Obama Lied Shamelessly About Ayers, ACORN, and BAIPA During Final Debate

But, before you listen to his lies and obfuscations, watch his totally inappropriate demeanor, as these troubling associations are brought up. He is positively beaming when McCain mentions ACORN, the thoroughly corrupt, radical organization that has spent $18 million to sign up 1.3 million voters in 21 states, and is now being investigated by the FBI for voter fraud. In a close election, a few thousand votes can make all the difference. What the hell is so funny?

This is no laughing matter.

First of all, Obama says he served on a board with Ayers, when they served on two, the Woods Fund, and The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, as well as at least a couple of panels. A timeline of their interactions can be found here. The fact that the two worked closely together is glossed over by Obama, who merely repeated his usual talking points about being only 8 years old when Ayers committed those “despicable acts”. Even more egregious is when he denied that his political career was launched in William Ayers’ living room:

MCCAIN: Well, again, while you were on the board of the Woods Foundation, you and Mr. Ayers, together, you sent $230,000 to ACORN. So — and you launched your political campaign in Mr. Ayers’ living room.

OBAMA: That’s absolutely not true.

MCCAIN: And the facts are facts and records are records.

OBAMA: And that’s not the facts.

That is a bald faced lie. At this point, it is a matter of public record that Obama launched his political career in The Ayers’ living room.

It’s blatant obfuscation when he patiently informs us that the grant for the CAC came from Republican, Walter Annenberg, an obviously trusting man, who never dreamed his money would be squandered as it was, on unworthy, radical, afrocentric organizations. It’s more obfuscation when he tells us that Ayers is not advising him in his campaign, and won’t when he’s in the White House. Nobody’s made that allegation.


As for ACORN: notice how he shakes his head, when McCain mentions the $800,000 Obama gave to the organization. He doesn’t go so far as to deny such an easily checked recent fact, but is willing to lie about his past extensive association with ACORN in the ’90’s when he was a community oraganizer. That’s a little harder to fact check, and takes some digging. But the truth is, he did more than represent the group once as an attorney. He was a member of The New Party, the short lived Socialistic political party that shared its national office with ACORN. He led “Project Vote”, a front group of ACORN (and from the same address)in the early nineties, as well as led “ACORN Power Training” classes. He also promised ACORN and friends that they would help shape his presidential agenda. More about Obama’s ties to ACORN, here.

On to the The Born Alive Infant Protection act:

Here, Obama deploys the old “if it sounds incredible…it’s not true” excuse.Who would vote to allow already born infants to die?

Well, as many of us have been saying; it IS incredible, and, sadly it IS true. He did that. FOUR times. I was flabbergasted the first time I heard about it, and I didn’t even know the full extent of his opposition yet.

Obama expects people to say, “That can’t possibly be true. It must be an unfair smear”, because of the sheer monstrosity of his position in the Illinois  Senate. But it’s not an unfair smear. It’s absolutely true.

That should tell you something about the man.


28 thoughts on “Obama Lied Shamelessly About Ayers, ACORN, and BAIPA During Final Debate

  1. You guys need to quit! You distort facts to make it seem as if McCain is sooo clean! I wouldn’t trust McCain with this economy even if his wife can probably afford to pay off the national debt! Republicans are now grasping at straws! Obama is smart, and that’s what this economy needs, not the same policies of the past!


  2. If he lied, why bother adding the word “shamelessly”? If you’re right, why do you use adverbs to make yourself sound right?

    There is another side to this story, and those who talk about the story completely ignore the other side. Why would you do this?


  3. Deb,
    What is so much more frightening to me are the Libs that have absolutly no negative reaction to Ayers. Many of the comments concerning this monster, from Democrats, are basically….”so what”….and…”who cares”. This is an individual who advocated the killing of police officers, or in his words..’pigs”. And to this day does not regret any of his actions. I am so afraid for our country. What is next? Is genocide okay if “group think” says it’s okay? Right has become Wrong, and Wrong is now Right. We are living in an upside society. God help us.


  4. And another thing, just because Ayers threw a party for Obama doesn’t mean that his political campaign was “launched” there. I would assume he “launched” his campaign when he decided to run for office.

    Why are the anti-Obama stories like this always full of anecdotal evidence and interpreted coincidence?


  5. Dude.

    Tell me the other side of the story.

    Most politicians will spin the facts a bit, now and again, to put their position in the best possible light. The types of lies Obama is engaging in, are rare, and yes, shameless.

    You have to be shameless to lie like that.


  6. Sieber, enough with the sophistic arguments. I’m not wasting my time with it.

    You should spend your time looking deeper into Ayers and Obama’s relationship, and how it ties in with all of his other radical relationships.


  7. At what point does the mountain of coincidences become too much to explain away?

    Obama is “smart”???

    If he’s so smart, why does he have the freinds, associates, and aquantences he has?

    If he’s so smart, why is he advocating taxing the eyes out of the only people and entities positioned to help us out of a bad economy?

    If he is so smart, how can he seriously advocate wealth distribution and talk about “improving the economy”???


  8. Okay people, let’s use our common sense here.

    So Far I have seen people try to tie Obama to: a violent activist, supporters of the Manson killing spree, a far-left party bordering on communism, and an organization several times questioned on voter fraud.

    How could he have gotten as far as he has, in our information age, with those connections? Over the past 17 years, surely someone would have discovered all of this and brought it to people’s attention. But we are only hearing about these controversies now, not in 1991, not in 2001, not at ALL during this entire campaign, until the past couple weeks. And now, he’s leading major polls over McCain by at least a dozen points every day, even with all of this controversy. So…



  9. “Commonly called the ‘Chicago machine’, the organization dominated Chicago politics from the 1930s through to the 1970s.”

    I also didn’t find the word “corrupt” on that page.

    Obviously this blog allows circumstantial evidence and spun articles and uses them as the basis for their arguments. I have been met with these tactics with every post I have made. This is something a rational person can not be a part of.


  10. Sieber, there are verifiable facts that have been addressed on this blog that point to Obama’s lies. For instance, Obama’s lie that his association with ACORN is limited to having represented them as an attorney.

    It is not “circumstantial evidence”, but a verifiable FACT that Obama led “Project Vote”, an offshoot of ACORN in the early nineties, which he admits on his own fight the smears website. It is a verifiable FACT that Obama taught “ACORN power training” classes.


    It is a verifiable FACT that he gave ACORN $800,000 for GOTV activities. (read: fraud).

    It is a verifiable FACT that he told a group of community organizers (including ACORN) that they would help set the agenda in his administration.

    Those are the facts I base my arguments on.

    What are you using as a basis for your arguments?


  11. Obviously this blog allows circumstantial evidence and spun articles and uses them as the basis for their arguments. I have been met with these tactics with every post I have made. This is something a rational person can not be a part of.

    Its amazing that people can be in shit up to their eyeballs and refuse to recognize their predicament until someone gives them a taste.


  12. Thanks NiceDeb. Another good job. I so appreciate this.

    Every time Obama opens his mouth when confronted this way spinning things to sound harmless when he knows darn well there is so much more to the story that he is covering up — he is acting SHAMELESSLY. He does it so much and so well that he is not the least bit ASHAMED by his own lying. He is very good at it — and has acquired the ability to sound like a southern preacher. I think this is how he has remained credible to those who do not check the facts. It sends chills up my back to think that this kind of liar might well make it into the White House and represent the USA to the world.


  13. But we are only hearing about these controversies now, not in 1991, not in 2001, not at ALL during this entire campaign, until the past couple weeks.

    Maybe you just heard about it, but the rest of us have known about these controversies for more than a year.

    Welcome aboard.


  14. Thank YOU Cathy, for the kind words.

    Maybe you just heard about it, but the rest of us have known about these controversies for more than a year.

    I think Chicago has known about the shady local politics for some time, now, too.


  15. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Acon, these are troubling associations that Obama had. Explain to me, how can one sat for 20 years listening to the anti America sermons without any disagreement if he didn’t agree to the radical ideaology. He worked with William Ayers to turn high school student into the 60s radicals. He used Acon to get fraudulent votes for his advantgage (which must have played a role in his winning over Clinton in the close primary contests). Now after benefiting and advancing his political career from all these associations, he is now distancing himself from them. How can we know that he really means it? He said that he would use public finance when he was behind and went back on his words when it’s to his advantgage not to use public finance.


  16. I guess Obama gets support because of the fact that at least 50% of the voting public are total morons. Case in point … Seiber and “June Chun”.

    I would guess that the Kos Kids distribute a list of anti-Obama blogs such as this, Ace, JAWA, etc (I don’t list my own because I don’t allow comments for this very reason) to their “get in their faces” punks. How many of these morons are the same person using different ID’s? Note they don’t have provable links. Can you see IP addresses, Deb? I have a plugin for that.


  17. I find it extraordinary that the Obama supporters are in total denial of these facts. They are documentable facts…U. of Illinois just released the docs on Chicago Annenberg Challenge a couple of weeks ago. These are documented hard print facts, not rumor or gossip. Why are they in such a state of denial? I for one do not want a close associate of a known America hater (Rev. Wright) and terrorist (Bill Ayers) to be representing me as Pres. of the United States. It doesn’t matter how well you prove it to them, they just say it’s a smear. This is the most frustrating and scary political situation I have ever witnessed.


  18. I think that perhaps it is the way he lies so facilely, so convincingly. His demeanor makes them think he is not lying, but he is. Of course, that’s the way sociopaths are. They are totally narcissistic, they have no sense of right and wrong, and they believe their own stories.

    This guy will be negotiating with other countries and safeguarding home security? 9/11 wasn’t that long ago. If only we could remember how we felt that day. Or history is doomed to repeat itself.

    I’m sure some bloggers will rant their usual denial, but all of this is true. I dare them to call the University of Illinois and ask for the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. It will show a money trail from a grant to Ayers, distributed by Obama, funnelled through Acorn. $110 million.

    Get a clue, people.


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