Petition To Dump Gwen Ifill

Right here:

We, the undersigned, petition you to fire Gwen Ifill as the moderator for the October 2 vice presidential debate, since she has a clear conflict of interest.

Ms. Ifill is the author of a forthcoming book celebrating the politics and career of Senator Barack Obama. Her book is titled The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, and is scheduled to be published on Inauguration Day—January 20, 2009. She obviously has both an ideological and a financial interest in the success of the Obama-Biden campaign, one of the parties to this debate—a clear conflict of interest.

This serious conflict of interest was not disclosed beforehand to Senator John McCain or to his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. In the words of attorney and TV host Greta Van Susteren, they “should have been told before the campaign agreed to have her moderate. It simply is not fair—in law, this would create a mistrial.”

The American people deserve an honest and transparent moderation of this debate.


I really enjoyed this essay on Palin by Neoneocon.

This article in the LA Times is good, too:

Underestimate Palin at your own risk, former rivals say.

Needless to say, her supporters are pulling for her; many are even praying for her.

For “defeatist” claptrap, see Ace, who has a theory on how Ifill and Biden will conspire against Palin.


Ifill didn’t even tell the debate commission about her book?!

The host of PBS’ “Washington Week” and senior correspondent on “The NewsHour” said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book. The commission had no immediate comment when contacted by The Associated Press. A spokeswoman for John McCain’s campaign did not immediately return phone and e-mail messages.

Hokay….now I’m officially pissed.


A commenter, Debra, copied this from Red, Hot and Blue Politics:

“Matt Weaver at No Quarter has the story and suggests calling the Commission on Presidential Debates at (202) 872-1020 to demand that Ifill’s conflict of interest be disclosed and that she be replaced as moderator of Thursday’s debate. You can also email Janet H. Brown, Executive Director of the Debates Commission: I just sent an email to Janet Brown. Please copy and use.

Janet H. Brown, Executive Director of the Debates Commission

I am writing you to demand that Gwen Ifill’s conflict of interest be disclosed and that she be replaced as moderator of Thursday’s VP debate between Biden and Palin. Ms. Ifill has a pro-Obama book scheduled for release on inauguration day, January 20, 2009. She is openly in support of Obama and has an obvious financial interest in Biden doing well in the debate and Obama winning the election. It has been reported that the McCain campaign did not know about Ifill’s book or her bias toward Obama. This is an outrage and most certainly favors one candidate over another. You must remedy this situation immediately. Disclose Ifill’s conflict of interest and replace her as moderator.

Thank you in advance for swift attention and action in this matter.

– My Real Name”

I tried calling the number all day – I think they just took the phone off the hook. We can’t let these people keep hoodwinking us!

Let’s put the pressure on. Let the debate commission at least know, that a substantial number of Americans are not pleased, and are in fact, damn sick and tired of the double standard. Would libs tolerate Jerome Corsi as a moderator?

I think not.

Oh, I see some pundits already agree, Sarah Palin got stomped by Biden in tomorrow night’s debate.


Jim Geraghty at NRO’s Campaign Spot has jumped on the “Dump Ifill” bandwagon.

Illegal Obama Campaign Hijinx The MSM Will Probably Ignore

Well, it looks like the Obama campaign is pulling out all the stops…and they’ll most likely get away with it.

Illegal get-out-the-vote drives are being held in swing state mosques, Central Ohioans Against Terrorism is reporting:

The group, Muslim Americans for Obama, has announced a series of “get out the vote” events at mosques in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Ohio this week during Ramadan celebrations. As can be seen in the announcement reprinted below, the organization admits these are “get out the vote” events masquerading as “voter registration”:
Muslim Americans for Obama will be working to get out the vote for Sen. Obama, and they need help registering voters! Volunteers need not be Muslim, though appropriate attire is advised (no sleeveless tops; long pants and ankle-length skirts recommended).These get out the vote events, of course, flagrantly violate the tax exempt status of these participating mosques, including our own local Noor Islamic Cultural Center, which are strictly prohibited from supporting or endorsing any kind of partisan political activity — even when they claim it is only “voter registration”. In fact, it was these kinds of activities that eventually sunk the Christian Coalition’s tax exempt status with the IRS.

Voter registration drives at religious institutions are only legal if the organization is non-partisan.

“Muslims for Obama”, the sponsor of these events, is unquestionably a partisan organization, and thus, any participation by these mosques is illegal and violates their tax exempt status. Additionally, since the Muslims for Obama announcement says that these voter registration drives are intended to “get out the vote for Sen. Obama”, they are considered partisan under the law and illegal on that basis as well – in addition to the fact that these events are sponsored by a partisan organization.

Is anybody going to do anything about this?

Here are the Secretaries of State of the states involved:

Jennifer Brunner, D. Ohio ***SEE UPDATE!

Pedro A. Cortez, D. PA

Terry Lynn Land, R. MI

Katherine K. Hanley, D. VA

Cortés-Vázquez, D. NY

Nina Mitchell Wells , NJ

I originally posted these attorney general web pages, (when I meant Sec. of State). Don’t ask me what I was thinking…I don’t know, I had a brain fart, I guess. I’m not sure if these Attorney Generals can be of any help, but here they are, anyway:

Nancy H. Rogers, D, Ohio.

Mike Cox, R. Michigan

Andrew Cuomo, D. New York

Tom Corbitt, R. Pennsylvania

Ann Milgram, D. New Jersey

Bob McDonnell, R. Virginia

Via: Gateway Pundit, who also reports:

More…Ohio Obama supporters are dragging homeless people off the streets in to vote.


It figures… The Iraqi Parliament just banned using mosques during election times:

…The law includes a provision that allocates 25 percent of the seats to women and a prohibition on the use of mosques, pictures of clerical leaders and government institutions during the campaign season.But, they don’t have Barack Obama on the ballot.

Andrew McCarthy reports on Obama’s “funny money”:

My pal Diana West points me to Ken Timmerman’s must-read Newsmax column— which naturally is getting no coverage in the MSM — about Sen. Obama’s eye-popping fundraising operation. Bottom line: the would-be President of the World is raising goo-gobs of money from foreigners outside the United States (a violation of federal law), and matching goo-gobs of money inside the United States from phantoms who are blowing out the individual contribution limits by, among other devices, making up identies and breaking up contributions in amounts less than $200, for which reporting requirements are less rigorous.

According to Ken, the Obama campaign has raised nearly half a billion
dollars ($429.6M) but refuses to provide the names of most of the
donors. Election law requires the campaign to track this information
but not for it to disclose the names of those who donate less than
$200, which is most Obama donors. (Sen. McCain discloses the names of
all donors.)  The Obama campaign has raised millions upon millions of
dollars from outside the United States. Only Americans living overseas
may lawfully contribute, but because the Obama vetting machinery is
negligent (or worse), the probability is that enormous sums are coming
from foreigners. The campaign knows the FEC is a lethargic agency and
won’t have a full accounting until perhaps years after the election.

This typifies the domestic fundraising issue:

a letter dated June 25, 2008, the FEC asked the Obama campaign to
verify a series of $25 donations from a contributor identified as
“Will, Good” from Austin, Texas. Mr. Good Will listed his employer as
“Loving” and his profession as “You.”

A Newsmax analysis of the
1.4 million individual contributions in the latest master file for the
Obama campaign discovered 1,000 separate entries for Mr. Good Will,
most of them for $25. In total, Mr. Good Will gave $17,375.

this and subsequent FEC requests, campaign records show that 330
contributions from Mr. Good Will were credited back to a credit card.
But the most recent report, filed on Sept. 20, showed a net cumulative
balance of $8,950 — still well over the $4,600 limit.

Blah. Go read the entire thing if your heart can take it.

Hot Air is also on this:

But the fun doesn’t end there. Remember that phone bank in Gaza? Combine it with the Economist feature I linked yesterday on the “world electoral vote” and consider the implications:

Until recently, the Obama Web site allowed a contributor to select the country where he resided from the entire membership of the United Nations, including such friendly places as North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Unlike McCain’s or Sen. Hillary Clinton’s online donation pages, the Obama site did not ask for proof of citizenship until just recently. Clinton’s presidential campaign required U.S. citizens living abroad to actually fax a copy of their passport before a donation would be accepted.

With such lax vetting of foreign contributions, the Obama campaign may have indirectly contributed to questionable fundraising by foreigners.

Why would The One be so negligent about his standards knowing that, at the very least, it creates an appearance of impropriety? Because, dummy: He knows big media’s not going to press him on it. And with that, I’ll keep my promise and send you off to dive in.

Chicago rules, people.Obama said “McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against”, and he was right; the old war-horse really can’t even begin to relate to this kind of politicking.


This is truly getting ugly.

The Democrat Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner is behind the new rule in the state that allows Ohio citizens to register and vote on the same day.

She’s also the one who directed county boards of elections to deny absentee ballots to thousands of qualified Ohio electors who support Senator John McCain who fail to check a box that was not mandated by Ohio law.

Now this:

That’s right, she’s banned observers from polling stations.

“The General Assembly didn’t provide for this.”???


We Republicans are such whiners, aren’t we?

Why should we complain?

The fix is in. We may as well just accept it.



From The American Spectator’s Washington Prowler:

An auditor for the Federal Election Commission is attempting to have his bosses seek a formal investigation into the collection by the Obama for President campaign of more than $200 million in potentially illegal political donations, including millions of dollars of illegal, foreign donations, and has sought a request for assistance from the Department of Justice or Federal Bureau of Investigation. But the analyst’s requests have largely been ignored.

Good News From Iraq

The craven Democrats were sooooo hoping that they could hang a horrible and humiliating U.S. defeat in Iraq, around the necks of the Republicans this Fall, but alas, (for them),

We didn’t lose?

it was just not to be:

A.) US troop deaths in Iraq from hostile action are at an all-time low.

B.) “Most people in Iraq say President Bush is a hero.”

C.) Iraqis now have time for projects like this: Iraqis Clean Up Jewish Cemetery & Cultural Landmark in Basra

D.) Even Barack (the surge won’t work) Obama says that the surge succeeded “beyond our wildest dreams”.

Woe, woe unto them!   

Now, all they have is the economy, to hang their hats on, which is usually a winning issue for Dems, when the economy looks shaky, (God only knows why), but the Republicans haven’t even started hammering them for their role in the financial crisis.

My advice to Republicans:

Talk up our victory in Iraq, and start pummeling the Dems on the economy, post haste.

Let’s get this show on the road.


Rush, right now on his show,  is vehemently trying to persuade McCain to not “rise above” the partisan politics on the financial crisis. He wants the blame to be put squarely on the Dems where it belongs……NOW.

No more Mr. Nice guy.

The Dems are going to try to put the blame on McCain, somehow, and the public is clammering for the truth. NOW is the time.



Rush: “THIS IS WAR”!

Wednesday’s Hero: SSGT Renee A. Deville

This Week’s Post Was Suggested And Written By Kathi

SSgt. Renee A. Deville
44 years old from Webster New York
401st Civil Affairs Battalion
September 1, 2008

SSGT Renee A. Deville was an Army Reservist who deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion from Webster, N.Y. She arrived at Walter Reed August 10, 2006, after being injured in a mortar attack.

While at Walter Reed, Deville was assigned to Chosen Battery, Warrior Transition Brigade, and was among three graduates of the Army’s first Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course Stand Alone Common Core offered to Warriors in Transition.

Deville, who successfully completed every aspect of the course from a wheelchair, was lauded by SGT Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston as exemplifying the Army’s ‘Warrior Ethos’, at the graduation ceremony for the course on March 28, 2008.

Deville was also the impetus for a new playground being built behind the Mologne House at Walter Reed in 2007.

An October 2007 Washington Post article about the opening of the playground says that SSGT Deville’s mention of her children’s limited recreational options to Col. Bruce Haselden, the garrison commander, helped set in motion the playground project.

Staff Sgt. Renee Antoinette Deville died September 1, 2008 in her room at the Mologne House at Walter Reed. She was 44.

She is survived by her husband and 4 children, her mother, a brother, and two sisters.

SSGT Deville was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on September 19, 2008.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Conservative Belle informs me:

This year they have team project called Blankets of Belief. This is an attempt for volunteers across the country to make a large number of blankets to send to our troops, particularly during the holidays when they are away from their families. The goal is 180,000 blankets!

See Conservative Belle for more information.