Why Isn’t ACORN’s Voter Fraud A Bigger Story?

You would think that with ACORN being investigated in at least a dozen states for voter fraud, this close to an election, the media would be a little more interested in the story. It’s an important one with major ramifications if the election is a close one, as many think it will be. It should be front page news in every newspaper, and topping the nightly newscasts.

What could possibly account for the media’s silence on so important an issue? This goes beyond the ordinary bias we see every day in the MSM. This is a major scandal, and the only thing that could account for the silence, may be that many of the big wigs in the media, are also fellow travelers.

Consider the Robin Hood Foundation, a group funded 100% by donations, but with George Soros as a major benefactor.

Just as the name implies, their goal is to take from the rich and give to the poor by funding community organizing groups. Groups like ACORN.

Some names on the board of the Robinhood Foundation include Tom Brokaw  who is considered the “conscience” of NBC/MSNBC news, and Jeff Immelt, Chariman of GE which owns NBC, as well as Harvey Weistein, ultra lefty movie producer (Fahrenheit 911).

Newsbusters reports:

Brokaw sits on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that, according to its website, targets poverty in New York City by applying “sound investment principles to philanthropy.” The foundation awarded ACORN a $456,000 grant in 2003 and a $365,000 grant in 2004. Brokaw does not appear to have played a role in the grants because he didn’t become a member of the board until 2005 according to the guidestar.org database, but these are nevertheless the left-wing circles in which he travels.

The Soros Fund Charitable Foundation, as in George Soros, a major bankroller of the left, gave the Robin Hood Foundation a $9,859,453 community development grant in 2000.

It seems clear that  many in the media aren’t just sympathetic to the ACORN zombies, they are active participants in its leftist philosophy, and that’s why so few are talking about it.

This McCain/Palin ad sums up nicely what is being underreported by the MSM:

2 thoughts on “Why Isn’t ACORN’s Voter Fraud A Bigger Story?

  1. The reason it’s not a bigger story is that there’s no story. Let is go: we have a problem with the franchise in the US and we need to fix it without ACORN or the League for Women Voters or any political parties. We need our government to find a way to register every eligible voter in America and get these orgs out of this.


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