Watch This Movie!: An American Carol

An American Carol, which opens today, stars nearly every conservative actor in Hollywood, all 10 of them, and it skewers the bete noir of conservatives, everywhere:

It reworks the Charles Dickens Christmas Carol scenario so that a leftist filmmaker based on Michael Moore, painted here as an unpatriotic, America-hating boob out to banish the Fourth of July, is visited, schooled and slapped around by ghosts of Americans past, George Washington (Jon Voight) and Gen. George Patton (Kelsey Grammer), plus a ghost of the future, played by country star Trace Adkins.

Here’s the trailor:

Here’s a brief review with spoilers.

We really need to support this movie, folks. Another movie is coming out today…by the loathesome Bill Mahr, who does his own brand of skewering: of religious folks.

A review:

…Maher spears only small fish: marginal ministers, inarticulate eccentrics, some dude who plays Jesus at an Orlando theme park. You won’t see heavyweights like the Rev. Rick Warren or Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who might actually have scored a point or two. (And by the way, how did the filmmakers go about requesting interviews? Several subjects seem to have been ill-informed, if not misled, before the cameras started rolling.)

Maher claims that his mission is to use reason and logic to combat the fallacies of faith. In reality, his tools are sarcasm and humiliation. Either way, it’s a fool’s errand, as Maher – who is no fool – should know.

One movie skewers a fat, dishonest, hypocritical propagandist. The other one skewers religious folk.

‘Nuff said.

Let’s support An American Carol by watching it this weekend, and help it CRUSH Religulous at the box office.


Via Hotair, here are some reactions to the movie. Pay close attention to the immigrant who watched the film:

8 thoughts on “Watch This Movie!: An American Carol

  1. ahhhh … using Maher and “logic and reason” in the same sentence does not compute.

    Don’t know who this Guzman character who did the “review” is, but he starts off wrong by even suggesting Maher is a “comedian”. To be a comedian requires immense talent, creativity, and a feel for basic humor. Maher has none of those traits. He is a perpetually angry, unfunny, bitter excuse for a human being who delights in trying to humiliate anyone who has an opinion different than his.

    Guzman ends it by intimating that Maher “is no fool”. Really?


  2. I don’t go to the movies because I don’t like theatres, they’re sticky and the people are nosy and it’s expensive and just plain gross, however, I will be making sure pjdaddy takes me on a date to see this one.


  3. On an LDS listserv I’m on, this movie has generated lots of interest. To put it bluntly, we’re not amused.

    I, in general, do not tolerate very well people who mock religion or attack it. I find such people are evidently ignorant of what religion is, what role it has historically played in human society, and what role it will continue to play.

    That said, I believe religion and spirituality occupy their own realm in human society and being, separate from science and rationality, and that this is good. Not to invoke Godwin, but Hitler was thoroughly against religion but very much for rationality and science. Same with Stalin, Mao, et cetera.

    Without being grounded on standards rooted in a timeless and changeless foundation, humans are liable to become animals or worse. This New Atheism is a blight on humanity.

    I’m definitely going to watch An American Carol.


  4. Unamused LDS??? Oh Noes!!1!!! The Jello salad with Marshmellows and fruit will really fly, now!

    You know I’m just kiddin’ ya, right Moo’n? I kinda sorta ran with that crowd, and I wouldn’t want the eternal suppository that Satan will be administerin’ to poor widdle Billy soon.


  5. I don’t go to the movies because I don’t like theatres, they’re sticky and the people are nosy and it’s expensive and just plain gross

    Wha? I love theaters! It doesn’t get much better than walking into an air conditioned theater on a summer day and smelling the popcorn and playing a few video games before the movie starts. although i have to admit that the cost of going to the movies these days sucks mighty ass. Going to see An American Carol tomorrow! Woohoo!


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