Ahmadinejad Congratulates Obama


What does it tell you that the enemies of America are giddy about Obama’s win?

Marking the first time since 1979, (when the Shaw was overthrown) The Iranian regime has congratulated an American President on his win. Hmmmmm.

Ahmadinejad sent a message to Obama today. Iranian Republic News Agency reported:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a message on Thursday congratulated the US president-elect Barack Obama on his election victory.

He also said that it is expected basic and clear changes would take place in Washington’s foreign and domestic policies, as demanded by all nations worldwide and the American people.

“As you know the opportunities provided by the Almighty God, which can be used for elevation of nations, or God forbid, for their collapse, are transient,” the message read.

“I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem,” he said.

The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region,” President Ahmadinejad said.

…Ahmadinejad also wished success, health and welfare for all humans and for the rulers to seize the opportunity to administer justice and eliminate tyranny from the face of the world.

More at Gateway Pundit

24 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad Congratulates Obama

  1. Nicedeb, if you put him in the blacklist, you’ll get other people in their too and it’s harder to find them because they’ll go to spam. Wading thru spam is no fun.

    If you put them in moderation, a little orange thingy will show you that you have a comment in moderation. It doesn’t tell them they’re in moderation, their comment just doesn’t show up, but it’s easier on you in case one of your friends has a similar number.


  2. “Nicedeb, if you put him in the blacklist, you’ll get other people in their too and it’s harder to find them because they’ll go to spam. Wading thru spam is no fun.”

    Isn’t that what Akismet is for? Works for me.


  3. Deb:

    In response to you post about Ackiedinnerjacket…Last year when Steven King announced his run for re-election, he made the crystal clear prediction that Islamofacists and our enemies like Iran would rejoice in the streets. He was, of course, criticized from everybody, conservatives and liberals alike. They laughed at him and called him crazy. He wasn’t so crazy, was he.


  4. Isn’t that what Akismet is for? Works for me.

    Right, which is what the spam catcher is called, however, when you get a gajillion things of spam like the hostages often does, it’s difficult to wade thru all the spam to find people who shouldn’t have been put there in the first place. So if they go to moderation, you can sort thru them quickly.


  5. I kind of hope she doesn’t edit these, so that your stupidity can stand proud for all to see. Everyone can see your misinterpretation of the 1st Amendment, your egocentricity, your apparent ignorance of the fact that the “hatred at Palin rallies” never actually happened, and your repeated vindictive statements.

    Though I do wonder how much a “certain amount” of schadenfreude is. I suspect, like the rest of your statements, that you have no idea what you meant by that. It just sounded nice to you.

    Kind of like the President-elect.

    No one will ever accuse you of thinking too deeply on any subjects.


  6. I really want to apologize for being such an annoying little jackass. I actually haven’t even read the First Amendment and have no idea what it’s about, i just whine about free speech when i don’t get my way because i’m a spoiled little brat. And i know that Barack Obama is a racist, anti-American marxist, but the only joy in my life before i found Obama was wearing my mommys panties and i just can’t bring myself to admit that the only reason i worship Obama is because i have nothing else.


  7. “Right, which is what the spam catcher is called, however, when you get a gajillion things of spam like the hostages often does, it’s difficult to wade thru all the spam to find people who shouldn’t have been put there in the first place. So if they go to moderation, you can sort thru them quickly.”

    Meh … I just set the keywords for Akismet to catch the crap and then delete the whole thing once a week or so. Don’t even bother reading through them:)


  8. The monster years

    Last night wasn’t just a victory for tolerance; it wasn’t just a mandate for progressive change; it was also, I hope, the end of the monster years.

    What I mean by that is that for the past 14 years America’s political life has been largely dominated by, well, monsters. Monsters like Tom DeLay, who suggested that the shootings at Columbine happened because schools teach students the theory of evolution. Monsters like Karl Rove, who declared that liberals wanted to offer “therapy and understanding” to terrorists. Monsters like Dick Cheney, who saw 9/11 as an opportunity to start torturing people.

    And in our national discourse, we pretended that these monsters were reasonable, respectable people. To point out that the monsters were, in fact, monsters, was “shrill.”

    Four years ago it seemed as if the monsters would dominate American politics for a long time to come. But for now, at least, they’ve been banished to the wilderness.


  9. Hey, guess what Krugman. Now it’s your side’s turn to be called “Monster” for everything we don’t like.

    You can expect our side to be as respectful and tolerant as your side was throughout the Bush years.

    Hope you appreciate that.


  10. Beyond the distorted assessment of these so-called “monsters,” Krugman pretends to believe that there isn’t a symmetry across the aisle. Why yes there is, Krugman, and your namesake is among them.


  11. Would happen if the whole world could vote in the U.S. presidential election?

    The conclusion in an Economist poll was that the rest of the world (with the exception of the country of Georgia) preferred Democrat Barack Obama to his rival, John McCain.

    So we weren’t entirely surprised to learn today that American Democrats aren’t the only people celebrating Obama’s historic victory. According to Henry Chu, the LA Times’ London bureau chief, the rest of the world is downright ecstatic about Obama’s win, too.

    Chu writes:

    “If history records a sudden surge in carbon emissions on Wednesday, it may be due to the collective exhalation of relief and joy by the hundreds of millions — perhaps billions — of people around the globe who watched, waited and prayed for Barack Obama to be elected president of the United States.”


  12. Exactly the point. Other countries’ interests are generally not aligned with US interests. That’s what happens when you’re the sole superpower. I would strongly prefer a President who made many of our competitors and enemies unhappy.

    But it was not to be.


  13. Many conservative pundits have a problem: all of the voters in America seem to be electing Democrats.

    This is logical. The Republican Party has spent most of the last four years flopping around like a fish out of water, being struck by scandal after scandal. They seem almost concussed to the point of confusion.

    Still, the conservative pundits insist that we live in a “Center-Right” nation and that their opinions speak for the country, that they are not simply mouthpieces for the GOP. They are, but they want to pretend that they are the people’s voice as well.

    There are parts of the country that remain staunch and conservative, but it is far from the entire nation, and the tides are, whether the right wants to believe it or not, turning left. That’s not to say that the left is going to be running the country with free reign, but the conservative majority seems to be gone.

    They push this agenda by suggesting that Obama ran a “Center-Right campaign” and that he didn’t reflect the Democratic party agenda. That’s just a lie.

    Obama ran on Wall Street reform, on a platform of economic regulation and on the principle of liberal values and reforming and expanding government over the long term. As a conservative, I know that this isn’t a conservative principle.

    What conservative pundits should be saying is that Obama won because John McCain ran a bad campaign, not because Americans are becoming more liberals. That, it turns out, is possible to argue.

    This nation leans a little more to the left than it did four years ago, perhaps a lot more, and that’s simply on the basis that the left has proven far more competent than the right. The American people, I’m happy to say, lean in the direction of competence.

    Most intelligent conservatives (George Will, Chris Hitchens, Colin Powell and so on) jumped ship because they thought McCain was running a bad campaign, and that the Republican party was showing bad leadership, so that’s a fair argument to make.

    What conservatives who want to argue for a “Center-Right” nation need to do is point out that the leadership in the right wing has been weak, and push for improvement. The party sucks, and it has nothing to do with the political leanings of the country, which are fair-weather.


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