Acorn, The Dems, And Obama

First, listen to Lou Dobbs, express his absolute disgust with what the Democrats tried to pull with the Acorn boondoggle:

Now, listen to Stanley Kurtz explain the Acorn/Obama/CRA connection:

You just know that there are some very tasty commercials being made about all of this….the RNC is just waiting for the right time to drop them.

Rev. Wright, Rezco, Ayers, Acorn, his commie mentor, his votes against the BAIPA, Obama’s thug tactics – “MO Truth Squad”…. when the time is right….I’m hoping and praying the RNC has planned relentless, non-stop ads, every day until election day, until Obama’s “insane clown posse” become household names, and people are crapping their pants at the thought of this man in the Oval Office.

It’s time for normal men to “spit on their hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats”.


12 thoughts on “Acorn, The Dems, And Obama

  1. Unfortunately, Deb – there are too few normal men around these days thanks to the Feminazi’s and the “entertainment” industry that takes every opportunity to picture men of substance as ninconpoops and objects of derision. Some men just don’t want to fight anymore. The situation is similar to trying to fight the political nonsense of liberals – aided and abetted by the media.

    Gets old, ya know?


  2. Very true – it seems that Republicans want to keep to the high road, like McCain. He’s an old fashioned guy who thinks acting like a gentleman will keep him above the fray. Unfortunately these lefties have no such compunctions about getting down and dirty if it helps them achieve their ends.

    They – and he – had better wake up to that fact and start slugging it out if he really wants to win this fight for our nations survival – and that’s exactly what it is … a question of survival of the USA.


  3. On the financial stuff, I think McCain is holding back because he doesn’t want to poison the water with “partisan politics” before the bailout bill is voted on, (like Pelosi did).

    But, I agree, we should be hammering Obama on everything else, every day.

    Scorched earth!


  4. I see your point, Deb, but it has to be put out there that the same people who want to bail out their Wall Street and banking buddies are the ones who CAUSED THIS crisis in the first place, starting with Obama’s chief “economic advisor” Franklin Raine’s. All the Reps have to do is lay out this common thief’s record (check his wiki, sometime) and people would have to be dumber than even I give them credit for to not understand what is going on with these Dems.

    What happened to the talk about Dodd’s connection to the Countrywide scandal? Sure his friends in the MSM buried it quickly, but if enough Reps talked about it at every “on air” opportunity the message would get out. The papers won’t print this stuff, and the TV won’t air it during newscasts, so let it fly at EVERY interview going out live were it can’t be redacted.


  5. Then he’s lost it already and no amount of backtracking will overcome the mountain of bias the media wants to throw on him.

    I hate to say it, but he needs to fight like a Clinton.

    Maybe he can have a resurgence a la Rocky III, minus the awkward beach hug.


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