Mourning In America


So we’ve managed to elect the most  leftist candidate, POTUS, in the history of this country. Now, we’re all supposed to congratulate him, and wish him well.

I can do neither. I love this country too much, and I do not wish him success in destroying it.

I watched in horror, as Obama lied and cheated his way to this grotesque result, as the media abetted him, and the populous bought it hook, line, and sinker. He’s going to lower their taxes!!!

Liars and cheaters are not honorable people, and I cannot support them.

Obama lied about all of his past associations that were brought up during the campaign. Bold faced lies. “Ayers is just a guy from my neighborhood”. Everybody “in that neighborhood” knows that Obama is good friends with the unrepentent terrorist. Ayers is a hero to the left, but not so much to mainstream Americans, so they covered for him, and the MSM covered for him. So the fact that Obama shares the same political philosophy as this admitted “small c communist”, hasn’t dawned on most Americans, yet.

He lied, shamelessly, and ridiculously about his “spiritual mentor”, Reverend Wright. He sat in that obnoxious church which preached the Marxist black liberation theology for nearly 20 years, and expected us to believe he never heard anything objectionable, himself. He never heard Wright railing against the evil white man, and the “US of KKKA”, or even heard of these inflammatory sermons.  He insults our intelligence, yet, many useful idiots were willing to believe it, or worse, saw nothing wrong with Wright’s insane hatred of the US, and the white man.

He lied about his past work with ACORN. He looked McCain in the eye in their last debate and said, “The only involvement I’ve had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor voter law that helped people get registered at DMVs.” Another whopper of a lie. Of course his involvement with ACORN has been much more extensive than that.

I could go on and on…here’ a tabulated list of all his lies throughout the campaign. He lied shamelessly about his opposition to the BAIPA. Only a dangerous megalomaniac could lie that much. I’m supposed to support that? I’m sorry, but I must demur.

The country was never allowed to see who Obama really was, because Obama did his best to keep it hidden, by lying shamelessly whenever the truth peeked out, and the thoroughly discredited MSM abetted him in his lies.  When will the mask come off? When will the silencing of dissenters start? When will we see the implementation of his massive “civilian national security force”?

Yes, he cheated his way through the primaries, and then on to the general election. He raised record amounts of money illegally. His campaign knowingly accepted, and even encouraged the illegality. That allowed him to blitz the airwaves with his lying propaganda, fooling untold millions.

He watched ACORN register hundreds of thousands of illegitimate voters throughout the country, and his only response was to write to the DOJ, and ask for a Special Prosecutor to investigate whether the F.B.I. investigations of Acorn, were politically motivated. That was his response to the massive fraud, he knew was going on all around him. Those illegit registrations translated to illegal votes in how many cases we can only guess, but we know people voted numerous times, and weren’t afraid to say so. This practice won’t end under an Obama Thugocracy. It will only get stronger. Will we ever see an honest election in the country, again?

The only answer for conservatives is to keep on truckin’, and not lose confidence. When conservatism is clearly defined…it wins. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clearly defined by McCain.

Michelle Malkin has a few good suggestions, for starters:

First assignment for fiscal conservatives in Washington:

1) Oppose the Democrats’ next stimulus boondoggle.
2) Oppose Obama’s windfall profits tax proposal.
3) Oppose new bailouts for states deep in debt.
4) Oppose new foreclosure prevention measures that will simply provide perverse incentives for borrowers to walk away and delay a needed market correction.
5) No more federal loan guarantees for corporations (especially in light of this.

The next four years will be about opposing pretty much everything that comes out of Washington.

Flag pic courtesy of Blatherings