Obama Threatening T.V. Stations (Again)!

Obama doesn’t like the NRA ads that are running in key swing states, Pennsylvania and Ohio, so he’s doing what has come to be expected from him: He’s trying to force them off the air.

The NRA Political Victory Fund is reporting:

Barack Obama and his campaign are terrified of the truth,” declared Chris W. Cox, Chairman of NRA-PVF. “Sen. Obama’s statements and support for restricting access to firearms, raising taxes on guns and ammunition and voting against the use of firearms for self-defense in the home are a matter of public record. NRA-PVF will make sure that everyone knows of Obama’s abysmal record on guns and hunting.”

The Obama campaign sent cease and desist letters to news outlets in Pennsylvania and Ohio, denouncing the ads and demanding their removal from the airwaves. All stations where NRA-PVF has purchased or plans to purchase ads have been provided with documented evidence of Sen. Obama’s anti-gun record.

Does this sound familiar?  It should, because this is exactly the same thing the Obama campaign did (with some success) to get the highly damaging William Ayers ads off the air, only a month ago. Both CNN and Fox News reportedly declined to run those ads, not wanting to deal with a legal hassle. This is how Obama fights.

As Andrew McCarthy said at the time:

….this is what Obama thinks the Justice Department is for. Here is a guy who fought the Patriot Act, fought surveillance reform, has spoken admiringly of Ayer’s radical views of the criminal justice system, and has a record as a Chicago legislator of being soft on violent crime. He is evidently ambivalent about going after terrorists and hardened criminals, but he wants to mobilize the Justice Department post haste to suppress political speech that he doesn’t like.

I regard that as more than a little disconcerting from a guy who wants to be president, pick the next attorney-general, and make U.S. law enforcement policy.

The NRA continues:

“Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in our nation’s history. That’s the truth,” concluded Cox. “NRA-PVF has the facts on our side. No amount of running from or lying about his record and then intimidating news outlets in the hope of deceiving American gun owners and hunters is going to work. Those strong arm tactics may work in Chicago, but not in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and not as long as NRA-PVF has anything to say about it.”

Obama Campaign Cease and Desist Letter

NRA-PVF Response Memo

NRA-PVF Response to Washington Post “fact check”

Allahpundit says:

I’m surprised. Usually in cases like this, Obama has his cult followers inundate the offending station with irate, semi-coherent phone calls, like they did recently to try to knock hatemongering smear merchantDavid Freddoso off the air for the crime of committing journalism critical of The One. For whatever reason they’ve decided that won’t work here, so they’re opting for Plan B.

Actually, Allah shouldn’t be surprised. Obama already has a track record of doing this, has promised that he would bring a gun to a knife fight, (the Chicago way), and he’s making good on his promise. He handles individual critics like Stanley Kurtz, Freddie Freddoso and Amir Taheri by siccing his cultists on them. But when it comes to damaging (but true) ads, he tries to use the strong arm of the law. Just the threat of a lawsuit has a chilling effect on free speech, and he of course is using that to his advantage.

One shudders to think of the draconian “Fairness Doctrine” that would be put in place in an Obama administration, with a Dem ruled congress, and no checks and balances.   Conservative radio hosts, writers, and bloggers should be on notice.


Don’t look now, but It’s happening in Missouri, too. Gateway Pundit reports:

Missouri Sheriffs & Top Prosecutors Form Obama “Truth Squads” & Threaten Libel Charges Against Obama Critics

More Hope and Change for Missouri…
St. Louis and Missouri Democrat sheriffs and top prosecutors are planning to go after anyone who makes false statements against Obama during his campaign. This is so one sided I can’t even begin to describe how wrong this agenda is.

It’s one thing if they want to keep the campaign fair for both sides, but they clearly only want to enforce the issue for the Obama Camp.

And make no mistake….. to Obama, the truth is what he wants it to be, not necessarily what it is.

Can anyone else think of a time that such tactics were used to silence critics in this country, ever before? I can’t.

I used to laugh at the expression, “dark night of fascism”….


Melanie Phillips has more on the dirty politics coming From Camp Obama, concerning what she calls:

the dirty tricks campaign against journalist Amir Taheri following his revelation that, in a private meeting in Iraq last July with Iraqi leaders, Barack Obama tried to persuade them to delay the agreement being hammered out with the US government on a draw-down of the American military presence.


Rush just mentioned the Gateway Pundit story on his show.

He asks the MO sheriffs and prosecutors leading Obama’s “Truth Squad:

“Where did you guys go to school? University of Stalin”?


Now Michelle Malkin has weighed in on Chicago trained thug, Obama’s MO “goon squad.


Van Helsing, at Moonbattery, echoing what so many of us feel:

Citizens are obliged to believe that Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes. Failure to agree with these dubious assertions is regarded as “divisive” — i.e., verboten.

If you’re not scared yet, you should be.

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