The Obamessiah

What is it that these Obama cultists see in their messiah? I’m no shrink, but it seems sooo unhealthy.

Nobody on the right worships McCain, or Palin. What many see as “cult of personality” on the Palin side, is merely the fact that her conservative supporters identify with her. They appreciate the fact that someone who reflects their values is on the ticket. They don’t worship Palin. They ARE Palin….so to speak.

It’s a whole different kind of thing going on with Obama.  From his early years in Hawaii, and Indonesia, to his visits to Kenya and Pakistan, to his Ivy league education, and work as a “community organizer”….to the radical associations, to the strong arm tactics that got him elected as an Illinois Senator…there’s just not a whole lot there for the average person to identify with.

Yet here is a typical Obama voter’s assessment of their man’s quest:

Make no mistake: It is Barack Obama’s destiny to be President of the United States. Justice demands it. The Truth demands it. The World demands it.

Oppressed peoples throughout the world are looking to Obama for hope. For Justice. For an to war. For America to stop attacking the world and for it to start being a just and peaceful member of the community of nations.

If for some reason he is not elected then there will be a cry of outrage so great that America and all its racist institutions will shake and collapse. It will be the end of America and God will damn it for its final and most terrible sin.

Here is some disturbing poetry, written by another fan.

So what is it? Is he using hypnosis, or what?

I don’t get it.

I look at him, and I see a shyster and a fraud.

A disturbing number of people see a savior who will “change  the world”…forever:

That was actually an early Obama web ad.

I found it creepy.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers for the The Obama Votive candle, and Daily Kos graphic.


GREAT. Yet another Obama video with cultish overtones:

Transcript of New Age Slogans in video via Newsbusters:

Between now and November 4…

Let’s spend one minute a day…

Envisioning Barack Obama…

As our President…

Prepare your heart to fill with hope…

Prepare your mind to embrace the change…

Envision Barack victorious on election night…

…Taking the oath of office…

On Inauguration Day…

Believe that this great moment in American history is already a reality…

Say the words to yourself…

To your family…

To your friends and neighbors…

Say it to the world…

Your vision is a sacred trust…

You are a sanctuary of a sacred vision for a renewed America…

Envision it…

Say it…

Feel it…

Believe it…

Make it our reality…

Manifest Obama, America!


Make it stop!



Apparently, Satan is alive and well, and living on the planet earth:

MN Rep Michele Bachmann Pilloried By Left For Speaking The Truth

I first heard about this media firestorm, last night as I was listening to The Mark Levin Show.  You can listen to the clip, here.

Michele Bachmann, Incumbent Republican candidate for US Representative from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District., is under intense fire for her appearance on Hardball, where Chris Matthews, outraged over John McCain’s robo-calls about Bill Ayers,  repeatedly tried to bait her into sayng Barack Obama and others in Congress were un-American. He succeeded in making her agree that many of his associations, absolutely are, and agree to the possibility that Obama, himself, harbors anti-American views.

I had to watch several videos from YouTube before I found one that hadn’t been edited by a leftist to put her words in the most unflattering light. This one seems unedited:

Bachmann’s appearance was immediately demonized to such a degree by Democrats in MN that they were able to raise two million dollars for her opponent over the weekend.

Naturally, the left is out to destroy her because she dared to speak the truth about Obama, which to them is McCarthyism.

You know who didn’t speak the truth in that clip? You know who was purposefully deceptive? Chris Matthews, that’s who:

“This connection you’re talking about, between the Democratic candidate for President, and his connection back in the nineties with Bill Ayers who was involved with the Weathermen group back in the sixties and the early seventies”….

Notice his repeated use of “back in” in order to make the connection seem distant and insignificant.

Well it just so happens, Chris Matthews, that Obama and Ayers’ “connection” (read: close relationship) goes all the way back to the 2000’s. In other words, until fairly recently; until he gleaned that it was a good idea to throw Ayers under the bus, where so many of his associations over the years have been thrown.

Also, Bill Ayers wasn’t just “involved with” the Weathermen, he was the leader of the homegrown terrorist group, and it bears repeating that he has never repented, and in fact says they didn’t do enough.

But, sure, go ahead and attack Michele Bachmann for her so called “McCarthyism”, because she thinks Americans should take a closer look at Obama, considering his history of radical, and far left associations, and supporters.

Michele Bachmann is a strong, pro-life, Reagan Republican who grew up in a Democratic family. She has five children of her own, and over the years has taken in 23 foster children, all of them teenage girls.

Her campaign is in trouble now, and she needs help to combat the lies that are being told about her. You can contribute to her besieged campaign, here.


A good read at Human Events, The Left’s War On The Truth:

After Joe the Plumber voiced concern that Barack Obama’s tax policies would stifle the economy, he learned what Kathleen Willey learned during Bill Clinton’s reign in the 1990s: If you accuse a Democrat of wrongdoing or question their policies, you can count on your character being attacked in the mainstream media.  You may even face legal charges.

The Left is sponsoring a war on truth, and casualties in this war continue to be those brave enough to stand up against corruption and exercise the increasingly “fringe” right of freedom of speech.


Newsbusters watching The View so you don’t have to:

Joy Behar labeled Bachmann a “red baiter” and alluded to the McCarthy era. Whoopi Goldberg asked “it okay for someone to start attacking your beliefs in your country because you don’t agree with their views?” Sherri Shepherd, who has confused historic time lines, recalls growing up in the McCarthy era before other co-hosts reminded her she was not yet born. Even the token Republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, would not defend Congresswoman Bachmann

Depressing. It’s like reverse red-baiting.

Republican Insurrection

BUMPED (October 21): Originally posted October 16.

AoSHQ is leading the charge!

After  McCain refused to hit Obama hard on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, ACORN, and  subprime morgages at his final debate, Ace briefly fell into despair. Now, the man who late last night was reduced to  cat-blogging, is leading the charge to get the truth out to the masses about the morgage debacle. This is the issue that currently is resonating strongest with voters, because they are so angry  about the financial crisis, and they’re blaming the wrong people.

Democrats are flooding the airwaves and mailboxes with bald face lies about the situation, and McCain, who promised to fight for us, is reneging on his promise.


Of course Barack Oama is winning. 90% of success is just showing up, and capitalism isn’t showing up. Because McCain is too timid to fix the blame on the socialistic risk-transfer the Fannie and Freddie subprime mortgages represented.

A great harm has been done to the nation. The country is angry. They are looking for people to blame — and if John McCain is too meek or “honorable” to lay blame where it deserves to be laid, well then, they’ll blame him. And the party he represents.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and yes, even Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, have no qualms whatsoever about blaming this crisis on McCain and his running mates George Bush and the GOP.

Here’s what we’re dealing with, in a nutshell:

“I do know for a fact the Democrats’ entire strategy is based upon blaming the Republicans for the subprime catastrophe they themselves caused”.

As always, “the Stupid Party” is letting them to do it.

With less than three weeks to go, the situation calls for desperate measures.

The plan:

The insurrection has three elements:

1) Donate to 527s hitting this issue with TV ads in swing states.

2) Inform the RNC you want them to begin hitting this issue nonstop themselves, even at the expense of pro-McCain ads, and even against his wishes. I’ve got news for you: At this point, due to McCain’s stubbornness, we face a very real chance of losing 50 House seats and even failing to hold on to fortySenate seats, resulting in a Democratic President with a Democratic filibuster-proof Senate. The RNC must hit the Democrats on this issue with every last dime they can raise.

3) Inform McCain that you have donated all money that may have gone to him to 527s willing to fight on this issue, and you’ll donate your free time making calls on behalf of Congressional and Senatorial candidates rather than his ticket.

The ads are already made, they just need to run in all of the swing states.

Please see Ace for more details, and RNC & 527 contact information.


UPDATE: (October 21):

The momentum is on our side, and the polls are tightening. Don’t let this slip through our fingers, people. Give to a 527 if you can, so some of these awesome ads can get aired.

You know Obama has been blitzing the airwaves, and has a half hour ad planned for prime time on October 29.

When I imagine the epic disappointment of the Obama cultists, and especially, “The One”, himself on election day if he loses….well… sends a thrill up my leg, so to speak…. after they acted for so long like an Obama landslide is in the bag.

Well it isn’t.  Help it not be.


If you still have money to burn, head on over to Hillbuzz and help PUMAs and Republicans spoil Obama’s “Koolaid festival” in Chicago on election night.

They’ve planned an enormous election night results party  at the Hilton Chicago, directly across the street from Obama’s “giant Kool-Aid Festival”  in Grant Park.

They’ve booked a 1000+ capacity ballroom, plus another another party room that looks directly down on the park, which could be amusing if things turn against the one on election night. It could also get ugly, which is why they’re hiring extra security, and are asking for donations to defray the costs.

We are confident of McCain’s win and want to send a message to the media and the Obama Nation that Chicago Democrats and Republicans have united and are working together to defeat Obama — we’re planning a victory party that will celebrate McCain/Palin in style. This is an UNPRECEDENTED bipartisan effort the likes of which no one in Chicago’s ever seen. It will be a free event, open to all McCain supporters, bringing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together like never before (RSVP to – we’d love to have you join us).

Ya gotta love it.