Rush Launches “Operation S.O.B.”


“Oh! God love ya…what am I talkin’ about”?

Biden, on the trail with a fresh new set of gaffes under his belt, has Rush saying, “We’ve got to keep this guy on the Obama campaign”.

We’ve all seen the wild internet rumors. We’ve all seen the viral email, Rush more than anyone. He says his inbox is overflowing with this email:

“On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket,
citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary.  This is timed
to occur after the VP debate on 10/2.
There have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info.
Generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there
to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible.  I have
already seen a few short blurbs about this – the ‘health problem’ cited in
those articles was aneurysm.  Probably many of you have heard the same

The Maharushie is clearly concerned, hence the need for a new operation to prevent “The Gaffemaster” from being thrown under the bus:

Stay tuned…I will relay instructions to the VRWC as soon as they become clear.


Here’s what El Rushbo said on his show, yesterday:

Obama is the next target for a bailout, I am convinced.  Now, let me set this up.  I’m sure that quite a few of you who are spending any time at all on the computer have received what I have received a gazillion times.  By the way, as a little heads up, those of you out there who receive things in e-mail, these flash blast e-mails that go out: If you think I haven’t seen it yet, change your mind. By the time you see it, I have seen it so many times, I have practically thrown the computer up against the wall.  You don’t need to forward these things to me.  I am a magnet for this stuff.  Anyway, the latest going around is this flash e-mail sent by somebody claiming to have inside information at the DNC that the Democrat National Committee and Obama have gotten together and they have decided to get rid of Biden.

October 5th is the day that they’re going to get rid of Biden, and the reason they’re going to get rid of him — the excuse that they will use — is that Biden will declare a medical emergency of some kind. You know, he once had an aneurysm that they caught in time and were able to have surgery on.  If something like this happens, folks, it’s not going to be medical, because that would impact his Senate service.  If he comes up with something medical to disqualify him as Barry’s running mate then how does he go back to the Senate?  What I have heard, and I don’t put any stock in it — well, I haven’t put any stock in it, until today.  These gaffes just keep mounting up here.  And some of them really don’t make any sense.  I mean Biden out there ripping one of Obama’s own ads?

5 thoughts on “Rush Launches “Operation S.O.B.”

  1. Go back in comments about 3 weeks – don’t recall in what thread – to find I originally suggested exactly that in that same language after Gov Palin was selected for VP. “He will leave citing health reasons, and leave open the possibility for Hillary to step in”. I posted exactly the same idea on JAWA Report and Michelle Malkin’s.

    I gleefully accept responsibility for this taking off virally:)

    Ahhh – the power of the Internet!


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  4. This scenario will never happen, for several reasons, in no particular order:

    Hillary is happy to stay on the sidelines and watch Obama fail. No sense in getting any of that stink on her pantsuit.

    Obama is too prideful to admit his error in choosing Biden. Also, Obama’s trying to sell himself as Presidential, i.e., decisive. Second-guessing himself on the VP pick would be a mortal self-inflicted wound.

    The last Dem nominee who dumped his VP pick before the election ended up on the short end of one of the biggest landslide victories in US history. In 1972 McGovern dumped Eagleton, and on Election Day won Massachusetts and DC. Didn’t even carry his home state of SD.

    So Dems may be having sugarplum dreams of Hillary riding in to save the day, but that’s not going to happen.


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