Your Friday Morning Read: The Obama Timeline

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Messiah, but were afraid you’d be called racist if you asked: The comprehensive timeline from his birth to the present.

FLASHBACK to 1995: Obama’s bizarre, race baiting interview:

Hat tip for the video: Gateway Pundit

The Obama Juggernaut Of Corruption, Fraud, And Media Bias

What we’re seeing now on a day to day basis:

Massive campaign finance fraud,

Massive vote fraud, with assistance from Democrat Officials

Disenfranchisement of Military votes,

A near total media black out of Obama’s numerous radical, and corrupt associations,

A media that has jumped on every opportunity to attack Obama’s opponents whether in the political or civilian realm,

A media not willing to look into Obama’s questionable citizenship,

a media lying for its chosen candidate, and looking the other way when its chosen candidate lies.

Are we witnessing a slow motion political coup d’etat?

Will we be able to overcome this historic Juggernaut of corruption, fraud, and bias?

I don’t know the answer to that.

Video: Weather Underground Planned Re-education Camps, Genocide

An undercover operative, who had infiltrated the Weather Underground, was interviewed for the 1982 documentary “No Place to Hide”. He talked about their plans, once they had taken over. What were they planning to do with all those bitter clingers of guns, religion, and….capitalism?:

It would probably be instructive, at this point, to remind people  that Obama worked with Weathermen founder, Bill Ayers, throughout the nineties, and early 2000’s, and that he has a plan for his own re-education camps in the form of “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”:

Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”

Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.”

Scared yet?

Hat tip: Purple Avenger at AoSHQ.

Newt Gingrich On Media: No Pretense…Not A Shred Of Neutrality…Like Watching Pravda

Gingrich, appearing on the Greta Van Susteren show, starts off by ripping CNN for the insulting, and out of context quote from NRO, that was repeated to Sarah Palin during a recent interview, for no other reason, it seems, than to hurt her feelings. The full quote from Byron York reads: “Watching the press coverage of the Republican candidate for Vice President, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or – or, well, all of the above”.  It was obviously meant to be an indictment of the press’s coverage of Palin.

Gingrich then goes on to liken the media coverage of this campaign to the dishonest reports written about Polish freedom fighter, Lech Walesa, by the Polish communists during the eighties.

And he’s just getting warmed up:

Gingrich makes a good point at the end of the interview where he talks about having his research staff watch all of Palin’s interviews to see if there are any examples at all of reporters asking her about her numerous accomplishments as Governor of Alaska. He suspects there will be 0 examples.

While the press has done its best to hide from America this able woman’s accomplishments, it has also done its best to hide from America any damaging stories about Obama, of which there are too many to count.

An obvious question for Obama, for instance, as I mentioned in my previous post would be: “Senator Obama, since, as the Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, you donated millions of dollars to William Ayers, and Mike Klonsky’s Small Schools Workshop, would it be safe to say, you agree with their educational philosophy?

We all know that question has not been asked. Why not?

Does the media think that this nation’s parents wouldn’t be interested in the fact that Obama actively supported the radical educational projects of avowed Communists?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive is pissed at the media too, and, wow! Is he on a tear:

In what may be the sorriest attack of a sorry campaign by the NY Times wing of the Obama camp, they have a front page story about Sarah Palin’s freaking wardrobe. If she showed up in boots and Levis they would call her a hick. I would call that smokin’ hot. If she upgrades to the expected garb of the elites, she is mocked for spending the $$$$. What hypocritical douchebags the arbiters of life, the universe and everything are. You know what F**k the New York Times! They are a grotesque parody of a serious newspaper. The Onion can’t even rip on them because the paper’s own actions require willful suspension of disbelief.

At this point the Obama Nation has disgustipated me to the point that I do not give a rats ass about playing nice. I am going to spend the last days of this campaign like a political Caligula.

LOL. I’m going to have to add Blackfive to my blogroll, ’cause I don’t want to miss it.


For another glaring example of the American Pravda media in action, see Ace. I’m too upset about it to go into it, here.


Drew Griffin the CNN Reporter  who interviewed Governor Palin, (mentioned above) has addressed the issue:

In no way did I intend to misquote the National Review. This exchange aired just once in the 6pm hour, and as soon as the National Review brought it to our attention at 7:05, we immediately realized that the context could be misconstrued, we cut that portion of the interview. It never aired again. We sent a statement to the National Review in an email explaining what had happened, that we had in fact cut the question from any further airings.

I’m glad he did what he could to rectify the situation, but I still think an apology is in order.

I was very disappointed to see that it was Griffin who asked that question, (in an otherwise fair interview). He’s been one of the few reporters outside of Fox covering the ACORN voter fraud stories, and he’s been doing an outstanding job of that.


National Review calls b.s and is not accepting Griffen’s “non-apology”.

Does Obama Share The Educational Philosophy of Ayers And Klonsky?

Why doesn’t someone in the media ask him that question? It’s an important one, and Americans deserve to know the answer to it.

According to Stanley Kurtz:

The CAC’s agenda flowed from Mr. Ayers’s educational philosophy, which called for infusing students and their parents with a radical political commitment, and which downplayed achievement tests in favor of activism. In the mid-1960s, Mr. Ayers taught at a radical alternative school, and served as a community organizer in Cleveland’s ghetto.

In works like “City Kids, City Teachers” and “Teaching the Personal and the Political,” Mr. Ayers wrote that teachers should be community organizers dedicated to provoking resistance to American racism and oppression. His preferred alternative? “I’m a radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist,” Mr. Ayers said in an interview in Ron Chepesiuk’s, “Sixties Radicals,” at about the same time Mr. Ayers was forming CAC.

Bill Ayers, and Mike klonsky founded the Small Schools Workshop in Chicago, which was funded by the CAC  under Barack Obama’s direct supervision to the tune of 1,056,162.

Adding that amount to the money given by the Joyce Foundation and Woods Fund during Obama’s tenure brings the grand total to $1,968,718.

Andrew McCarthy tells us:

 Klonsky is an unabashed communist whose current mission is to spread Marxist ideology in the American classroom. Obama funded him to the tune of nearly $2 million. Obama, moreover, gave Klonsky a broad platform to broadcast his ideas: a “social justice” blog on the official Obama campaign website.


After getting his doctorate, Klonsky eventually made his way to Chicago and hooked up with his old SDS comrade (and self-professed “small ‘c’ communist”) Bill Ayers. Together, they co-founded the Small Schools Workshop in 1991. The goal — as Ayers has repeatedly made clear, most prominently in a 2006 speech before Hugo Chavez at an education forum in Caracas — is to bring the same Leftist revolution that has always galvanized them into the classroom.

More from Kurtz:

Mr. Ayers is the founder of the “small schools” movement (heavily funded by CAC), in which individual schools built around specific political themes push students to “confront issues of inequity, war, and violence.” He believes teacher education programs should serve as “sites of resistance” to an oppressive system. (His teacher-training programs were also CAC funded.) The point, says Mr. Ayers in his “Teaching Toward Freedom,” is to “teach against oppression,” against America’s history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation.

Can’t one brave soul ask Obama if he shares the educational philosophy of unrepentant  terrorist William Ayers, and avowed Communist (M-L), Mike Klonsky?

And If he says he doesn’t, maybe they could follow up with,  ‘why did he fund their Small Schools Workshop to the tune of almost two million dollars, then’?


Zombietime tracked down William Ayer’s forgotten Communist Manifesto: Prairie Fire.

It’s definitely worth a look-see.