McCain Takes The Lead In Zogby Poll

Happy Halloween, Barry:




Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error… McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all…

They said the polls “would tighten” as we got closer to the election. They were right.

Anybody want to check on how the koolaid drinkers at Daily (“Crush their spirits”) Kos are handling this news?


3 thoughts on “McCain Takes The Lead In Zogby Poll

  1. I’ll sum it up for you. “Drudge is gay”…”We don’t tolerate that shit here”…”So what, Zogby is gay”….”It makes me sad that gay jokes are being told” … So what, do we have to have a gay president before we can tell gay jokes?” ….”Zogby is a tool”….”Zogby is full of shit and Drudge is gay, google it.” …”Ignore it. I don’t know why you people are taking this seriously”… “I advise all to go to before you ever look at a pole” … blah, blah, blah.

    One thing of note. All Kos kiddies think in terms of “Pole” not, “Poll”. Anyone surprised?


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