Acorn, The Dems, And Obama

First, listen to Lou Dobbs, express his absolute disgust with what the Democrats tried to pull with the Acorn boondoggle:

Now, listen to Stanley Kurtz explain the Acorn/Obama/CRA connection:

You just know that there are some very tasty commercials being made about all of this….the RNC is just waiting for the right time to drop them.

Rev. Wright, Rezco, Ayers, Acorn, his commie mentor, his votes against the BAIPA, Obama’s thug tactics – “MO Truth Squad”…. when the time is right….I’m hoping and praying the RNC has planned relentless, non-stop ads, every day until election day, until Obama’s “insane clown posse” become household names, and people are crapping their pants at the thought of this man in the Oval Office.

It’s time for normal men to “spit on their hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats”.

Video: I’m Voting Democrat Because….”

Finally. This really needed to be done:

I wonder if the makers of this video were inspired by this post?


Eh, just watched the whole thing through. It should have been MUCH better. They should have used some of the ideas in my post (Smug Alert), linked to above.  There were some real winners in there.

The “elitist” charge was very heavy handed. It should have been more subtle.

Hat tip: Ace’s headlines.

Why The Bailout Bill Failed: The Fix Was In

Pelosi made no serious effort to pass the bailout bill. Why? Powerline has some ideas:

Everyone has heard about the weirdly partisan and inaccurate rant which Pelosi contributed to the debate on the bailout bill. But that speech did not take place in a vacuum. Public opinion is running strongly against the bill, and it required political courage to vote for it. If you look at the list of those who voted “No” in both parties, it is mostly members who are engaged in tough re-election campaigns. This is true on both sides of the aisle.

That being the case, and given the fact that the legislation was in fact a negotiated, bipartisan compromise, the first duty of the majority party is to line up its members to support the majority’s bill. But evidence is growing that the Democrats did no such thing.

As of yesterday, the Democrats’ House whip, Jim Clyburn said that he hadn’t even begun “whipping” Democratic representatives, and wouldn’t do so unless and until he got orders from Nancy Pelosi. Today, Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio told NPR that he never was “whipped” on the bill. So Pelosi evidently left Democrats to vote their consciences–which is to say, vote against the bill if they thought it was politically necessary–while counting on Republicans to put the bill over the top.

This is a classic Charlie Brown and the football maneuver. Pelosi gives a speech that frames the issue, falsely, as the result of bad Republican policies, then allows her own threatened representatives to do the popular thing while expecting Republicans to take one for the team by casting an unpopular vote. Which, of course, their Democratic opponents would use against them, thereby increasing the Democratic majority in the House.

Here’s Karl Rove expressing his incredulity, and outrage at the speaker:

The plan was to blame the crisis on Republicans, and then hang the unpopular bill around the necks of vulnerable Republicans up for re-election, after it passed, while vulnerable Dems could skate free, having voted against the bill.  But Republicans saw what was happening, and thanks to Pelosi’s insulting lies, Republicans jumped ship.

Yes, with the U.S. economy hanging in the balance, Pelosi chose to put party before country.

But that is what we’ve all come to expect from Democrats.

It’s still disgusting beyond words.


Where was Obama during all of this? Making phone calls, and what not?

Obama’s Campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. voted against the bill, for God’s sake.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Obama, TUCC, And Black Liberation Theology

I live in Missouri. If The MO truth squad sees anything in these videos that aren’t truthful, I hope they’ll let me know. I wouldn’t want to pass along anything that’s inaccurate:

Hey! Did you know that James Cone is still alive? He is, and he’s got lots to say about the “white enemy”:

Oh! Here’s a good one! Obama rails against the “Christian right”, Rev Wright rails against America:

Spin, Obamabots. Tell me all about Pastor Hagee, and Palin’s witch doctor.

Spin like the wind.