Narcissism Alert: Obama Has His Own Channel

Well, isn’t this special?

Channel 73 on the Dish Network is now labled, The Obama Channel, and folks are wondering, “What is up with Sen. Obama having his own channel?”

The only explanation: The media buyers think they can reach enough people per dollar to make it worth the odd buy.

The channel’s appearance has provoked scorn and alarm on conservative blogs, though, and some discussion on a forum for Satellite TV aficionados, where one user writes that a Dish Network executive emailed to reassure the user that  it “is paid advertising by the Obama campaign and is not an endorsement of Senator Obama by DISH Network” and will broadcast through November 4.

Dish Network spokesman Parker McConachie confirmed the forum account, and stressed that the channel is paid advertising, and not a corporate endorsement.

This is just one more example out of many, of Obama’s unbelievable narcissism.

But, you know what? It’s probably working.

I wonder if his channel was paid for with any of the “funny money” the Dept. of Justice refuses to investigate?


Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters says, “What the heck’s going on, here?”

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A media approved Obama product to store your Koolaid in.

15 thoughts on “Narcissism Alert: Obama Has His Own Channel

  1. God, every day it just keeps getting weirder and weirder out there. I can’t believe this man is even seriously considered viable as a candidate, and he’s on the frickin’ ballot.


  2. Well dammit – there goes another option I had to rid myself of the “in bed with Jesse Jackson” Verizon FiOS network.

    Dish Network …. SCRATCHED.
    Optimum ….SCRATCHED

    Anyone have any experience with DirecTV?


  3. Thank God, after Obama wins the election, there will be re-education camps for us. We will be shipped, probably to upper North Dakota, to the Karl Marx Center Of Education. There we will all be de-programmed and re-educated in group think and social values of a strong central government. Spying on neighbors, friends, and family will be encouraged, and anybody speaking ill will of our beloved leader will be turned over to the domestic Obama Truth Squad. I need a shot now.


  4. Honestly. This almost feels like I am stuck in a bad dream. The association leaks, the creation of the odd truth squad, with the participatory comment censorship on campaign sponsored websites, the increasing stories of fraud in the primaries, the hitler choir, the information about broad participation in information cover up (ie. So called and the overall cult overtone of this is too much !!!
    I have never seen anything quite like this. Forgive me if I appear as an alarmist, but I am very worried.


  5. Julia, so am I. I’m verrrry distressed by all of it.

    I can understand how kids, (young adults) could fall prey to his wiles, but, my God…are there really that many stone cold Socialists out there that would vote for him?


  6. I feel compelled to say after reading about ACORN voter fraud identified in IN we should be afraid of Obama. I was a Dem. but they no longer represent me. It is a totally different party than in 2000. Especially since Thurs’s debate, Joe Biden has chosen to represent the ideas of Obama- the new & lousy Democratic Party, I am voting for McCain/Palin 08, in hopes that the Democratic Party returns to its former way of representing the people in 2012. Then we can vote for Hillary vs. Palin. Go Sarah & Sen. McCain.


  7. If you check out Nairobi, Kenya’s online newspaper (Nation) you will find advertisements for Obama collectibles. Ironically who is -or ever will- make money off of them? The importers at the EA coast in Mombasa and, naturally, the Chinese who produce and sell them. – C Johnson, your upstate NY friend (dying in DC metro!)
    (PS This is one reason that my gifts to our foreign visitors is a maple sugar product).


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