ACORN/New Party/Project Vote Shared SAME OFFICE

TopSecretK9 over at AoSHQ deserves the credit for this awesome discovery. All three of these entities share the same office. To review:

1. Obama has worked for, and alongside the corrupt, radical group ACORN since his community organizer days, although he tries to deny it. (Check out the address at link: ACORN Falls Close To The Tree).

2. Obama was once a member of, and sought the endorsement of the now defunct radical/Socialist group The New Party. (Check out the address at link).

3. Obama has admitted to working for Project Vote in 1992 when he ran a “successful voter registration drive”. He claims on his Fight The Smears website, “ACORN was not part of Project Vote”. (Check out that mofo’s address at link!).

He was technically right: ACORN was not a part of Project Vote. Project Vote was a part of ACORN.

Or something.



Jackstraw’s been doing what the MSM should be doing, digging deeper:

There’s a thrid piece to this unholy trinity, the SEIU. Well, actually there are many, many more but here is why ACORN and the New Party sharing office space is not surprising. They are basically the same organization. Look at this:

Read the attribution at the bottom of the page.

>>Zach Polett is director of national political operations for ACORN and has lived in Little Rock for the past 18 years. ACORN has been one of the community and labor organizations building the New Party around the country. For more information on the Little Rock New Party, call 501-374-1190

That’s right, the New Party was the political party created and built by ACORN and unions, particulary the SEIU.

Wade Rathke is the founder of ACORN. He also runs the local SEIU in La. ACORN and the SEIU also share office space in many cities including New Orleans, home of Rathke and Chicago, home of, well you know. Rathke is also the co-founder of the Tides Foundation, a Soros front used for funneling money to left wing groups. Earlier this year, Rathke’s brother who was also an ACORN employee, was found to have embezzeled almost $1 million from ACORN. In order to keep it quiet, a benefactor repaid the $1 million to ACORN. That benefactor was Drummond Pike, the co-founder of the Tides Foundation.

Follow the money.


In victory, the New York WFP showed good sense and offered the job of interim state coordinator to our own Dan Cantor, with our blessing. Dan accepted the offer, and as a result has stepped down as the NP’s National Organizer/Executive Director to take on this exciting state party-building project. He will continue to be involved in the NP as one of our “first families” siblings. Zach Polett continues in his role as New Party National Organizer for Field Operations.

Zach Polett once again. ACORN was the New Party before “fusion” politics was outlawed by the SC. So they gave up building their own political party and infiltrated deeper into the Dem party.

This stuff is so easy to find. The MSM is useless.

And now they have their very own stealth Socialist candidate on the verge of winning the Presidency of the United States. Not bad, for an outlawed party.

I hate to throw cold water on this,  Jack, but I think that at least half of the electorate doesn’t care.

As Paul Kenger, an expert on Communism, and the Cold War points out: “There’s a reason why Obama’s Communist connections aren’t making headlines”.

The history and truth about communism is not taught by our educators.

The vast majority of professors are leftists, while some are flat out Marxists:

Being on the left entails many strange contradictions and political pathologies, one of which is this bizarre revulsion toward anti-communists. These leftists — to their credit — despise fascism, and will preach anti-fascism until they’re blue in the face. They are as appalled by fascism as conservatives are by communism. But while conservatives detest both communism and fascism, liberals only detest one of the two.

A whole generation of voters look at Obama, and all of his radical connections, and yawn, “So what”?

Why Ayers And Dohrn Matter

Thomas Lifson and Patrick O’Hannigan can tell you.

Or, you can let Ayers, and Dohrn tell you, themselves in this interview with Connie Cung from 1998, (long after Obama became acquainted with them):

That line, “We didn’t do enough”….is apparently a favorite catch phrase of theirs.

Well, their man, Obama is a hair away from being in the White House.

I think they’ve done enough, already.

Hat tip for the video: Gateway Pundit


Watch Cuffy Meigs’ devastating video about Obama, and unrepentent terrorists, Ayers, and Dohrn:


Max makes a great point in the comments:

…there is something not being sufficiently focused on with regard to Obama’s connection with Ayers. That is this: think of the loss of credibility our nation will have in a war on terror, when its chief executive has ties to, indeed launched his political career in the home of, a confessed and unrepentant domestic terrorist. The American people need to reflect soberly on the moral effect such an association will have on the legitimacy of our war against terrorism. If people don’t think that every terrorist state and organization in the world won’t make hay with that, they are delusional. It doesn’t even matter if Obama agrees with or condemns Ayers’ actions. The association is sufficient for the terrorists to exploit. Period. No one seems to be addressing the “why does it matter” aspect (beyond simply bad judgment). I’ve been doing my best to keep up with most of the articles on this subject through RCP, but I don’t think anyone has really driven this home. I really think this is the angle that needs to become a drum beat, and just hammered home until election day. It’s not guilt by association, it’s irreparable damage to our nation’s moral credibility in time of war against terrorist states and organizations.

Sadly, McCain doesn’t seem to have this in him.

Does Obama Horrify You? You’re Not Alone

More and more Republicans are speaking out. Listen to all of these people…not just the one (you’ve probably already seen, saying “I’m mad!”) The black guy at the end is singing my song. Hit him hard with all of the radical associations (including Reverend Wright) …people need to know!


A pep-talk from Ace.


HEY PUMAs: Ace wants to hear from you.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Judge Rules Ohio Sec. Of State Breaking Federal Election Law

This is good news:

A federal judge ruled this evening that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is breaking federal law by not giving county elections boards the chance to determine whether new voter registrations are fraudulent.

In uploading the Ohio Republican Party’s request for a court order, Judge George C. Smith of the U.S. District Court in Columbus said, “It is hard to imagine a public interest more compelling than safeguarding the legitimacy of the election of the president of the United States.”

Smith said that the Help America Vote Act requires states to not only verify the identity of newly registered voters with the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the federal Social Security Administration, but also to provide counties with the names of new voters whose records did not match.

Jennifer Brunner had been doing verification, but had not made the names available to county elections boards. Judge Smith gave Brunner a week to comply.

Brunner will be filing an appeal with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Smith emphasized the urgency of the situation in light of the deadline next Thursday to challenge absentee voters. On October 25 elections workers can remove ballots from envelops that contain the only identifying information about who cast them.

In announcing his decision, Smith cited questionable activity by one group that has registered thousands of new Ohio voters, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Last week, I was stressing out at all of the shenanigans I was hearing about in Ohio.

Hopefully, the authorities will be able wrest control of the situation from the hyper-partisan Brunner, who reportedly is frequently advised by ACORN:

In a stunning development, the Democrat activist group ACORN – a frequent and influential advisor to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner – now publicly admits that its Ohio staff engages in election fraud.

According to The Plain Dealer, “The group blamed inefficiency and lack of resources for problems such as being unable to spot duplicate voter-registration cards or cards that may have been filled out by workers to make quotas.” ACORN is under investigation by Cuyahoga County elections officials for submitting fraudulent voter registrations among the 65,000 forms submitted to the county board of elections.