Video: Hannity’s America, Obama And Friends, The History Of Radicalism

I managed to miss this tonight, so I went looking for it on Youtube, and what do ya know…

Any Obama fans who happen to stumble upon this…please watch with an open mind. You can’t all be far left kooks.

Sad but true Joke:

Question: What do Obama and Osama have in common?

Answer: They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.


Here’s an instructive video that explains why so many people, even when presented with so many troubling facts, (like the ones explored in Hannity’s America) are still blind to the truth. How did this happen?


Here’s a comprehensive list via Discover The Networks of influences in “Barack’s World”.

This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines Barack Obama’s connections to a number of key individuals and organizations. In some cases, these affiliates are notable for the leftist views and objectives they share with Obama. In other cases, they are notable for their collaboration with Obama in controversial or unethical activities. In all cases, they offer a window into Barack Obama’s values and priorities. Taken as a whole, they verify Thomas Sowell’s observation that Obama has “spent decades aiding and abetting people who hate America.”