story on.


Gee, why the quick, late, late night response from  “eswinner”, of Winner & Associates? I mean, those videos were removed lightening fast, and a whole youtube account was closed? Gosh, these PR guys don’t get paid to stay up late at night and watch the blogs. They work during the day…and not on weekends. Who could possibly have tipped him off?

If he was just some ordinary schnook who wanted people to check out his rad smear-videos about Sarah Palin, shouldn’t he be happy he was getting so many hits all of a sudden? Isn’t that the dream of every basement-dwelling wannabe Murrow of the Internet? Attention? Fame? Hits?

Why is he suddenly so shy to have his work seen? Why does he feel compelled now to delete his account entirely? To erase any and all evidence of his YouTube presence?

Why, just a week ago, he was so psyched that “FINALLY THE TRUTH COMES OUT!” Doesn’t he want the truth to come out any longer?



And now Michelle Malkin is on the story, with more screencaps.

Cool. Lucianne has opened up a thread just for comments on this story.


Thanks, Mesablue for this outstanding linkfest:

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Looks like this story is making it’s way across the rightwing blogoshere in a big way. Is the MSM paying attention?….Rush? Hannity?



Daily Kos Diary Asking Readers to Send Video to Ten Friends Each Now Disappeared As Well

But, let not your hearts be troubled…Clobbergirl found the Google cache of the deleted Kos diary, and made screenshots.


Pat Dollard has given this scandel a name: Palingate.

40 lashes with a wet noodle, Pat Dollard!


The Weekly Standard gave Winner and Associates a little phone call:

just spoke with Liu-Klein on the phone and asked him about the matter, but he said that he would have to get back to me later. I gave him my email address and asked if he could give me a simple yes or no answer if he had ever posted a video on the Internet about Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party. Liu-Klein replied: “I’ll have to get back to you as soon as I can.” Then he hung up the phone. I’ll post Liu-Klein’s response if and when I get it.



The weasel finally responds.

I produced and posted on the Internet the video entitled “Sarah Palin: A Heartbeat Away.”

The idea for the video was mine. No one paid me to produce it. The only out-of-pocket cost will be the fee for the voice-over narrator, which I will pay personally when I receive an invoice. Contrary to the allegation in the Jawa Report, the voice-over artist has never done any work for the Obama campaign. I retained her through a talent agency based solely on the quality of her voice…..Continue reading.

Uh huh.

Anyone buying?


Jim Geraghty at NRO’s Campaign Spot weighs in:

Sure seems like somebody’s got something to hide.

And now Hugh Hewitt at Townhall, has spoken to Steve Schmidt, Senior Strategist for the McCain Campaign:

In response to my question about this morning’s story about the possible source of attacks on Sarah Palin and the past attacks on Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso, Schmidt noted the “fierce campaign of intimidation waged against any critic of Obama,” and promised to look into the new story closely though he challenged the MSM to investigate the ties between David Axelrod and the Winner firm and whether the internet smear campaign was being run de facto by the Obama campaign.  Schmidt also used the question to demand increased scrutiny of the Obama-Ayers relationship.


The story is picked up by the St. Louis Examiner

17 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Sleeze Story About To Break; Media Likely To Ignore

  1. As a lifelong liberal, I’m very concerned over Anon’s sleazy allegations. This year, for the first time, I’ll be voting against Anon and for John McCain.

    [almost couldn’t write the first 4 words]


  2. As a believer in Obama’s “elevated campaign” and status as a true “lightworker”, I am deeply troubled by these ads and where they lead. Something in Obama’s leadership seems to be rotten to the very core, and I just can not support such questionable judgement, so I am going to have to vote for McCain/Palin for President this year.


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  6. There’s no question Ewinner decided to make a video. Soo what…especially when McCain is the one with a real connection to the PR company and worked with Winner & Assoc., in 2002.


    Why would Winner & Assoc., a company that McCain worked for as a third-party in 2002, put out viral videos against his running mate?

    They wouldn’t. Shackleford is not only barking up the wrong tree by trying to connect this to the Obama campaign, he’s not even barking in the right forest.

    The Jawa / Shackleford peice debunked and shredded:



  7. They wouldn’t.

    They most certainly did, and were caught dead to rights doing it. This is not even a question at this point. The question is why would a PR firm be involved with something sleezy like this, on its own accord?

    What-ever connection McCain had with the company in 2002, it has no bearing what-so-ever on what’s been going on during this campaign in 2008.

    Have you tried peddling this crap at The Jawa Report, yet?


  8. Why would Winner & Assoc., a company that McCain worked for as a third-party in 2002, put out viral videos against his running mate?

    Har. Why don’t you ask Winnner? – he already said that he did it, the only question now is whether it was connected to the Obama campaign.


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