A Poem For “O”

Submitteded by an Obama cultist in a comment at Pajama’s Media


John McCain and Sara palin are a racists and a terrorists.

Obama is kind.
Obama is gentle.
Obama is intelligent.
Obama is a leader of men.
Obama is honest.
Obama is a family man.
Obama is the future.
Obama will win by the greatest land slide of all time.
The days of racism and hate are numbered.

He is the ONE.
Racism will END in 2009.
Hate will END in 2009.
Terrorism will END in 2009.
Goverment crime will END in 2009.
Wall street crime will END in 2009.
Poorness will END in 2009.
Oil company crime will END in 2009.
Gas station price crime will END in 2009.

A vote for John McCain is a wasted effort. Tell youre friends and neighbors to do not bother wasting their time.

The future is set and the future IS Obama.


Wasn’t that special? Okay everyone, on the count of three……


15 thoughts on “A Poem For “O”

  1. This is an exemplar of the mindset of the typical Obamabot. McCain and Palin are “terrorists” in the mind of this deranged kool-aid drinker?

    This is why America as we know and love it is lost. At least 50% of America now thinks like this. These people can vote, for crissakes! This is the mindset of cretins who think anything goes to get their savior elected – laws be damned.

    These people cannot take control of our country, dammit! The gene pool needs some serious thinning out, and soon!


  2. “These people cannot take control of our country, dammit! The gene pool needs some serious thinning out, and soon!”

    Can I repurpose something you said Bruce? -k- thanks, “These people can vote, for crissakes!”

    And something you said nicedeb too, these comments make me “HURRRRRLLLLL”


  3. When I was 16, I knoew somene who felt bad, cuz, well, it’s complicated, but a friends girlfriend who this person had only met the day before was accidentaly kicked in the head by some unnamed 16 year old, the day befor her birthday, causing her to go to the emergency room, and get stitches, the day before her 18th birthday.

    that unknown someone, wrote 9 pages of prose (yes, It was in those days when when that unknown someone was reading faggy shit, and knew that stupid young chicks dug it.)

    And since she really didn’t know this unknown person very well, she was surprised that she got a gift from this unknwon person at all. In fact she only thought that he was there to help out with the arrangements for the party and shit.

    This unknown person was told, openly, after reading the poem, first privately and then openly, that it was the best gift, other than her engagement to the unknown persons friend, openly laughing at the last line “18 years and a boot to the head.”

    That made the unknown person feel a little better, about accidentaly kicking her in the head the day before, I wonder how that unknown person is nowadays.


    This unknown person, who is goofy enough to actually, ACCIDENTALY! kick his friends girlfriend/fiance’ in the head,splitting her scalp the day before her birthday and official engagement announcement, had a shitload more talent and motivation that this retarded poet/sycophant.


  4. “These people cannot take control of our country, dammit! The gene pool needs some serious thinning out, and soon!”

    Can I repurpose something you said Bruce? -k- thanks, “These people can vote, for crissakes!”

    And something you said nicedeb too, these comments make me “HURRRRRLLLLL”

    Well you do have the choice not to come here, you know. It isn’t like we are all going to get stupid and see it your way.


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  7. I am freak–g mad that this CULT (and it’s no less than a cult) are planning to take over our nation by any means.

    We are told not to vote. It’s a “wasted effort.” I disagree. Everyone needs to vote. This is the MOST IMPORTANT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION EVER.


    Consider this: H. Clinton won not only the popular vote but also the delegates in their “primary.” But, Florida and Michigan didn’t count much, and the Texas “Democratic” party did a VERY undemocratic thing . . . they held a caucus which supposedly ended one night undecided, but resumed around 3 am to award their delegates to The Lord Obama. Although H. Clinton had the popular vote and enough uncommitted delegates she gave the nomination to The Lord Obama.

    What does The Lord Obama know about H. Clinton? What’s in her closet that she gave in? Is he planning to make her Chief of the SS?

    Oddly enough, The Lord Obama is not even a U.S. Citizen. Google it. Check His web site. Does he have an Original birth certificate as they say? Nope. It is not the original. The real original IS ON FILE IN HAWAII (maybe) . . . but nobody is allowed to see it? The real original was filled out by hand in the 1960s. AGAIN, it IS ON FILE IN HAWAII . . . IF he was born in Hawaii, that is! Maybe he wasn’t. Google that too. Be sure to examine the State of Hawaii’s web site. You will see that there is something called a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.” Everyone born in Hawaii has one. Theres’ also a “Certification of Birth” that simply verifies that the information on the first certificate is valid, or that an out of state birth was registered in Hawaii. CAN someone born outside of Hawaii in the 1960s have a “Certification of Birth?” YES. It’s in Hawaiian law.


    Before he became Lord Obama, Mr. Obama never won any of his two or three political races without His having people disqualified or discredited! That’s how they do things in Chicago.

    And speaking of 3 am, that’s the time when Lord Mayor Daly ordered the bulldozers in to destroy the only “general aviation” airport in Chicago which cost Chicago millions upon millions of dollars in lost revenue and thousands of lost jobs. Some companies just stopped doing business in Chicago. Why? Lord Mayor Daly said that “this this this airport is a danger to to to the the the Sears tower.” Yes, of course, some terrorist is going to take off in a Piper airplane going 90 mph and destroy the Sears tower with a pipe bomb. Why didn’t bin Laden just use little planes on 9-11? Of course Lord Mayor Daly never figured someone could also take off from Gary, maybe with a more powerful aircraft (Gary is a better airport) and do a real job on His tower in less time. More Chicago corruption! Payoffs galore. Lies, lies and more lies. Lord Mayor Daly is the Enron of Chicago. Just do things in the middle of the night when the city council and the Federal Government are asleep (the Federal Government owned half or more of that airport . . . your tax dollars bulldozed away!)


  8. Nice writing Brian in Indiana. Yes, it turns out you were right on back in 2008 about Onothing’s birth certificate. In fact, it now has come out that Obama is actually a Barry Soetoro – and a citizen of Indonesia – and an operative of the DIA or CIA. (Iran-Contra). Too bad you were wrong on 9/11. Google WTC 7. That is the name of the THIRD WTC tower blown up on 9/11. As airline pilots say, it’s impossible for airliners to be flown at the speeds that they appeared to be at WTC and Pentagon. The only physical way the twin towers plus WTC 7 fell at freefall speeds was by controlled demolition. Many scientists, engineers and pilots are coming forward now. The truth has been revealed. 9/11 was an inside jobs and we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan because of lies.



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