Revealed: The Weather Underground’s “Audacious” Plan to Bring Socialism To America

Zombie continues to gather information on Obama’s friends from the Weather Underground that is startling to say the least:

Zomblog has obtained an extremely rare copy of the first issue of Osawatomie, a newspaper published by the Weather Underground in 1975. Noteworthy passages are reproduced below, along with exact transcriptions. The full pages, with each passage in context in high resolution, are found at the bottom of this post.

Much of Osawatomie, which was written at a time when the Dohrn-Ayers wing of the Weather Underground was transitioning from terrorism to “working from the inside” for revolution, concerns itself with the need to encourage “organizers” who will work in “communities” and use “audacity” to bring about “socialism” in America.

Don’t believe me? Read the quotes for yourself, and see them in context on the full pages below.

Go read the whole thing. Here’s just one charming snippet:

And another:

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

3 thoughts on “Revealed: The Weather Underground’s “Audacious” Plan to Bring Socialism To America

  1. Here’s Zombie’s rationale for penning what he admits is fearmongering propaganda:

    At this stage, I no longer care. I made a conscious decision to go after the remaining gravel at the bottom of American society; the lunatics, the paranoids, the idiots, the people who can’t make up their minds after a year of information about this guy. The only thing left is to hit them on a subconscious level.

    A pretty pathetic attempt, if you ask me.


  2. “Subconscious” or no, he’s hit on something that not without merit.

    Obama is friends with Ayers and Dohrn. Don’t try to deny it. Everybody knows it. They share the same political philosophies, though it’s impossible to know how much Ayers has influenced Obama’s thinking.


  3. Ayers met with Chavez in Sept….nice! This idiot teaches our kids! and has awards of excellence. What in the hell is wrong with this country that we let dangerous criminal minds like Ayers run crazy and then we give them a free ticket to corrupt and destroy our children and their young minds.

    Ayer’s brother is one of the founders of the charter school movement in this country…I bet he’s another piece of s*** just like his his dear brother. My son goes to a charter school and they just removed the Christmas program…replaced it with the “holiday” program and implemented the “global warming” program….These kids are 7!!! The brain washing starts early!


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