Video: Weather Underground Planned Re-education Camps, Genocide

An undercover operative, who had infiltrated the Weather Underground, was interviewed for the 1982 documentary “No Place to Hide”. He talked about their plans, once they had taken over. What were they planning to do with all those bitter clingers of guns, religion, and….capitalism?:

It would probably be instructive, at this point, to remind people  that Obama worked with Weathermen founder, Bill Ayers, throughout the nineties, and early 2000’s, and that he has a plan for his own re-education camps in the form of “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”:

Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”

Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.”

Scared yet?

Hat tip: Purple Avenger at AoSHQ.

103 thoughts on “Video: Weather Underground Planned Re-education Camps, Genocide

  1. It seems like many NoBama sites are focusing too much on the socialist aspect to Obama instead of on his total LACK of ability to help the economy.

    Obama will be BAD for the economy because:

    Obama will be bad for the economy because Obama can’t even manage his own finances (which is why he needed a criminal like Rezko to help him buy a house he couldn’t really afford). I don’t want our leader gambling away our future based on personal objectives.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he is relying on people who are personally profit motivated instead of people who actually CARE about what happens to the rest of us.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because people do not trust him and trust is what makes us invest in others.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he wants others to pay for a system of welfare instead of doing the hard task of educating people OUT of welfare. If he were a philanthropist he would have given money to those in need for the past 5 years himself. He did not.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he doesn’t have a real plan to REWARD hard working small business people who employ nearly ALL of us.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he’s never run a successful business or government budget himself.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he’s not good with numbers (remember the 100,000 who died in the KY tornado or the 57 states in the U.S. comments?)

    Obama will be bad for the economy because the people who support him are not the ones who are the key employers or the key contributors to the economy – instead his supporters are the greedy most weathly people in the world – Soros, Buffett, Hedge Fund Contributors and the people who do not yet fully understand (18-29 year olds and the “under privileged).

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he supports things like late term abortion that only encourage irresponsibility and inconsideration for life. This instills violent behaviour instead of love.
    (Out of the 1.3 million or so abortions in the U.S. each year only 6% are due to fetal abnormalities, the mother’s health or rape/incest . 60% or more or by women over 20 who use it as a “choice” because they couldn’t choose NOT to have unprotected sex.)

    Obama will be bad for the economy because he is too selfish to spend the time needed to work it out. Remember how he had to be “called” to come and meet at the White House during the recent critical budget discussions? He was “too busy” doing campaigning to bother with it until then.

    Why else do you think Obama will be bad for the economy?


  2. Which is WHY he’ll be bad for the economy 🙂 I do understand the sheer frustration of his socialist ideas. Funny how HE isn’t an acting socialist – HE spends all his money on HIMSELF.

    So, one more related:
    Obama is not good for the economy because of his 20 year relationship with Trinity United Church of Christ. One of the pillars of TUCC is “economic parity.” On their website, they claim that God is not pleased with “America’s economic mal-distribution.”

    But America does not need to “spread the wealth” we need to “spread the education” If there is no reward, people will stop learning. See for yourself – do you have a small child? Will they listen to you and do whatever you ask them to do without reward? And if material reward isn’t what humans are striving for, why is the “disparity” a problem to begin with?


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  4. And your gestopo tactics will not work on the American people you stupid half n half everyone google public allies, and Community state policing, this is what Hitler did. Wake up Americans. This guy is wacked.


  5. Make that the preceding two comments. Or three if you count mine. Or four if you count this one. But this one isn’t preceding, so let’s say 1 current and 3 preceding.


  6. OK, he/she’s commenting faster than I can suggest deletions. So: just delete kim clift’s comments to infinity.

    So there.


  7. Go away and rot, you nasty racist scumbaggian Moby skank. Your comments won’t survive past morning, so don’t even bother polluting this blog with your vomitous effluent.


  8. Twat/ Kim Clift. .. .

    So umm, you know, uh, you are so, uh, you know uh, well uh uh uh uh, give me a second here, you are so uh, thoughtful, that I am just uh, uh uh uh uh, nancy reagens a whore, uh uh, and sarah steals shit from maceys, but uh, you know uh, well?

    Kim? Whats your situation?


  9. geoff, does that stand for your just a little off, mentally challenged? SO you like AYers, obama, wright? and the reeducation camps, are you really alright with this kind bull shit? If you don’t like America then go somewhere else, knowone is forcing you to stay. you’d last 10 seconds on a battlefield you flake.


  10. Geoff, are you gay, you sure sound like it?

    Would that bother you? If it will make you go away, then yes I’m gay, and I want rub contagious gay juice all over you.


  11. SO you like AYers, obama, wright?

    No, sweetie, I’m more conservative than you are. I’ve actually served in the military. I hammer on brain-damaged libs 24/7 on this blog and others.

    But I have a special place in my ass-kick list for those who come here pretending to be conservatives, but are really Moby’s, and for those psychos who taint the conservative philosophy with their racist ramblings.


  12. Kim isn’t even a troll, she is just retarded. At least justin thought he was right Kim just wants a fight no matter what.

    Tell you what kim, lets schedule a rumble, I don’t care who wins (though it will be my side) but you are just an adolescent mind yapping offensive shit without know what you are talking about.

    ND? bucket the bitch.


  13. Good night terrorist communist and gays you all have a grand night. And watch your back because Big brother is watching yours


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  15. …or maybe she’s part of that “God hates fags” group that always pickets military funerals. I googled her: she’s from Kansas, just look those other losers.


  16. Lets get this straight I’m a right wing conservative Republican that hates the likes of Bill Ayers Obama aka Osama and the Rev Wright. I love America and the Freedom we Have and I salute the flag, so if you don’t like it then shove it up your communist ass.


  17. You know, I don’t hate fags that was wrong of me to say I think they are just misguided. so I appologize for that.


  18. so if you don’t like it then shove it up your communist ass.

    Funny. I kicked the communist’s asses during the Cold War. Yes, it’s true. My work on ICBM reentry vehicles convinced the USSR that they could never win the arms race, so they cashed it in.

    Or maybe it was their economic problems. It’s a close call.


  19. No I would never Picket a Military Funeral, but I would cheer at bill ayers funeral and the rest of the communist thugs.


  20. You know, I don’t hate fags that was wrong of me to say I think they are just misguided. so I appologize for that.

    …and I don’t think God wants them to die, He just wants them to avoid sin. Yes?


  21. Thats funny you would say that geoff the ICBM are now being deployed in Poland since we have a communist in the white house now.


  22. ak-47’s
    Madam missiliere?

    What does the A, represent, and what does the K, and what does the 47?

    I was Marine bitch. I’ll hit true black after 3 rounds fired in an unsighted gun.

    Do you even know what that lest sentence means?


  23. Geoff, this is the most ignorant troll I’ve ever seen, just ask her questions about blatant shit.

    Yeah, she got the “ICBMs in Poland” situation completely backwards.


  24. Good night gays, I’ll pray for your poor souls, that if you have one’s Remember to watch your back the 50 cal snipper riffle can go along way and you never know where it came from WHOA


  25. Actually no Kim. YOU referenced the AK 47, WHAT is an AK? you are correct on the year, but thats actually something seperate. Now how about AK, and what about ICBM?

    YOU brought them up kim.

    Don’t worry, we will let you google it.


  26. Don’t you think it’s better to crush the commies economically, so that we can take their women and enslave their children?


  27. the SCOPE of a .50 cal? What is the name of the in-line .50 cal you shot that had a “scope?” I’ve fired a .50 with a scope, kim, tell me what it looks like? does it have a butterfly? or a feather?


  28. pintohead and geoff, you are two peas in a pod, what is your position on this election and I’m not talking about your sexual positions


  29. I was gonna follow up with what “ballistic” means.

    It’s funny, but the “ballistic” part is the hardest thing about making reentry vehicles. At reentry speeds it’s easy for vehicles to develop some lift and start “flying.” We really want them to act like a rock and just follow their trajectory. So the entire focus when you’re designing the aeroshell is to make the reentry vehicle act as much like a rock as possible.

    It’s actually very difficult.


  30. Kim? are you just stupid? or are you THIS insane?

    Now, I’m insane, so I don’t hold that against you, I just think you are wrong, but if you are THAT insane, you aren’t just insane, you are stupid.


  31. what is your position on this election and I’m not talking about your sexual positions

    Have you read this blog at all? We’re regulars here because this is a pro-conservative, anti-Obama blog.

    Do you really need to ask?

    And as far as sexual positions go: whatever she wants, and plenty of it.


  32. The only reason our ICBM’s are designed the way they are is cuz of the bullshit “clean sky’s” I think it’s called, treaty. We could deliver the same payload in fractional air orbit, (sometimes refered to as FOBS, but FOBS is a different thing) but since we have these stupid treaty’s, we have to turn our ICBM’s into space vehicles.

    Kim? can you keep Up? or are you googling how to zero a rifle, oh ninja of knowledge?


  33. What the hell are we fighting for? I can’t stand Obama aka osama and I’m a very conservative woman that had a son in the 82nd Airborne Paratrooper so whats with you jumping down my ass


  34. Our position on this election is as follows:

    Didn’t like McCain, because he wasn’t a conservative. Liked Palin, and hated to see the way she was roughed up by the media.

    Thought Biden is an idiot, and thought Obama’s positions on the issues would be disastrous for the country.

    Given all that, we held our noses and voted for McCain.



  35. thats why I was kinda fascinated by the “parallel worlds” episode for PBS’s NOVA about Fractals, and Mandelbrots theorom.

    I don’t think fractals are the end all be all, but it makes sense in a lot of ways. If you can plug in a “proof” and end up with a closed geometrical set, then, you created a closed formula, that was interesting shit.

    Oh, and kim, keep talking, us idiots need your knowledge.


  36. Lesson 1, don’t be mean, just challenge.
    Lesson 3, hope that Mesa or Rosetta are digging up historical data.
    Lesson 4, Proffit.


  37. It’s good to try it both drunk and sober.

    Not simultaneously, of course. Sequentially, with sober preceding drunk, is probably the best approach.


  38. My candidate was Palin/ McCain and if I could have voted for Ted Nugent I would have, you sound like two spoiled brats that need their ass spanked. I’m old enough to be your Mother. You little turds


  39. Yeah geoff, after our years of service, we have become SPOILED!!!!! unlike kim, who doesn’t know what her acronymns mean.

    You and I who offered our lives to a nation, are just spoiled little children.

    HOW SMALL OF US Geoff? THANK YOU Kim for educating us on what it is to be adults. BTW Geoff how’s the kids? You selfish child!!!


  40. Actually, the kids could be better. This remote job is great financially, but the kids are suffering. I’m hoping I’ve got an angle that will get me home by the end of the year.

    I hope.


  41. Kim? either you are MUCH more insane than I am, or you are completely and totaly irredemably retarded.

    Everything you said is WRONG, and your shitty attempts at military jargon are pathetic.

    I bet Liar, because I see at least 3 peoples writing forms in your posts, and NONE OF YOU even know the most basic shit about the military?

    REALLY!?!?! You are in all likelihood college libs trying to game old conservatives, like Deb, who looks a lot better than most of your geeky ass girlfriends btw, to serve your own self interests?

    I thought you voted lib for “Change?” but I see, “Change” is much like the “we must elimated as many as 25 million” sorta change, as bill ayers said.



  42. WP, Kim was just one person, and I think she was sincere. Please can the abusive language, next time.

    Kim, I can’t allow threatening sounding comments on this blog, so please refrain from that if you want to continue, here.

    Conservatives need to regroup and think of strategies to combat the the coming attempts to take away our freedoms. We need to unite, not be at each other’s throats.


  43. WP, Kim was just one person, and I think she was sincere.

    I think he’s right, and I don’t think “she” was sincere. And even if “she” was, if you let her comment here, you’ll need disinfectant on every thread.


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